The weird anti-wrinkle cream that reduces joint pain

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24th June 2018

  • Imagine an anti-wrinkle cream that reduces joint pain
  • This bizarre oil might surprise you when you discover what it comes from.
  • “I can’t believe the difference to my arthritic knee … Magic!” – find out what this pain sufferer is raving about 
I’m not much of an entrepreneur.

But I like the idea of stumbling onto some ground-breaking idea that would change people’s lives but also – handily – buy me a massive villa with a swimming pool and a butler.

Not just any butler either, but one that gives me amazing advice and helps me out of scrapes, like Jeeves.
For instance, imagine if you discovered, or created, a skin cream that does all of this:





But that also…



It’d be the perfect product, right? I mean, it ticks so many boxes in one go!

You slap on the cream every day for better skin, particularly after a hot sunny day… and you’ll not only look better but also feel better… because the cream is soaking into your tissues, joints and ligaments, lowering inflammation.

I can imagine pitching this on Dragon’s Den or to Boots’ top executives.

“It’s a cutting-edge product that combines skin care and pain relief, with no adverse effects”, I’d yell, triumphantly, as they pushed large sacks of money towards me across the board table.

The only trouble is…

Nature has already done this, a long time ago, and far more effectively than anything you could create in a lab.

You see, hundreds – even thousands – of years in the past, people in Australia were using this very product, which they got from a rather surprising source…

Check out this webpage for a really remarkable true tale: An Ancient Remedy for Sore Joints and Damaged Skin

Introducing The Aboriginal ‘MIRACLE OIL’

Apologies in advance if you’re a vegetarian, in which case you might have to sit this one out, but this is an absolutely fantastic story…

As you’ll see from Jane Holton’s report here, when the first settlers arrived in Australia they discovered that the locals had a strange habit of drying dead emus in the sunshine.

They thought it must have some kind of ritualistic function – but really it was all about the oil.

Emu oil is one of the most easily-absorbed oils, and the Aborigines were using it to treat their sun-damaged skin and their tired, sore muscles after a gruelling day’s hunting.

Soon, the Europeans were using it too, and it remains today a powerful natural remedy for:

  • Joint pain, swelling and inflammation

  • Inflammation associated with acne, dermatitis and eczema psoriasis

  • Dry, flaky or chapped skin.

  • Burns and sunburn.

  • Premature wrinkling

This is why Emu Oil is a registered pharmaceutical product in Australia, where producers must make it under strict license.

And it’s why I’d only recommend you try the stuff that comes from Australia, rather than farmed birds nearer to home.

For instance, this one here gets their oil from Australia, where production is at the highest standard.

On top of that, there’s a 35-day trial so you can give this a go – use it about twice a day on the effected sort joint OR simply use it to treat sunburn and keep your skin moist and less prone to wrinkles.

Click here to find out more about Australian Emu Oil

Great product to have in the summer

Whether you suffer from inflammatory problems or not, Emu oil is a wonderful skin care essential to keep in your cupboard this summer.

If it could help Aboriginals in Australia treat the effects of the hot sun, it’s going to easily help you in the British summertime.

As you’ll see on the website, an Emu Oil user named Claudia says: “I now have extremely soft skin, while it helps my breakouts”

And another users says: “Bought for my mum and mother-in-law for a face moisturiser and it not only re-softened their skin but looks like it has re-plumped skin on their faces as well.”

So this could be the best skin care product you’ve never heard of.

On the webpage you’ll see more genuine comments taken from online reviews for this Emu oil, including:
“Easily absorbed and effective after 1 week. I used this for De Quervain tendonitis. Also pain in both wrists.”
“I can’t believe the difference to my arthritic knee … Magic.”

“The horrible pain in the bone of my right arm has nearly disappeared after applying the emu oil twice a day for a week”

To read them, click here.

Talking of sunshine, I hope you’ve been having a bit of it where you are. Soak up the rays while you can – but stay responsible and consider a bit of emu magic if it gets too much.

Yours, as always




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