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24th April 2011

  • The dark chocolate health link you can't ignore!
  • Find out the easy ways to improve your life
  • The secret of a happy Easter 

Happy Easter to you all.

I hope that you are enjoying a relaxing time, preferably surrounded by family and friends.

For me the main holidays are all about taking a bit of time to reflect on what you have around you. Not the plasma TV, stereo or car - but the people.

Seeing the kids chomping their way through their Easter eggs and chatting excitedly to Nan & Gramp (possibly as a result of the sugar rush!) fills me with absolute delight. It just seems so right.

Times like these are precious and I hope will continue for many years to come.

And dark chocolate might just be the answer to making sure that my wish is a reality...

But as we know there is no miracle ingredient that will ensure healthy longevity. Staying on top of your game is all about making a 1% improvement in 100 areas rather than a 100% improvement in one.

100 ways to a healthier life

So, think about what you can do to help yourself in the upcoming Bank Holiday weekends:

  • Activity -  I'm not talking about getting your plimsolls on and getting into training for next yea'rs London Marathon. What about a gentle stroll along a local footpath, discover a hidden patch of your local countryside. Offer to take a neighbour's dog for a walk if being out in the open seems a little too conspicuous for you, or even better get the kids or grandkids away from their Xbox and out into the air.  If the worst comes to the worst there are bound to be a few weeds in the garden that could do with a wrestling...
  • Diet - always an easy target when it comes to talking about health, but rather than attempting to make a food revolution in your life, why not give something new a chance. For instance, there are some really nice zero alcohol beers available for drinking at home. OK so they benefit from being chilled and with a squeeze of fresh lime juice in them, but they do give you a proper beer buzz..  Also, we are beginning to get some of the benefits of the early season heatwave -  local fresh watercress. Get a piece of smoked fish and serve it with this peppery leafed herb and I promise you the world will seem a better place - you might actually hear your heart sing!
  • Spring Clean - I suppose this is one of the ways to increase your level of activity as well, but it is amazing what health benefits you can get from a quick rub round with the duster. Pollen, dust and microscopic creatures make up the majority of household dust, and all of these can be responsible for airway disorders.

It is also worth giving the mattress an airing and a turn. It would turn your stomach to find out what lives in even the cleanest bed, so just take it from me that a shake and turn of the bed is never a bad thing.

Rather than use chemical cleaners try to make use of natural alternatives, for instance my Lemon Book  has some really handy tips for household chores.


Enjoy Easter

I really hope you have a happy and healthy time this weekend, and remember I've given you permission to have a square or two of good dark chocolate, just as long as you promise to look for those 100 ways to make a little improvement in your health.

Yours, as always



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