Lets talk about hormones – potent essential chemicals that can direct our lives

Friday 24 Aug 2012

Our lives are ruled by chemicals and hormones.

We often look upon such things as being agents of misfortune when they are man-made compounds.

Stuff that gets sprayed on our foods, or added to our water or even spread on our skins should always be viewed with caution.

However, there are some man (and woman) made chemicals which are essential for our health.

These products are incredibly powerful and can direct our lives completely.

I’m sure that you’ve guessed by now but I’m talking about hormones, really potent chemicals that our own bodies make.

Defined as compounds which act as catalysts for changes within cells, they are like chemical messengers sent out by various organs in the body to influence how our bodies work.

Of course this means we suffer badly when they go awry.

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Hidden deep within the brain is the most powerful of all of the glands which secretes hormones known as the pituitary.

In fact it is two glands in one, and is no bigger than a pea!

One half, the posterior portion, is the link between neurological control of the body and chemical control, and gives rise to several powerful messengers which regulate key functions such as how much water we lose in our urine via the kidneys.

The majority of the gland’s function though lies in the anterior lobe which produces a range of hormones.

For instance - the hormone which stimulates the thyroid and another which dictates how we grow.

However, the anterior lobe also controls the production and levels of the major female hormones.

This is not to say that it directly secretes oestrogen and progesterone, but that it actually controls their production.

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Now, just in case any of you chaps out there are about to stop reading I need to make you aware that you need these hormones just as much as the fairer sex do.

For a start oestrogen acts to counter the impact of the male hormone testosterone and therefore stops us all being brutish cavemen... (please feel free to add your own jokes in here ladies!)

Other hormone progenitors (those which are necessary for hormone release) that cause egg release in women are also responsible for the production and maturation of sperm.

And the list goes on.

Unfortunately though, Mother Nature doesn’t allow the production of hormones to go on in the same way – at least not for the female of the species.

Which long winded ramble brings me to the topic of today’s letter - the menopause.

The point in life where the feminine body stops producing oestrogen and progesterone, and the cascade of changes occur.

But you see I’m not really able to talk to you about this.

It is one of those subjects that I could never do justice to – and any advice I may give would naturally be viewed with caution.

Rightly so.

That’s why I am about to introduce you to a guest writer, my own beloved Lara.

I can’t tell you the amount of persuasion it took me to get her to sit at my computer and give you her point of view...

...well I can actually, none at all!

The words “do you think you’d like to have a go at writing a piece for the Good Life Letter” had barely left my lips before I was shoulder-charged out of the way and her fingers began to fly over the keyboard.

So, without further ado, may I present the ever lovely Lara Collins...

The words of a long suffering woman

Can I begin by saying what a pleasure it is to have the chance to add a female perspective to the Good Life Letter. For many years this newsletter has been a central part of my family life and this is the first time Ray has let me loose...

So, the menopause.

We know it’s going to happen sooner or later … we just all hope that it’s going to be later. The dreaded menopause or ‘the change of life’ as some rather oddly put it (if I was to have a change of life, the menopause certainly wouldn’t be top of my list), comes to us all. Happily, not to me just yet, although I do panic every time the temperature in the room seems to be rising and I’m wondering whether it’s just me.

Many of my friends have sailed through the menopause with just a handful of hot flushes to show for it. Others have had more symptoms. One friend in particular is currently experiencing the woes of the menopause and is faced with the possibility of Osteoporosis due to her reduced oestrogen levels.

For most of them, however bad the symptoms or effects, the feeling of having the control taken away from them is at the forefront of their minds. We are put through physical and emotional changes, and don’t get a say in when or how.

However, some of my closest friends introduced me to Menolistica – menopause nutritional support – as they feel that it has given them the control back. Ha to you menopause!! Look who's laughing now!

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Aimed specifically at those aged 40 and over, it helps support women both before and after the menopause with the perfect combination of omega oils and anti-ageing vitamins (and let's face it, we could all use some of that!) And it somehow manages to fight the tiredness and grumpiness to keep women feeling energised and happy.

…. And what impresses me the most is that the product is designed by women, for women. I mean, who would know our bodies better?

And back to Ray...

So there you have it, a female perspective on one of the topics that I could never do justice to.

I hope you found this useful – who knows, maybe I can ask Lara to contribute a few more pieces for us before too long.

Have a good weekend and I’ll be back on Sunday with a response to my burgeoning mailbox, and the plague of pests therein!

Yours, as always






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