Experience the joy of competition in your coffee break

Sunday 23rd December 2012

After Friday's rant I was advised to lie in a darkened room and find something to calm me down.

Its not easy, and I still have the red hot embers of my upcoming fight glowing in my heart.

However, I would like to share something with you that I think many of you will enjoy.

Our lives tend to be constantly in a state of busy if we were a Spinal Tap amplifier we would definitely be set to eleven (if that reference is on lost you, have a look at the video of the classic film here

So, sometimes we all need the chance to kick back for a while, and find a little distraction.

For most people with a computer in front of them, this usually means opening Solitaire or Minesweeper.

How about trying something a little more interesting, involving and a lot more beneficial? As today is the day before Christmas Eve, either you have everything in place for the next few days, or its far too late to worry.

So, why not kick back and take a few minutes out of your day to relax and unwind, and maybe win a prize or two?

The joy of competitions

Have you ever heard of Coffee Break Winner?

The idea is that you can enter a few competitions a day, using time that would otherwise be wasted and still win big prizes.

These are harder to find than traditional competitions from the supermarket, therefore get less entries and so your chances of winning are far greater. Also as they close soon so you dont have to wait too long to find out who has won a competition.

Imagine if you could spend 5-10 minutes every day doing something simple and fun... and, as a consequence, get the chance to win 3,000... a private film screening... a brand NEW kitchen... and a trip to Monte Carlo.

And that's not a one-off. You could get dozens of chances to win prizes like these every week.

Lots of organisations put up fantastic prizes every day and this is a great way to discover them, and after all someone HAS to win so why not you? Make sure you are in it, and you could win it!

If you like the sound of this, take a look at this website which explains how you can do all this for pocket money...

Coffee Break Winner 28 Day FREE trial available now

A happy hobby that can pay off.

This is something my parents LOVE doing together, and my wife swears by it as a way of cheering herself up when she's having a bad time at work (mainly because she can sneakily do it AT work).

There is a fairly simple rule I have in life: Do something, no matter how small, that will make you feel you haven't wasted the day.

Some days this means taking the praise for boiling the kettle, but this is a perfect little hobby that can help you achieve this aim without much effort or having to leave the house.

All you have to do is access a password-protected members-only website. It shows you the prize-winning opportunities available.

Recent goodies to be won include...

 A 3D TV package, a family holiday to Disneyland Paris, and 2,400 CASH!

 5,000 CASH, a holiday to Jamaica, and an iPad

 A VW Camper Van, a romantic break in Paris and a case of wine

 A pair of VIP tickets to a film premiere, 25,000 CASH and a Mini Cooper

 A money-can't-buy trip to meet Christiano Ronaldo in Spain, 1,800 CASH and a West End theatre break.

Not a bad roll call of prizes, and it's only a few quid to join and completely free in your first month.

Thats right, if you sign up now you dont have to pay anything until the end of January at least 28 days free trial without risking a penny, and every chance that you might win something in this time.

Truly something for nothing Click here to find out more

The Collins philosophy

Life has to have balance.

I might be frothing at the mouth about the way the mindless bureaucrats are wrecking the very fabric of our lives, but Im not so single minded that I forget about those around me.

I know that my children are staring out of the windows each night to catch a glimpse of Santa on his sleigh even though the eldest is eighteen!

Lara is humming carols as she passes through the house, and even my jaundiced eye brightens at the sight of long lost friends' Christmas cards.

The next week will be a time of wonder, magic and enchantment.

But I still need a little retreat.

There is nothing wrong with taking a few minutes away from the maddening crowd and pitting my wits against a couple of competitions in the sanctuary of my study.

Fancy joining me? Click here to find out how

If I can start the New Year with a bit of free loot under my belt then it might bode well for 2013.

Mind you, if anyone offers me a trip to Brussels I will be packing my boxing gloves, you can be sure of that!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families the very best of the season.

To each and every one of you I hope that you delight in a Christmas of plenty, the joy of close family and friends and the finest of health.

I also actively encourage you to open a bottle of something potent, dip into a plate of unhealthy vitals and indulge in mouthful of forbidden fruit.

It is Christmas after all!

To each, I hope you have a splendid Christmas.

Yours, in festive felicitations (and with a beard full of mince pie crumbs!),









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