Green lipped muscle extract is the ultimate joint pain relief

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24th September 2010

  • Are all fish oils created equal?
  • Discover why Green Lipped Muscle extract is a breakthrough in joint pain relief
  • This is the easiest way to ease the pain of
    arthritis, irritable bowel disease and reduce
    the impact of dementia:

"What those buggers need is a bit more Maori muscle",
growled the man next to me.

We were in Exeter watching Gloucester get beaten on the
opening day of the new rugby season and my companions
were not a happy bunch.

I understood their frustration, but I was confused about
how they were planning to get the Cherry & Whites to
play better.

I thought he meant "what they need is a bit more Maori

In my world Maori mussels are closely linked with
balancing essential fatty acids in diet, and I didn't think
they would have had time to work during the second half!

Let me tell you more about these fantastic creatures, and
what they can do for you.

Too much of a good thing?

The general consensus these days is that our western diet
is far too high in Omega-6 fats.
These are fats you get from high levels of vegetable oils in
modern cooking processes.
This isn't to say that omega-6s are bad for you - they're
actually ESSENTIAL for good health - it's just that they
need to be properly balanced out by an intake of omega-3
fatty acids (many experts believe the ideal ratio of
Omega-6 to Omega-3 should be 1:1).
Sounds easy doesn't it? After all, you can find Omega-3
fats in fish, seafood, broccoli, cabbage, and walnuts and
But guess what?  It's not as simple as that.
In fact, the average Western diet has a ratio of 20:1. This
gets even worse for modern kids when the ratio is closer
to 30:1!
How is this happening?
First off, we'd have to eat a lot of the above to get
sufficient Omega-3 fats into our diet, and until chocolate
covered cabbage gets invented I can't see my kids eating
more of the stuff.
Because of this, we're a long way off hitting the perfect
1:1 ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 oils. And it's this huge
imbalance which is being linked to many systemic
inflammatory problems.

So, we are talking here about joint pain, acne, psoriasis,
inflammatory bowel disorders and heart disease. Despite
some dodgy research findings from Holland
(see here if you missed my letter about this):
this information is widely accepted.

Perhaps the lesser known benefit relates to mental health.

Dr Joe Hibbeln, from the Nutritional Neurosciences Section
at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism,
says that omega-3's alter brain chemicals linked with
mood; plus they also regulate more than 100 genes
involved in transmitting messages between brain cells.

This means an imbalance can exacerbate conditions such
as dementia, and that is of real importance to me. You
may recall that my dad is a sufferer and helping him
manage his diet has become one of the key drivers for
this kind of research.

Anyway, I guess you are still wondering what all this has
to do with 15 sweaty pro rugby players stumbling around
Sandy Park in Exeter earlier this month ... well I'm just
coming to that.

The Green Lipped Muscle extract that could save us all from a lifetime of joint pain and misery...
I've mentioned this brilliant natural remedy before, but
maybe not in the context of ironing out this Omega-6 vs
Omega-3 imbalance, and certainly not in connection with
Way back in the 70s (when The Sweeney was still on, and
I had plenty of hair), research scientists noticed
something very strange about the Maoris living in the
coastal areas of New Zealand.
It seems that not one of them suffered from arthritis or
joint pain of any kind.
Further studies showed that it was ONLY the Maoris who
lived on the coast who showed this remarkable resistance
to arthritis. Maoris who lived inland had the same
percentage of arthritis as most of the Western world.
But the coastal Maoris were different.
And after years of studying the soil, the sea, the eating
habits, the drinking habits and the culture of these coastal
dwellers, the researchers finally cracked it...
Their diet was rich in green lipped mussels, and it was the
oil from these mussels that was protecting them from
inflammation and joint paint.
Can you guess what the oil was?
That's right - it was Omega-3. By included Omega-3 oils
in their diet, these Maoris had virtually wiped out the
existence of arthritis.
So how exactly does Omega-3 fight (and by the looks of it
beat) arthritis, and other inflammatory conditions?

The great balancing act...
Remember that perfect 1:1 ratio of Omega-6 vs Omega-3,
and how we in the western world have an average ratio of
Well, by taking a green mussel extract, you can
dramatically shift the balance of fats in your body.
The intense boost of omega-3 can help reduce the body's
natural inflammatory response to viruses and allergic
Of course, ordinary fish oils are a good source of these
omega-3s. But the king of all fish oils is the green lipped
It lives in sun-baked waters packed with plankton that
contain extraordinarily high levels of antioxidants, which
means it's one of the most powerful natural remedies in
the fight against joint pain, arthritis and dementia.
The best green lipped extract I've found on the UK market
is this one:
Developed and manufactured by Mac Labs in Nelson, NZ in
the heart of the mussel growing area. They are the only
freeze drying processor in New Zealand who own their mussel
farms and harvest barges, ensuring absolute control over
the quality of mussels they process.

On Sunday I'll be looking at one of the most staple food in
our modern diet - one that we can thank the Romans for.

I hope the season improves for the boys, I might even
suggest that they DO get some green lipped mussels in
their diet.




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