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Sunday 24 Aug, 2014 

  • A worrying chance the driver coming the other way can’t see you

  • Discover the four easy ways to deal with eyesight problems naturally

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I know what you’re doing!

Well I would because I’m doing it too – and we both do it a lot.

Just in case you are beginning to worry about my mental state... our common act is...

...staring at our computers, quite possibly for an hour or so a day.

If we’re not doing that we are reading the papers, or watching the TV or trying to work out what the imbecile in the car in front is going to do next.

My point is that we use our eyes every day and often to excess, leading to strains, aches and even pain – quite possibly you have begun to experience some deterioration in your vision.

Not prepared to put your hand up for that one yet?

Well, I’m not one to worry you... but a few startling facts have crossed my desk.

A recent survey found that one in seven people have driven their cars despite not being able to see clearly.

Think about that one for a moment.

Drive to the shops and on the journey you’ll pass maybe 50 cars coming the other way...

... the statistics reckon at least seven of those drivers probably didn’t see you.

Interestingly, those numbers also apply to cyclists, motorbike riders and even pedestrians – in fact something like 10% of all car accidents are due to people walking out in front of cars because they didn’t see them, according to an AA survey in 2013.

Now assuming that we aren’t all becoming hellbent on self-destruction there must be a way to prevent the problem of failing eyesight.

Of course there is... I wouldn’t be doing my job if I hadn’t got something special to tell you would I? Let me explain.

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Nutrition is the natural ways to better eyesight

It would be easy to assume that we have to accept weakened eyesight as part of ageing, but there is much that we can do to prevent it, and even recover what we might have lost.

Here are FOUR natural ways to deal with common eye problems:

Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

This is one of the commonest causes of failing eyesight in the over 40s.

Near your retina there's a tiny, yellowish area called the 'macula'. This is the bit that controls your central vision which you use for reading, writing, driving and recognizing faces.

When you get older, the cells in the macula deteriorate, causing some or all of these symptoms:

- Straight lines start to look wavy
- Distinct shapes are blurry, while words appear blurred
- Colours look dimmer
- Dark areas, or a fog, begin to block the centre of your vision

Okay, so far, so scary. You may even recognise some of these symptoms.

So if you're worried, go and talk to your doctor or get an eye test. As always, you should consult an expert for advice on these things.

Once you know what's what, you can start to take some crucial nutritional steps...

Foods that are rich in vitamins A, C & E are a start as are those with copper, zinc and sulphur in them.

But, the really powerful way to combat this debilitating condition naturally is with a combination of the two pigments found in the macula which help protect it from strong light – called zeaxanthin and lutein.

The Macular Society describe the two carotenoids as important in protecting eye function quoting a study from 1992 as follows:

'Research supports the theory that high macular pigment levels may reduce your risk of AMD or its progression, macular pigment can be increased by taking supplements containing lutein or zeaxanthin.'

One of the best supplements available is MacuShield which is especially formulated to prevent AMD developing.

Diabetic Retinopathy

Of course, deteriorating eyesight may be as a result of another condition, for example diabetes, which can
cause a condition known as retinopathy.

Again nutrients can help reduce the impact of this condition, especially those containing a specialised sulphur based amino acid called Taurine – naturally found in fish.

In the eye, this compound is thought to protect against both ultraviolet light and toxic substances.

Taurine is depleted in diabetics, which raises the question of whether its deficiency contributes to the development of diabetic retinopathy as well as to other complications of diabetes.

It might not be possible to have a daily intake of fish, so a more efficient way of obtaining it in a readily available form is needed.

Boost your Taurine levels with this specially formulated spray

Dry Eye Syndrome

A lack of lubricating fluid (tears) in the eye results in painful inflammation to the eyeball and the eyelids.

The causes are not known, but can include:

- being in a hot or windy climate
- wearing contact lenses
- certain underlying medical conditions, such as blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids)
- side effects of certain medications
- hormonal changes, such as during the menopause

This affects many people either at certain times of the year and may be associated with allergy or light levels, but for others it is there year round and can be a real source of pain.

If you suffer from dry eyes try this amazing way to lubricate your eyes

Gradually deteriorating eyesight

It might seem an odd concept that we should be eating specifically for our eyes, I mean the thought of stuffing green veg and fish into our peepers might seem a bit odd!

But actually there is so much research that shows that a diet rich in omega 3 oil is vitally important for general eye health, and can actually lead to an improvement in how the eye works.

The best source of omega 3 is from oily fish – or at least it was.

The problem has been that these fish are getting in short supply and the methods used to extract the oil from them are getting more industrialised as big companies try to wring every last drop of oil from their bodies.

This means there are more contaminants getting through and the quality of the oil is poorer.

That’s why I would look towards a special formulation of Krill Oil for the best in eye nutrition

The magnesium story continues...

The magnesium story I wrote about last week just gets bigger and bigger.

I had loads of e-mails from readers who opened my eyes to more and more information about this important mineral, and for that I am very grateful.

One set me off on a different path altogether though:

“Ray, did you know that many type 2 diabetics are deficient in magnesium (it’s all to do with the fact that they loose more in their urine) and that this is a primary cause of eyesight problems for them.” Ms E C, Canada

Firstly, I didn’t know about the link between magnesium deficiency and type 2 diabetes. Secondly, I thought that the link between magnesium and eyesight was a bit far fetched.

But it seems I am found wanting again.

All of the medical references I have read say that blurred vision, night blindness and poor vision can all be due to deficiency.

So, there you have it a bumper letter packed with vital information about how simple nutritional and natural support can make a world of difference to debilitating eye problems.

I hope you enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend... best take your brolly!

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Yours, as always

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