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Sunday 23rd Sept 2012

The kids are back at school and the weather is better.

Happens every year, doesnít it? We endure dull and dreary days whilst our little darlings are under our feet, then the minute they go back to plague their teachers we get a few weeks of good weather.

Not that Iím complaining, but there are a few who are.

A quick straw poll in the snug last night suggested that many gardens have been attacked whilst the opportunity exists, and Iím guessing it is a pattern repeated throughout the land.

Have you suffered back, knee or neck pain? Get a Pain Ease Wrap Here

There was much moaning and groaning as folk got to their feet, well more than normal from the tight-fisted lot round here anyway.

I guess we all forget that we arenít quite as young as we once were, and that bit of digging is actually more work than we generally get to do.

So it shouldnít be a surprise that we get a bit stiff and achy, should it?

As you know Iím a big fan of the new formulation of Artrosilium as far as a niggly ache goes, and certainly for the relief in managing arthritic joints, but when it comes to a bit of long term relief I bring in the cavalry.

Again you may have read about my love of these devices known as Pain Ease Wraps and the technology they are based upon which is known as MCT (Micro Current Therapy) - it works in support of your bodyís natural electrical system.

Basically, the body has a level of electrical charge which is known as a piezoelectric potential. This helps regulate the flow of blood and lymph around the body, the movement of fluid in tissues and the way the body heals and repairs itself.

The bottom line is this: using MCT technology, The Pain Ease Wrap helps to HEAL the inflammation that causes your back pain Ė or your sore knee, or your painful elbow. It doesn't just mask the symptoms, which is what so many other therapies focus on.

No drugs, no painful treatments, no side-effects. It's easy to use, and you won't feel a thing (other than your pain blissfully ebbing away).

While the technology is complex, the wraps are surprisingly lightweight and invisible under clothing. In fact, they're so discreet and comfortable you might even forget you're wearing one. Iíve had mine on for a couple of hours each day this week Ė and I havenít been bothered by it at all, it has done itís work discreetly and effectively.

Get your discreet and powerful way to ease long term pain

The more observant of you may have noticed that I have devoted much of this month to talking about pain (or in the case of my tooth, dealing with it).

Thatís because pain relief has become one of the biggest industries in the pharmaceutical world, and it is reported that us Britons purchased six billion pain killers last year.

Thatís an awful lot of paracetamol, ibuprofen, codeine and aspirin.

I canít believe that this level of drug taking is doing us any good at all, and I wanted to show you a range of much more natural and less dangerous ways of helping yourself from either acute or chronic pain.

This week we even heard that long term pain medication for headaches can actually cause headaches!

It was a delight on Wednesday to hear eminent neurologists and pain specialists saying that if you are taking pain killers for more than 15 days that you are putting yourself at risk of developing drug induced headaches Ė they were even suggesting that people should be looking to other ways of dealing with pain.

So, over to you chaps... on for four of the best natural remedies as suggested by readers of the Good Life Letter.

Four natural ways to beat aches and pains

- St. John's Wort - this is something you can try BEFORE you start gardening, or before you start anything that's going to wear you out. Apply 20-25 drops of St. John's Wort tincture to your muscles and lower back, and let the lotion penetrate the skin and latch onto the nerve endings. This will tackle your aches and pains as they crop up.

As with any essential oil or herbal extract, check it out with your doctor before you try it!

- Garden sage - this has been used by Roman, Persian, Chinese and Native Red Indian civilisations for centuries. That's like the four judges on Strictly Come Dancing all giving 10 out of 10 scores! (Er... well that's what Lara says. I don't watch it really... errr... let's move on).

The antispasmodic oils found in sage ease cramping in muscles and relieve pain effectively. But as with most things in nature, you need to take care with sage. If you take large quantities of it over long periods of time, it's toxic. So again - make sure
you get professional advice before you try this.

- Arnica - this is a powerful weapon in homeopathic practice when it comes to treating
muscular pains, soreness and over-exercise. I read somewhere that it is even great for sorting out stiffness if you've slept on an uncomfortable bed!

There are many forms of arnica treatment, the best of which seems to be a diluted form of homeopathic mixture - but at the risk of sounding like a broken record, or worse a broken Phil Collins record, seek professional advice before trying this.

- Beat aches by lazing around- in a healthy herbal bath.

Start running a bath.

Put one pint of boiling water into a pan, and add the peel of one orange, a cinnamon stick, one inch of fresh ginger sliced up, five cloves and - most importantly - a whole lemon sliced up, peel and all.

Bring the mix back to the boil, cover and simmer for twenty minutes, then strain off the liquid and add it to your bath.

Get in, lie back, and forget that your family has just called you a tubby, badly dressed imitation of Worzel Gummidge Ė or is that just me?

One for the future

I told you that the technical team were giving the letter the once over, generally tidying things up and making it look nicer in the inbox ... well, they havenít stopped there.

As part of the review and update they have made me a cracking new shop site which I am really excited about and canít wait to be able to show off to you all.

Keep a look out in your inboxes for news of the launch, and a chance to get your hands on some fantastic offers as a result.

Yours, as always





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