Do not trust the words of this man called Collins

Friday 23 May, 2014 

  • Is your safe family life at risk because of poor PR stories?

  • Read about the storm brewing for major drug companies

  • Next Friday make sure you read the five cold hard facts about statins

Getting older should be about slowly easing down, looking to life lived at a steadier pace and smiling to see your children come to fruition.

Why then is my run towards my half century feeling like more stress than Iíve ever known in my life?

Just when I want to become mellow and sanguine Iíve become crotchety and grumpy and just a little bit prone to angry outbursts.

The TV screen is flecked with bits of spittle, the radio dented from acts of violence... and the dog is now faster than Usain Bolt as he sprints to the safety of the table when my voice raises!

This week the poor animal has been donning a tin hat and sandbagging himself into his secluded hide away, Lara has locked herself in the bathroom and the kids have been spending the nights at Grandma's.

And it is all to do with a man I share my surname with.

Not my dear old Dad (who incidentally is also driving my Mum mad but for a very different reason as his Alzheimer's develops) but a so-called eminent Oxford professor.

Want to know what this chap has done to wind me up so much? Read on for the story.

Hereís the man I share a name with... and despise what he thinks

Iíve received an awful lot of e-mails this week about what I had to say about the new statins story.

For anyone who missed it, the British Medical Journal has been forced to withdraw two articles/papers which criticised the use of statins because of misreported figures about side effects Ė the main criticism coming from Prof Rory Collins of Oxford University (no relation!).

Naturally, this is a story that is of great interest to me as I am firmly in the camp of considering these drugs to be nothing more than snake oil.

Very profitable snake oil for the folk who make them, but certainly not something I would give to my dog, let alone take myself.

If I havenít been clear about this in previous letters then please take note Ė I do not think it is safe to take statins.

I have come to this opinion based upon my own experiences, those of friends & relatives and from years of researching & reading published articles.  The problem is that Iím not in any position to advise anyone else
what they should do, I can only tell you what I think.

Like many other drugs we are forced to accept the work and words of eminent professors and scientists to show us what is safe and what is effective for treatments Ė and we trust that they do so in an unbiased way.

The more I find out about how the big pharmaceutical companies work the less I am inclined to trust a word they, or the scientists who support them, say.

Huge amounts of money are being made from statins and we are really unlikely to hear bad news from within the industry, and there is plenty of evidence that they suppress any trials which highlight problems with their Ďwonder drugs'.

Unfortunately the genie is out of the bottle and more researchers are finding that there are significant side effects from using this class of drug, which means the PR companies working for the drug lords have to work even harder.

It is my contention that this is exactly what happened this week. Professor Collins has only done the bidding of his paymasters in challenging the published articles, and I think this is the first of many such incidences
where negative information will be nipped in the bud.

A few stories do slip through the net though Iím glad to say.

A storm down under for the statin barons

An Australian TV programme last year blew the lid off the underhand and villainous practices used by the major pharmaceutical players.  In part one(1) they exposed the myth of a link between dietary fat and cholesterol; with several eminent cardiologists, researchers, scientists and experts all slating the misinformation that increased blood cholesterol levels is directly influenced by saturated fat in diet Ė and this created an absolute storm of protest from the Australian public about what they had been led to believe.

It also mobilised big pharma's tame doctors to try to prevent part two airing.

But youíve got to love the Aussie media Ė having created such a shock wave of publicity from part one they werenít about to back down on part two(2) and it aired to a massive audience.

In this programme the experts clearly sate that the role of statins in lowering cholesterol is unproven, that the drugs have a poor safety record and that Ďnot one single study shows statins help anyone live longer'.

I have put links to You Tube videos below, but act quickly because the apologists and enforcers for the drug manufacturers have taken legal steps to strip copies of the programme from ABCís website and itís my guess that these wonít be around for long.

All of this goes to prove how the information we receive is constantly being manipulated to favour the profits for the drugs companies Ė and when a scientist breaks rank they are targeted and victimised Ė bullied even.

Of course itís not just cholesterol-lowering drugs that are being propped up in this way Ė many prescription drugs have hidden side effects, as shown by a Swedish study published by the University of Gothenburg where they concluded that around 12 per cent of people have diseases and health problems that are directly caused by the prescription drugs they are taking for a different condition.

Iíve had enough of getting angry with these faceless corporate lackeys, so I will be publishing the five cold hard facts about the statin story next Friday...

...wonder if the big boys will be sending someone round to have a word with me before that happens?

If you want a natural way to lower cholesterol, blood sugar and maintain healthy blood pressure Ė click here for information, trials data and expert opinion

Thatís all for today but be assured that next week I will be checking and rechecking my facts because I think itís about time a bit of realism was injected into this debate away from clever marketing companies and fat cat businesses.

Yours, as always

(1)The first part of the Australian cholesterol programme
(2)The second part here

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