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Sunday 23rd October 2011

  • My new season cookbook is almost here
  • Prevent pancreative cancer with a mackerel and some broccoli
  • Have you done enough to beat the winter blues?

Taking vitamin pills is bad for you.

That was the view of The Sun on Thursday last week.

Surely it is stating the obvious to say that eating natural foods is always better than anything synthetic.

Why would the health editor even begin to think that this is news?

Or is it that after many years of doing this job (and for you dear readers having to read it) we actually know more than the average person out on the street.

I have spent the last few months writing my new cookbook, and I am extremely excited about it!

Over the last few years I have included a recipe or two in my letters which have always had strong feedback from my readers.

Many of these are Collins' family favourites, and some even date back generations before me - now that's an ancient recipe!

So I got to thinking how about combining a cookbook with the concept of seasonal foods, and healthy choices would enable us to enjoy the rich splendour of spring, summer, autumn and winter!

It has been this which has occupied my every waking hour since April, and now I feel I am on the home straight with my editor working to correct my poor grammar, and test the recipes.

I'm making sure every taste, texture, colour and aroma is mouth-watering enough for you to want to dive right in and dish up my earthy recipes for your dinner guests!

I'll keep you posted about when it is ready for you to see so 'watch this space' as they say in publishing!

Research is a true voyage of discovery

It's amazing what gems of knowledge my little nuggets of research uncover.

For instance, I had never realised that plain old vitamin A was such a superfood.

A diet rich in eggs, oily fish, broccoli and cheese provides loads of this compound to the body, and this has real benefits for your eyes, your skin, your gut and your immune system.

I even found it that it has been proven to be effective against the worst of all cancers - pancreatic tumours.

This dreadful condition has the lowest survival rate of any malignancies in the UK, and sufferers have very few options for treatment other than ways to control pain.

However, a team of doctors at Cambridge University have spent four years investigating how they can beat this stubborn killer and prevent 7,500 patients dying each year.

Their findings have left the medical world astounded because no-one had previously considered how effective simple vitamins could be against such aggressive diseases.

They have successfully shown that vitamin A acts a little like the cavalry in a John Wayne western.

You see, when the body detects the development of abnormal cell growth and the tumour starts to form it floods the area with vitamin A, packing it into the cells around the cancer.

I almost have a vision of the beleaguered pancreas being attacked by a war-like invasion only for the bugle to be heard as the massed ranks of salvation gallops into view and saves the day!

Mind you I have been eating a lot of cheese lately so I have tended to have lots of weird dreams but you get the gist of how wonderfully beneficial this crucial vitamin is to safeguarding yourself against this deadly disease.

How you can make the most of this powerful superfood right now

Right about now there are two fantastic sources of vitamin A freely available - broccoli from the garden and mackerel from the sea.

These are cheap, plentiful and delicious when combined with one of my favourite things ever... ginger.

This recipe isn't in my book, but is an insight into the kind of thing I have written about.

Basically this dish is one of those late supper recipes that Lara and I often indulge in after a hard day in the garden, or after a long walk out. It is a delicious warming and invigorating way to end the day, and works best if accompanied by a cold glass of something refreshing...
I leave the choice to you!

Fresh whole mackerel
Fresh grated ginger
Spring onions
Soy sauce
Dry sherry (or rice wine)
Vegetable oil

Wash and clean the mackerel and fill the cavity with the grated ginger, sliced spring onions and crushed garlic.

Put into a foil parcel with a tablespoon of sherry (or rice wine) and a splash of soy sauce - put into a hot oven (gas Mark 6, 200c/400f) for 20 minutes.

Meanwhile steam the broccoli for 5 minutes to keep a crunch to it, and mix it with some more spring onions which have been lightly fried and finished with a splash of soy sauce, then mixed with the walnuts.

Serve the fish and broccoli mix together hot and tasty.

The dark days are upon us

Don't forget that next weekend our afternoons and evenings will be darker earlier when we turn the clocks back an hour.

If you are one of those who dread the darker days and long nights make sure you grab a natural light solution to alleviate symptoms to the winter blues such as lethargy, low mood and overloading on carbohydrates.

Make the most of the last few days of summertime because we have a long winter ahead of us - and if the farmers in the snug are to be believed it could be a very cold one too - apparently the hawthorn berries were still on the hedges into October.

Who needs Michael Fish when you have a couple of beautiful mackerel to look forward to!

Yours, as always







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