Not scared of the EU busybodies...but Santa is a different prospect

Friday 23rd November 2012

Many thanks to all of you who wrote in to offer support against the evils of EU bureaucracy this week.

I was very grateful for those who, like me, think that established wisdom should be shared.

It isnít just about honey Ė although that is good enough reason Ė but it is about everything our ancestors discovered in the natural world.

Whether it is the power of blackcurrants helping ease rheumatic pain, or onions being good for a cold these are safe and natural remedies that should be promoted.

Why do we allow faceless pen jockeys in their ivory towers to tell us what we can and canít talk about.

I am more than happy to have reasoned debates with informed individuals about the merits of natural remedies.

Often scientific trials just support what we knew all along.

However, I donít hold any merit in the PR puff put out by the drug giants about their latest big pill to cure humanity of all its ills.

As a result of such a big response to the letters last week I am heartened that so many like minded souls exist Ė and that lots of you took the time and trouble to write in to me.

I am only sorry if I didnít manage to reply to you all personally but I promise I did read all your kind words.

And donít worry, I will continue to be the curmudgeonly old belligerent goat that I have always been Ė even if the President of the whole EU council was standing on my doorstep with warrant in his hand.

Mind you there are a few folk who do scare me...and can certainly bring me to heel.

I think you will have already guessed who she may be. 

Too early to think about might even be too late!

Let me ask you a simple question.

Are you ready for Christmas?

Sorted the present buying, scheduled who will be where and written and addressed your cards ready to send out on the 1st of December?

Nope me neither! However, I am both cursed and blessed to be married to a woman who delights in getting all of her ducks in a line well before the rush starts.

Without Laraís discipline I would be stumbling around stores on Christmas Eve waiting for divine intervention.

Make sure you get ahead of the game with truly inspirational gifts Ė click here

I always seem to be surprised at how quickly the big day seems to come around.

Here we are steaming towards the end of November already, and I have only just packed away the Hawaiian shirts and khaki shorts from my summer holiday surely.

When I was a kid I remember my mum saying to her friends that Ďtime seemed to flyí, and used laugh.

When we are young time is an easy commodity, a few weeks off from school was like a month.

But by the time we get into work and family life time is a fast moving and precious thing, and it seems we never regain our control over it even in later life.

Thatís why it always comes as a surprise that the year end is heaving into view so soon after the New Year starts.

Of course time can still drag...

...Like last week when I was being dragged around the shops by my manically organised better half.

All I could think about was the joy of getting back to the office, my old worn chair to cosset me and a hot mug of tea.

A reflective moment

When the horror of the High Street had passed and I was safely hidden away in my den I did start to think about preparing for the Festive season.

As I told you in the week the constraints of the postal system will have a significant impact on how successful this years Santa experience is.

With something like 15%-20% of all purchases being carried out on the internet analysts are predicting that the weekends of the 3rd and 10th of December will be the busiest ever.

This causes a bit of a headache for the postal service though.

With so much parcel traffic hitting depots there is a real risk of meltdown, so maybe having an organised wife is a good thing.

Anyway against this backdrop I decided it was time to launch Rayís Christmas Grotto again on the shop.

Click here to visit the Christmas Grotto Ė grab a bargain before the rush begins

I have collected together some of our best loved products, and some new additions to the shop for you to peruse.

More importantly, I have also managed to shave a few pounds off of popular items so that should help ease the burden of getting what you need.

I canít promise that you will be greeted by a portly old gentleman in a red coat, but there is certainly enough in there to get you into the festive spirit even if you are suffering from an attack of the Scrooges.

On Sunday I want to share the sorry tale about our nations culinary demise, and offer you my own brand of salvation from it.

Not to spoil the fun but you wonít be surprised to learn that I have a dig at fast food chains, supermarkets and the politics of food.

Itís a biggie so keep a look out for it in your inbox.

Yours, as always







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