Three natural ways to lower your cholesterol levels


Sunday 24th February 2013 

  • Find out who wins in a game of health Top Trumps
  • Discover the three natural ways to a healthier life
  • Would Bergamet, Red Rice Yeast or Argan oil win the day for you?

Do you want to lower your cholesterol the natural way? – Well it all started with a game of’ prescription Top Trumps’ – Let me explain…

I used to be addicted to it when I was a teenager, having my own packs of helicopters, sports cars and the favourite, warships.

Anyone who had this set knew how important it was to have the American warship Iowa – biggest crew size, most weight and most guns. It could only be beaten on speed by a couple of other cards, other than that it was a winner every hand.

Being able to clear up was always a joy during playtime...

...but now I think I may have a new version to play - and I have the trump card once again.

Being of the age when many of my friends are popping into the doctors on a regular basis I started to note what they were returning with after their visits.

Sitting around a pub table over a lunchtime pie and a pint yesterday we played a game of prescription Top Trumps.

This is the all new game for the older chap in the modern age.

Do you want to lower cholesterol, blood sugar and heart pressure naturally? – click here to find out how

Firstly, all the players make a list of the drugs they are taking whether prescribed or over the counter ones.

The way it works is that you take it in turns to select a drug on your list and you beat anyone who can’t match it, so early on we had fun with;

- ACE inhibitors to lower blood pressure, which includes Lisinopril and Rampril

- Diabetic drugs like or such as Metformin and Pioglitazide

- Statin drugs for lowering cholesterol like, for example, Simvastatin.
By the fourth hand everyone was wondering what I had on my list as I hadn’t shouted for any of the previous drugs.

“Either you’re cheating or you aren’t going to the doctors – and you should!” growled one of my opponents.

But now it was my turn...

...”Bergamet!” I shouted, and began to count the points as my fellow players fell.

“That’s not a real medicine,” one of them said, “You’ve made that up!”

I pulled the pack from my pocket and explained that I had taken one just before we sat to eat our pork pie ploughmans.

“It’s a completely natural way to work on all of the things you guys are taking that cocktail of drugs for,” I told them.

And it's true.

The natural way to combat the modern health damaging triad

It does seem to be the case that we are all in need of ways to manage our cholesterol, blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

Our doctors tell us so every time they test our blood.

Reaching for the prescription pad they dole out statins and all manner of drugs to help us deal with these challenges, but do we all need them? And do they work for all of us?

I have used natural ways to help combat my cholesterol levels over a number of years, and have found three products which can help in slightly differing ways, however, all of them have a use.

1) Bergamet. I first introduced this product to you last year after an extensive piece of research, and have been pleased to find so many people have been benefiting from using it. This supplement is derived from a bitter orange found in the Calabrian area of Italy and has been used across the USA, Italy and Australia to help combat the three major health challenges facing us as we age. High rates of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and increased blood pressure.

So what does this fantastic fruit have going for it?

Well, it acts like a natural statin without any side effects even though it disrupts the same biochemical pathway to cholesterol production that the evil drug does.

You see it does it in a slightly different way, affecting a different part of the cycle and by doing so it actually means that you can even take it alongside statins if you are already on them.

But the power of citrus bergamot doesn’t end there.

It also increases the uptake of glucose by cells, thus removing it from the blood where it causes the symptoms and associated problems of diabetes.

The benefits of taking this supplement are summarised by Dr Ross Walker an Australian Cardiologist who has been involved with trials and now actively prescribes BergaMet to his patients:

“Typically, there is around a 30% reduction in total cholesterol, somewhere between 35-40% reduction in LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, up to 40% increase in HDL cholesterol, along with a 20-30% reduction in blood glucose levels and an associated improvement in HbA1C, the best indicator of long term diabetic control. There are also variable benefits in blood pressure control and  weight loss, in particular reductions in abdominal obesity.”

His final statement probably sums up the case for everyone taking this powerful supplement:

“The evidence to date clearly supports the statement that Bergamet is the most powerful, natural agent for the management of lipid disorders.”

2) Red Rice Yeast.Fermented red rice yeast extract contains active compounds called monacolins; one of which works to inhibit the enzyme that promotes excessive cholesterol production.

This ancient Chinese approach to health has been around for many hundreds of years, and this formulation also includes added co-enzyme Q10 to boost its potency.

It is made by the folk from Napiers in Edinburgh who supply us with many of the natural supplements we sell through the Good Life Shop, so you can be sure it is both pure and totally natural.

3) Argan Oil. This is a natural oil that has been about for a while. Not just hundreds, or thousands of years... but MILLIONS! 

Yep, you’ve read that correctly, millions – actually from the Tertiary period which was about 60 million years ago – a time when the first hominids walked the earth. (No jokes about some of them still being my best friends please!)

Used and prized by the tribes in its native Morocco, the oil provides many health benefits which includes the ability to destroy the damaging form of cholesterol.

So, there you have it – if you fancy playing drug Top Trumps anytime soon, there’s the winning hand.

If, alternatively you want to help control increased levels of cholesterol naturally, you can do yourself a power of good by trying one of those above!

Yours, as always



NB With my responsible adult head on I must tell you to consult your health professional before changing any prescribed drugs that you are using... its for your own good!






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