As close as you can get to eating honey from the hive

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24th March 2019

  • Please read todayís email before you buy Manuka honey
  • Does this remedy work as well as they say? (you might find this shocking)
  • This form of honey is new season, raw and pure, almost like eating it straight from the hive: click here to find out more

I like the remedy Iím about to show you so much...

Öthat I wrote a book about it.

Well, a third of a book anyway, called The Honey, Garlic and Vinegar Miracle.

Specifically, I enthused about something called Manuka honey, which youíve doubtless heard about Ė as this type of honey from New Zealand is renowned as being the best natural antibiotic, anti-viral and anti-fungal remedy around.

Research has shown that it can be effective in treating:

  • Bacterial infections from E.Coli
  • Conditions which modern antibiotics canít cope with or where resistance has developed - recent Indian research has demonstrated that the highly dangerous MRSA infections can be controlled with Manuka honey applied on patches over the wound site

  • Long term digestive and gut upsets resulting from bacterial imbalance, there are even reports that food intolerances can be helped by using manuka as it helps the immune system to resolve

  • Conditions caused by inflammation such as helping reduce the incidence of, and the symptoms from, arthritis, asthma and rhinitis

  • The effects and impact of common colds, flu and viral chest infections

  • Major skin problems such as burns, ulcers and wounds

Quite a lot of benefits there Ė you have to hand it to the bees, though really itís the FLOWERS they pollinate, native to New Zealand, which give it a unique power.

Ideally, you should be taking a spoonful of raw Manuka honey every day, to ward off infection, maintain good guts and lower inflammation.

And by raw, I mean RAW Ė pure, barely treated, full of pollen and propolis, like this one Ė NEW! Raw, pure and in-season Manuka.

However, I understand if youíve grown a little sceptical about Manuka.

Perhaps you have heard many naysayers going on about how Manuka is overrated, or doesnít have the super powers that match the high price.

After all, this kind of honey is so valuable it is often security tagged in supermarkets, like a fine malt whisky!
So you may well askÖ

Does this remedy work as well as they say?

(You might find this shocking)

As Iíve mentioned, Iím a devout fan of Manuka honey...


Iíll admit that it did become a victim of its brilliant reputation when a glut of Manuka products hit the shelves, many of which were over-treated, over-heated and not always pure and from the New Zealand source.

It means that you might not be buying Manuka honey thatís of the right quality to give you the amazing health benefits youíre looking for.

Quite a shock if youíve paid big money for it.

But itís true, unfortunatelyÖ

You see, if the Manuka honey is heated above the temperature level in which it was kept in the hive, it quickly deteriorates. Many valuable micro-nutrients within it are destroyed.

Secondly, if a honey is put through too many sieving processes it loses important components like pollen, longer chain honey proteins and Propolis Ė again, this is not good if you want a honey that really heals.

This is why many Manukas are not up to standard, and itís why I believe you should look only for GENUINE Manuka honey thatís achieved the standards set by the New Zealand regulatory authority (MPI - Ministry of Primary Industries).

For instance this Manuka Ė Wedderspoon Raw Honey is absolutely certified and approved by the MPI.

Let me explain a bit about the MPI, as itís important.

How to ensure youíre getting the best Manuka honey

In December 2017, the MPI announced that it would use a science-based definition to say whether a particular honey was GENUINE New Zealand Manuka.

This came into effect on February 5, 2018. All honey produced since then has to comply with the new standard if it is to be sold as New Zealand Manuka honey.

The testing methodology was released in a peer reviewed journal in May of 2018. And this is now THE global standard for Manuka honey.

To make sure no cheating goes on, testing cannot be done by the Manuka honey company itself but a third party accredited laboratory (which is located in New Zealand), which also must be approved by the New Zealand regulatory authority

Which is why I recommend Wedderspoon Manuka Honey.

As well as third-party testing, they've earned the New Zealand Fern mark seal. This logo proves that itís a genuine New Zealand product, and the Fern mark, combined with the Manuka5 certification (MPI Global Manuka standard) ensures that you are getting the best Manuka Honey, direct from New Zealand.

It means that their honey has the potency, rawness and purity to have a significant impact on your health.

If you want to try it, go to our shop here, where you can choose from the 250g or 500g jars of Wedderspoon Raw Honey.

Raw, pure and new season

This is new season, raw, and pure Ė so itís as close as you can get to eating it warm from the hive!
On top of that:

  • It has the K-FACTOR Ė its strength of K-Factor 16 indicates that over 75% of the pollen is guaranteed to contain pollen grains that are specific to the Manuka flower.

  • Itís traceable to individual hives so the provenance is proven and clear.

  • It is produced and packed in New Zealand, meaning it comes direct from the hive to your home.

  • Itís raw and unpasteurised, made in a special processing plant that ensures the honey is packed without the temperature going over 42 degrees. This is vital to protect the protein and enzyme complexes in the honey which gives it its health potency.

  • It isnít overly filtered and strained as happens in many traditional processing systems.

  • Itís free of pesticides, Glyphosate and antibiotics.

This is proper 'raw honey' something that very few other honeys (Manuka or not) can say. So if youíre going to try one, try this. It has some of the strongest antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities Iíve seen in any Manuka honey Ė and Iíve seen a lot in my time!

Click here to order Wedderspoon Raw Honey.

Yours as ever

Ray Collins



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