The Great Essential Food debate 

Sunday 23 June 2013 

Sometimes it's easy to see things that are bad for our health...

Eating two pizzas a day...

Drinking nothing but cola...

Staying out in the sun ‘til you're burnt to a crisp...

A lion with a machine gun...

I mean, I'd avoid all of those like the plague (especially the lion - I just wish he'd move
out of our street).

Then there are other things that aren't quite so obvious...

The hidden dangers of over processed foods like breakfast cereals packed with sugar and salt, the risks we aren’t told about from prescription medications like statins & painkillers and just recently the exposure of poor quality meats finding their way into our food chain.

It’s enough to make a grown man weep.

When the danger is obvious we can all take steps to avoid it, but when it is hidden we just don’t stand a chance.

How to counteract the decline in food quality – Essential Food supplement to diet

The more I discover about just how badly treated we are by food suppliers and retailers the more I worry – and that’s not good for my health either!

Worry is another one of those 'invisible' dangers... the worries of everyday life building up and letting stress quietly scratch away at your blood pressure, your immune system, your heart, your mental health... all beneath the surface.

Of course, eating fresh healthy food and making sure your body is topped up with the

right amount of vitamins and nutrients goes a long way to protecting your health.

That's why supplements like Essential Food are such a godsend, because they make up any shortfall of vital foods your body needs in a totally natural way - just like eating the real thing!

The great food debate

As regular readers will know I am just weeks away from publication of my new book which deals with the politics of food supply and details the 59 everyday superfoods that we can all eat to deal with a range of health problems.

The research for this book has both delighted and depressed me in equal measure.

I have been overjoyed to discover that there is real scientific proof out there for some of the most natural ways to eat ourselves healthy – but there are also a whole bunch of scams being perpetrated upon us.

Frankly they make the big cat with the machine gun look like a pussy cat with a dish of milk – they are that severe.

We may think we are eating a nice fresh apple – whereas it is far from fresh and has probably travelled further to get to you than you have in your entire lifetime.

The net result of these sharp practices are that our food just doesn’t come with a fresh guarantee any more, here’s just some of the reasons why;

- Because the modern farming preference for high yields over nutritional quality has lowered the nutrient levels in our food.

- Because heavy industrial farming has depleted the level of active nutrients in the soil.

- Because plants have been bred to withstand pests and disease and last during long overseas journeys. But it's the elements that make plants decompose faster and make them attractive to pests that also make them healthy.

- And finally, because modern transportation methods mean that food is carted half way across the globe, and then shoved on a supermarket shelf for WEEKS before you get to eat it.

All this is very true, and has been thrust into the spotlight by the recent disclosure about horsemeat entering the food chain labelled as beef.

Of course, expecting the government or food retailers to act on our behalves is like trying to reason with the big cat with the gun – they aren’t going to listen!

We have to take steps to protect ourselves where we can.

The case for a barley supplemented diet

So why do I think that Essential Food is such a good thing to take?

Well, Essential Food's formula is the first of its kind and contains only organic nutrients in naturally occurring formats.

This, coupled with high bio-availability, makes for a food supplement that serves primarily as an energy booster and also a natural foundation for health.

Essential Food's potency revolves around the inclusion of one key ingredient: Pre-sprouted barley.

This is something which goes back to ancient times.

Back in the days of the Roman Empire, barley was a much prized foodstuff. Under their direction larger scale production of the crop was developed to ensure that the estates and villas were well supplied with this important cereal.

In fact it was prized so highly that it was even used as a form of currency.

One of the things they discovered was the benefits of sprouting the barley seed in huge sheds, then drying them in the sun. This process released a staggering amount of nutrients from the grain – much more than if it had been eaten whole.

And of particular interest to me is the fact that this was the embryonic stages of using malted barley for brewing...... hurrah!

Pre-sprouted barley actually provides...... wait for the list...

- 18 vitamins & minerals

- 2 essential fatty acids, plus 6 others which are classed as important

- 18 amino acids

- A huge amount of energy

This looks to be a winning form of supplement. It's high quality, it's designed to be absorbed into your body more quickly and effectively than regular supplements.

And rather than giving you one vitamin or another, it comes as a fully complementary package you can take every morning without hassle.

All the elements are designed to work together to give you the best possible nutritional top-up.

Have a look at the money saving offer from using our Super Saver option which is now available on selected products like Essential Food – it makes for one less thing to worry about... back to the lion – or more importantly the LIONS, these boys don’t need machine guns to scare folk, they’re just a mean, lean rugby powerhouse...

...and mostly Welsh!

Yours, as always









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