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25th Frebruary  2011

  • The story of Ray's financial woe at the hands of his family
  • As modern life puts our health at risk can you protect yourself and those around you?
  • The power to protect with Magnetic Therapy 

This week I have ended up bankrupt and belittled by my entire family. No one seemed to care or want to help me.

The frenzy to see my assets captured by the bank and any remaining cash clawed over by my zealous children has left me a broken man.

Before you worry too much about me, let me explain. (It's not as bad as you think!)

It all happened because the world went dark.

We suffered a local power cut which lasted for about 6 hours, plunging us into the evening gloom of a wet February day, and shutting down the electronic pleasure centres of the modern world.

The kids howled with protest as the X-Box, computer and TV went blank.  Lara and I broke out the candles and stoked up the fire.

Fortunately, it had been baking day, and we had a couple of newly fired loaves, a few fruit scones and a big, rich fruit cake filling the air with their welcome aromas.

We called the kids downstairs and armed them with forks and slices of the bread which they toasted in front of the fire, and greedily munched their way through.

After a toast and scone feast we all sat down to play Monopoly.

Everyone claims to have a scheme to win. I must have tried them all over the years.

Buy all the stations first... buy all the cheap street properties and put hotels on them straight away... Park Lane & Mayfair are the key cards to hold - you know the plans.

In this game I settled on just rattling round the board and buying what I could when I could... little did I know that I have bred a clan of Donald Trumps.

For a generation who are supposed to be lost in their electronic worlds I was surprised just how quickly they picked up the 'old technology' of playing games!

Within the hour I had mortgaged my homes, emptied my wallet and was praying for a handout from the Community Chest... I did finish second in a beauty contest though.

Could you be at risk from the power of modern life?

My fall from grace complete, the family played on for a further hour and a half before my youngest son declared himself the winner, and was busily counting out his ill-gotten gains to find out just how rich he was.

Then suddenly the house hummed back into life.

And here's a thing it really did hum.. and buzz... and click... and crackle.

It was as if a huge electrical dragon has come back to life as the various components of the modern world suddenly got going again.

This set me thinking about an article I wrote towards the end of last year considering the impact of all these external electrical forces on the body and about the electronic forces we have within our bodies.
I often speak about how to modify your diet to feel better and combat disease, we all understand about getting a bit of R&R in to counteract the effects of daily stress...... but what do we know about electricity, magnetism and radiation?  Can the increase in electronics around us be linked to feelings of lethargy, mental fog and stress which so many people complain about?  After the last letter about the Q link pendant I wear I had loads of letters saying "But how does it work, Ray?"

The body electric

According to Q link, the technology effectively interacts with a matrix of different energies that extend from each of us, which is a natural part of our make up - rather than being something like the Ready Brek kid from the adverts!

Claimed benefits of these products are more energy, less stress, greater focus and mental clarity as well as generally improved well-being.

You can find out about this remarkable product here. Q-Link

Or by watching this short clip of a BBC report on the Q link pendants:

Protect yourself ... and those around you!

Just stop for a moment and think about what your body is subjected to on a daily basis.

  • Mobile phones - it is estimated that 85% of adults use them and astonishingly with a total population of 60 million people there are 70 million phones in use - which means lots of people have two or more.
  • Microwave ovens adorn every worktop, pinging their way through frozen ready meals across the land.
  • Televisions - The average number of TV sets per household is now three, with something like 60% of adults having one in their bedroom.  (why people don't occupy themselves more naturally in bed is beyond me)
  • Hand held games, electronic books, personal music devices .... they're everywhere.  I met a guy the other day who had a sat nav in his watch that was talking to a blue tooth thingy in his trainers.  At least I think that's what he said, to be honest I sort of stopped listening after the first few minutes of him telling me how could download information from his treadmill...

We know it's not good for us, but there will be no stopping the growth in this type of product. But it's not all bad news.

Those who use mobile phones and computers can help. We can protect ourselves and those around us with some really neat and clever devices created by the makers of the Qlink Pendant.

The Q Link USB Powered Nimbus plugs into the USB port of any computer or laptop and not only protects you, but anyone within a 60' radius.  For most of us, that's pretty much all the house covered.

When you are on the go there is a special device known as a Qlink Mini: Smaller than a 5p piece, you just stick it on the back of any electronic device and naturally boost your body's defences to electronic emissions.  As a long time wearer of the pendant myself, I got a couple of the Family Packs of Mini's and have stuck them on all the kids & Lara's gadgets.

Of course they all groaned - but for me, the events of the last few days have reminded me of what is important in my life.

Protect those I love, relish the delights of hot buttered toast... and make sure that I am the banker the next time we play Monopoly - it ensures I can always top up my funds surreptitiously.  Cheating?  Me?  Never!

I like to think of it as a well earned bonus - just like bankers in the real world.

Yours, as always



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