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24th September 2017

Regular readers know how much I value my family, especially my long-suffering wife.

For her nothing is too much trouble, touring the shops even though my knee is screaming, moving the entire contents of the garage around so that all my stuff ends up in the tip and hers enshrined for posterity or working through a never ending list of chores... life would not be complete without her guidance and direction!

So, when I was preparing to go to a natural products show earlier this year I thought it politic to enquire whether there was anything that I could look for to make her life easier, healthier and more fulfilled.

I’d picked a bad time.

After months of negotiations, haranguing and brutal threats she had finally cracked and barged into Matt’s room to liberate his gently mouldering laundry pile and force it at knifepoint into the washing machine.

He’s a teenager, a chef and basically nocturnal so we don’t see much of him but there comes a time when people entering the house sniff and look at the much maligned dog...

“No, it’s not him,” we chorus, “this is all Matt’s doing – we call it eau to skunk!”

Anyway, Lara was tackling the task at hand with gallons of fabric conditioner, handfuls of Soap Nuts and even Soap Nut Liquid as a double measure.

But here previous trials had failed to shift the pervading pong, she was rapidly deteriorating into a desire to bung in a bottle of bleach and drain cleaner and have done with it.

“You can get me something that will stop YOUR son stinking like a tramp!” Note how the fellow is now MY son, as if I spawned him myself. “Either he learns to put stuff in to wash for himself or I start to burn it!”

I carefully closed the door and walked down the path thinking that I needed to do something about this to preserve household harmony... and my sanity.

Find out how Japan deals with teenage boys’ odour

The answer is in the ground

Walking around the show and chatting to the stall holders this predicament was in my mind, plus a new thought had occurred to me.

I began to tot up how much it was costing to create the wash day soup that Lara was using and began to realise that dealing with the weekly wash was starting to cost more than the scruffy urchin was paying into the house funds.

This gave me a clear shopping list:

  1. To keep Lara happy it needed to work really well
  2. To balance the books it had to be a cheap option
  3. To keep the kitchen tidy it had to be a neat solution, not one involving more bottles, powders or bags
  4. To keep me happy it had to be kind to the environment, natural and interesting

Not a bad list I thought, but perhaps one which was stretching the boundaries of modern natural science a little too far.

As I talked with exhibitors I found that the available products fell way short of the mark in at least two of my four criteria, often involving a lot of faff and mess.

As is often the case at these shows I began to despair of finding what I was looking for and started to retrace my steps to make sure that I hadn’t missed anyone.

There in the corner of the room I found my salvation.

A little stand with a small pile of products and a jumble of signs and posters had been obscured from my sight on my initial pass by a scrum of interested show goers.

A wash day product that was unlike anything else I had ever seen, but as if to draw me in one word caught my eye...Magnesium, the magic mineral found in the soil.

I am a real fan of magnesium and know that many of us suffer from sub-clinical deficiency and this can lead to hair loss, poor sleep (Friday’s letter has more on this) and irritable moods – the three reasons why I started taking a daily supplement a year ago.

But I never knew how good it could be at ridding my life of a teenager’s fug!
Discover this surprising way to a cleaner wash and big money savings

The Japanese know a thing or two

At this point I would like to introduce you to Terra Wash+Mg a really remarkable washing product from Japan.
It is a pad which contains enriched magnesium that you put in your washing machine with a load, without any other softeners, detergents or rinse aids.

At the end of the wash you remove the pad, hang it to dry along with the washing and surprise yourself at how clean and fresh your laundry smells.

Now you may say that this is interesting but not amazing... well hold on to your dirty smalls...

The next time you put a wash on you use the same pad all over again, and again, and fact you can reuse the same pad every day for a WHOLE YEAR!

Now you have to admit that that is amazing.

The one that I have been trialling is now six months old and is showing no signs of wearing out. It is coping daily with our entire household wash and we are all smelling clean and fresh – even the great smelly one!

So, how does it work?

Well, there is a full description of the technology and function of Terra Wash+Mg on this site here but basically it comes down to two effects of the purified magnesium used in this revolutionary product.

Firstly, it makes water molecules smaller and this means they more easily pass in and through clothing fibres and carry the dirt with them.

Secondly, it makes the water more alkaline and releases hydrogen gas bubbles which act to fizz away the odour-causing particles that lie deep in the fabric itself.

You can read all about the way it performed in highly rigorous tests where it was shown to be ten times more effective at odour removal than a powder detergent, just as effective at dealing with some of the more persistent stains and very effective as an antibacterial agent too.

Just think about what I am introducing here:

  • A completely natural laundry product
  • A clean, fuss free solution to wash day challenges
  • A product you can use 365 times a year
  • A laundry product that is safe for allergies, eczema and skin rashes
  • A technology which has wowed Japan, America and Australia...and is now in the UK
  • A proven way to destroy odours, even those from a nocturnal teenager

Even if you don’t have the same challenges to deal with as my dear and most beloved wife, this product has to make sense in your household.

Start your 35-day trial and see for yourself how effective this amazing piece of Japanese technology can be.

So, after extensive trials in our house I can safely conclude that I achieved my task and found the perfect product for dealing with a smelly wash – as it happens I have also discovered how effective a headlock can be to persuade my stroppy son about his household responsibilities!

To be fair to him, he does work very hard and crawls into bed at the end of a shift. However, he does now accept that his mother is right... I think he also appreciates the sweet smell of clean clothing too!

Order Terra Wash+Mg now – a whole year’s wash, saving you around 30% on your normal costs.

Yours, as always

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