Revealed a whole new bunch of food criminals

Friday 24 April, 2015  


I’m anticipating the first raids to start anytime soon.

The Carter and Regan of the health taskforce should be ‘putting a few doors in’ and smashing their way into the lockups.

Hoards of dangerous perhaps even deadly material will be seized and the villains led away to the black Marias, having had their collars felt ‘good and proper like’.

They’ve had it coming.

Peddling their wares, often in broad daylight; even enticing young mums to put their vile products into children’s lunchboxes.

Thank mercy that science has finally caught up with them, and their game is up for good.

Throw away the key lads; you’re doing us all a great service.
Greengrocers – you’ve had it coming!..

...please don’t think I’ve gone mad.

I am merely extrapolating the latest health news, and showing it up for the farce that it is.

Let me explain.

They can’t be serious

On Tuesday the newspapers were all carrying a version of the story that too many vitamins were bad for you.

As is the norm, a few of the red tops went a little overboard...

‘Too many vitamins can give you CANCER, major new study warns the millions who take them’ Daily Mirror 21/4/15

But even more sober newspapers got caught up in the emotion...

‘Too many vitamins can cause cancer’ The Times 21/4/15

Just imagine how we have all been conned by the fresh fruit and vegetable industry that have forced us to eat more and more of their vitamin rich produce.

In every market in the country the ‘pound a bowl’ boys have been loading us up with the stuff of nightmares.

That’s the way you might read those headlines...

...but of course the truth is somewhat different.

The study behind all of this was discussed at the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting a few days earlier, and had created quite a storm.

The scientists from the University of Colorado had followed up on studies from two decades ago which showed that higher vitamin intakes led to a reduced incidence of cancer.

The team repeated the exercise but with modern vitamin pills and supplements rather than the natural products of the earlier studies and found that levels of cancer and other health problems such as cardio-vascular disease actually increased as a result.

One group of patients who took higher than the recommended dosage of beta-carotene supplements showed an increased the risk for developing both lung cancer and heart disease by 20 per cent.

Folic acid, a supplement often taken in pregnancy but also one which was thought to help reduce the number of polyps in a colon, actually increased the number of these aberrant growths in another trial.

Evidence shows that people who take more dietary supplements than needed tend to have a higher risk of developing cancer.

The lead researcher was quoted: 'This is not to say that people need to be afraid of taking vitamins and minerals.'

'If taken at the correct dosage, multivitamins can be good for you.'
'But there is no substitute for good, nutritional food.'

Now there’s a concept we can all recognise... manufactured, chemically enhanced product isn’t as good for you as natural produce.

So why was I having a go at the greengrocers earlier on then?

The machinations of an angry man

My slightly eccentric opening paragraph was my tongue-in-cheek way of getting the newspapers to print the proper story.

If I had just read the headlines I might be now thinking that the whole 5-a-day, dietary improvement campaigns were all wrong.

The average teenager wandering past the news stand on their way to get a caffeine-rich sugary beverage could be forgiven in thinking that the ‘square’ old folk had been wrong all this time and they didn’t need to eat anything green.

The story isn’t ‘vitamins cause cancer’ it’s that vitamin supplements don’t work.

Or at least the vast majority of them don’t.

And I have been banging that particular drum for ten years now.

The supplement industry is worth around £385 million in the UK alone, with something like one in four of us taking a daily dose.

Last weekend I went to a health food show at the ExCel Centre in London and was shocked by how many stands I saw which were just row upon row of vitamin and mineral supplements.

What was even more surprising though was the response I got when I questioned the companies about where their vitamins came from.

The vast majority didn’t know, some didn’t care and a few didn’t want to say (apparently the way they produce them is a secret!).

When I asked why I, a fully functional and healthy chap, who ate a good balanced diet would need a supplement I was told that I would definitely be deficient in something and that a prophylactic dose of the main micronutrients would be the best thing I could do.

I must admit I became somewhat disheartened that this type of approach was the best that most people could expect from the health industry.

This product would be on the shelves of the major high street retailers, in health food shops and plastered over the internet within days.

And the vast majority of it was worthless... at least from a nutritional point of view.

At which point there must be a few of you scratching your heads and flicking over to the Good Life Shop saying ‘how come then that Ray has got vitamin and mineral supplements in his shop if they are all garbage?’

Well this brings me to my second point.

Ever been to Teesside?

Let me paint you a picture of some of the huge industrial chemical factories that you can find there – they are huge and produce masses of chemicals, mainly from petrochemical raw materials.

Cathedrals of industry which collectively are known as the North East of England Process Industry Cluster priding themselves as being a centre of integrated economic development.

From the outside they look like a James Bond baddies production facility creating rockets to end the world, big steaming chimneys, jets of steam, miles of pipe work and very few signs of life.

Now, just down the road a bit is Lincolnshire and the Fens.

Tranquil acres of rich fertile peaty soil that nurtures the very best in crops, fruit and vegetables – if you sit quietly you will hear the carrots grow as they gorge themselves on the plentiful nutrients, fresh rainwater and fresh clean air.

Now which area would you like the contents of your vitamin supplement to come from?

Those endless racks of pills at the show and on your high street shelves are mostly man made and the by-products of a chemistry lab.

Those I have on offer for you are extracted from the very fruit and veg that we should all be eating – natural and pure.

None of us NEED vitamins and mineral supplements if we are prepared to force the fresh produce down, but for some of us it is easier to use the supplements.

In some cases medical conditions, dietary restrictions or just for decisions of taste we may not get the best from our food.

In which case a good, pure and natural supplement is the best way to maintain your health...

...these supplements are no different to eating the food they came from.

All greengrocers can rest easy... they are selling the good and safe form of vitamins...

But then again so are a few of us who properly understand what the body needs from a supplement.

Yours, as always






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