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The Good Life Letter 
23th July 2010

  • Which of these 3 holiday types are you?
  • Why 100 billion neurons decide how you feel
  • The 7 easy steps to personal contentment

Super Fit Mind:

Are you truly happy?

Let me leave you to think about that as you read today's
letter.  Don't worry the reason for asking will become

I enjoy people watching - settling myself in a corner of a
pub or cafe and just watching the world go by. Happily, I
have been able to spend the last two weeks doing just

My recent holiday gave me lots of time to indulge my
pastime, and I started to see that most of the tourists who
walked past fell into 3 types.

Firstly, there were the holidaying families who seemed to
have some sort of mental checklist for all the stuff they
wanted to do. These people were invariably English and
strode around the place loaded down with heaps of
inflatables, wind breaks and umbrellas they never settled

Their lives were in constant motion, with frequent visits to
ice cream shops, burger bars and souvenir shops.

They seemed to be a blur of activity, never stopping to
look at a view. Completely unaware of who or what was
around them.

I imagined them starting the day in a sweat and never
loosing it.

The second group were the opposite of those above. They
mooched around slowly, browsing over the beach goods
stands. But again, they never look up.

Their backs and shoulders rounded in some sort of tribute
to Quasimodo. It seemed they never made contact with
anyone, or anything, around them.

Like group one they could have been anywhere in the
world - rather than the sun drenched Portuguese fishing
town we were in.

Lastly were the happy people. Engaged, holding hands
and chatting as they walked.  These groups smiled at
everyone they passed.

When they settled somewhere they looked around them
and talked about what they could see. Taking delight in
other people, the beautiful views and the perfect weather.
They laughed at their own jokes, never scathing or
critical, always joyous.

Long ago, Lara and I decided that if we let the kids choose
the programme for they day it was best for all of us.
Occasionally this approach means that I am found putting
life and limb at risk on devious waterslides.

However, what it means is that we have fun as a family,
all together - and that's important.

Now, I'm not saying we are a perfect family, or indeed
that those 'happy families' I saw were without their

But, it seems a better place to start from for a happier life
than either of the other two.

I do know that to achieve a better frame of mind I have
needed help. I was able to find that closer to home than I

While I've been away, I left you in the good hands of
Wendy Churchill - I really hope you enjoyed her thought
provoking letters.

Wendy did much more for me than just cover my holiday
though. She made me a much happier person.

Let me explain how.

Why 100 billion neurons decide how you feel

Things are tough for everyone at the moment, right?

The media tell us that financial and political upheavals are
a given for our immediate future. We're all facing personal
hardship, reduced health care systems and poorer
opportunities for individuals and companies.

All of this is bound to get you down a bit isn't it?

One weird thing I noticed a long time ago: I can be
unbearably jolly even when the world is ending.

On the flip side, I can be miserable even when I'm
healthy, in love and being loved.  None of this stuff seems
to have anything to do with how I feel

Just think about that for a second.

The reason you feel as you do is about how you THINK.
Within your brain are 100 billion neurons which contribute
to your emotions, your fears and your dreams. Each of
them is connected to some of the others which forms a
network of grey cells.

That's a huge number of connections and electrical
activity. And we are all wired up slightly differently to
make things even more fun.

As we grow we begin to display particular habits, language
styles and emotions. This helps make you the person you

You know who the best joke tellers are in your local pub,
those with a happy go lucky approach to life.

You also know the ones who begin to relate all the
troubles and woes in their life. The type where it's not a
case of glass half empty or half full, but where there is no
glass at all!

These characteristics are displays of how the individual
feels about their lot in life.

As a result of the holiday reading that Wendy gave me, I
now know how to make sure I am always happier. My
glass is always half full - of the finest champagne.

I have begun to take the 7 easy steps to personal

Super Fit Mind:

The 7 easy steps to personal contentment

I've seen and read a lot of 'self help' type books - and can
safely say that none of them really made sense to me.

Commonly, they seem to be the work of a 'guru' who
wants to impart their unique view of the world. There is
always a BIG IDEA that they sell you, and it's done with
an evangelical zeal that makes me uncomfortable.

But, as Wendy mentioned in her last letter, she has
written a programme that allows the reader to be at it's
centre. That worked for me.

Imagine being taken gently by the hand, placed
somewhere comfortable and safe, then having the chance
to think about yourself.

Consider having someone give you the chance to identify
the blocks in your thinking - those fears that have
developed. Then help you change their impact on your

These fears come from bad past experiences, inherited
concerns from parents and bad information. Because they
exist they stop you seeing beyond them.

You need help to appreciate the beauty of your
surroundings and the people who you interact with. Then
you can look life in the eye, and become delighted with
what you see.

In a nutshell that is what the programme is doing for me
- it is my way to becoming happier.

Find out more here:

As a start to cheering you up Wendy has given you a
40% DISCOUNT off of the price of the programme, risk

So, how happy are you? Do you think you could take the 7
easy steps to being a much happier person? 



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