Astec Insoles could bring an end to a common winter misery - Cold Feet!

Sunday 25 January, 2015  


It is said that the Eskimos have over 50 words for snow.

This allows them to describe the nature, character, building potential, reasonable travelling velocity and longevity of the ice crystals falling from the sky.

Right now I have several choice words to describe it too, and some for the circumstances that led to our predicament.

“We’ve got a relatively free weekend so let’s go and see James and Katie,” says the light of my life, “we haven’t seen much of them since they moved to Macclesfield.”

Conveniently ignoring my best Michael Fish impersonations about the increasing risk of further snowfall, deepening low pressure areas, packed isobars and a potential plague of locusts, she was not to be moved in her plans.

Within minutes she and Katie were deep in planning mode on the phone, and an hour and a half later Lara ended the call saying, “I look forward to a proper catch up at the weekend then.”

I ventured the possibility that there could be very little more to say after a marathon call like that, but was firmly castigated for such a notion and sent to my office to prepare for the trip.

Now I’m not adverse to visiting the avuncular James as he shares a passion for good ales and fine smoky single malt whisky which help a convivial night pass in quite a mellow fashion – but the weather Gods were signalling their intentions. 

I packed snow chains, shovels and extra sandwiches just in case.

A few weeks before Christmas I was reminding you all to get your Sherpa Gloves before the rush, which I hope you did as we have been sending them out to all points of the country and beyond, as the weather has cooled. 

But as I threw my pair into the car I thought back to a letter I received from a loyal reader in Anstruther in Fife, Scotland who asked whether I knew of anything similar for feet.

And today, as I sit marooned in snowy Macclesfield I am pleased to tell you that I have extremely good news for Mrs O in the frozen north, and anyone else who suffers from cold feet, poor circulation or any of the conditions which cause cold extremities.

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you...

...The Self Heating Astec Insole – endorsed by the Raynaud’s &  Scleroderma Society

The bliss of nice warm feet cannot be overstated

For the last few years those of us in the know have toasted our hands with the fabulous Sherpa Gloves, but like Mrs O I have received lots of requests for something for the feet. 

Over the time I have researched silver socks (OK for heat but can lead to sweating and an increase in fungal infections...good for veruccas though!) heated pads to put in shoes (great for instant heat but they don’t last and can be uncomfortable after a while, and they don’t fit ladies shoes very well) and even some all-in-one jobbies that cover the entire lower body (very warm but a bit fiddly when nature calls!).

Nothing measured up to what I thought reasonable.

Then along came the good people from Astec who have developed this unique product, which shares some of the technology with our favourite gloves. 

The secret lies in a special fleece layer which sits between a woven upper layer (good for air circulation and stopping sweating) and a hard wearing bottom layer that insulates you from the cold underfoot and offers a considerable durability to the product.

They really do help keep cold feet warm.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Raynaud’s and Scleroderma Society in the UK are also great fans, and endorse these insoles for anyone with these conditions which both affect blood supply to the extremities and can be very limiting for sufferers.

Discover more about how the unique design of Astec Insoles can help you keep warm beyond your wildest dreams... and help deal with conditions like Raynaud’s

As well as acting as a heat recycler these insoles also help cushion the foot which can be a boon for those with metatarsalgia, corns, bunions and even diabetes where the sensation of the foot can be impaired.

  • The benefits of these remarkable products are:

  • Range of different sizes available for a snug fit in all types of footwear

  • Thin & unobtrusive design means that you can wear them without drawing attention to yourself and they will fit into even the most designer of shoes

  • Natural & immediate heat generation from the moment you slide your feet in, the unique fleece material magnifies the heat from your feet and reflects it back giving you instant warmth

  • Incredibly lightweight making walking easy, and allowing usage in walking boots

  • No external power required – it’s all about your own body heat being recycled so no need for batteries, cables or fiddly power packs

  • Robust & durable to withstand even the heaviest wear. Try them in your gardening shoes to see how remarkably they stand up to a vigorous workout

  • Unique to the UK market. Tested and approved by the Raynaud’s and Scleroderma Society they offer class leading natural technology which really works

So, whilst I wait for the land to thaw and the traffic to begin to flow I am happy to report that James and I are happy triallists of these insoles, having trekked across barren parts of the Peak District... and found a few welcoming hostelries on our way.

All in the interests of product testing you understand!

Meanwhile, I think my beloved wife might start to listen to me when I relay weather warnings in the future... or maybe not! Plus ca change!

If you want toasty and pain free feet, try these amazing insoles now – limited stock available for this first offer (which includes a special price for two pairs)

Yours, as always





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