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25th March 2011

  • Buy Manuka honey straight from the hive
  • Is your health cupboard short of this vital ingredient?

It's been a rather eventful week in the Collins' household this week.

It started last Sunday morning when my son was wheezing, sneezing and coughing as he lay in bed  - being a teenager I wanted to check that it wasn't an attempt to avoid school the next day, so I tried to tempt him to a rugby game.

After he had refused not only the game, but the hot pie and a bottle of something sweet and unhealthy that follows, I guessed that he really wasn't a well bunny.

So off to the cupboard I went to make my patent cure-all hot health drink. It's easy to do: 1 part Raw Manuka honey, 1 part warm water and a squeeze of lemon juice.

Job done for the boy as within two hours he was up and asking about the rugby game - score one for Manuka Honey!

By the time we got back from the game, the next crisis came screaming thought the door.

My daughter, playing on her friend's trampoline, had been slightly over enthusiastic and ended rather spectacularly on the ground, grazing the entire length of her arm on her way down.  It looked awful.  Sore and angry - and she wasn't too happy either.

Again it was off to the "cupboard of Ray's mysteries" and I smeared more Raw Manuka honey over a clean piece of muslin and applied to the wound. Wrapped a bit of bandage over it to keep it in place and prevent the honey from depositing over her clothes.

Another goal for the honey!  2 hours later she was on the mend and trampolineing on her bed.

Then on Tuesday night it was my turn.  I had what can only be described as a queer tummy, I didn't feel sick and hadn't needed to run to the loo - but things didn't feel good.

Once again I fetched my jar of marvel honey out, grated a little fresh ginger into a spoonful and slurped it down. An hour and a half later and I'm back in the pink!

Have you got plenty of honey in stock?

It seems I'm not alone in keeping a jar of Raw Manuka honey in the first aid cupboard, as well as on the breakfast table.  I never cease to be amazed by the stories I receive.

Liz T., for instance, wrote to say:

"My youngest is 5 years old. He's been suffering from a verucca on the ball of his foot. It eventually spread to almost the size of a 1p coin. Having treated it with tea tree oil, lemon and garlic oil and a tincture our homeopath nothing budged it... just for good measure I dabbed some honey on the verucca. It calmed the site and relieved the pain instantly. Having applied the honey diligently every evening before bed (covered by a plaster) the whole grotty thing lifted itself cleanly away from the skin and we became a verucca free home - yippee!"

And it's not just for the young...

"Dear Ray" writes Margaret J. " we are a pair of youthful 80 year olds, but my better half is waiting dialysis and has had a poorly time, especially this week with nausea, not sleeping well, loss of appetite etc he has been pretty rock bottom. 

I got up at 4 a.m. to find him awake again...a teaspoon of Manuka in some warm milk and the result was amazing.  We both went to sleep again and didn't budge until the phone rang at 8 a.m.

It was magic.  He dozed off again and it has beaten all the medication.  Thank you again and again"

Eleanor S. treated her burned arm after reaching across a hot iron; Abigail F. avoided a cold which had affected all her family.  Carl S. has finally conquered years of gastric reflux and hyper-acidity. 

All I can say is keep 'em coming!  I love to hear about what you get up to, and delight in your stories.  There really is nothing comparable in the UK today as this coarse-filtered, really raw honey. Antibacterial, antioxidant, containing pollen, propolis, packed with zinc and b vitamins.  This one does it all. 

Have you got yours at hand?

It's a fact - every year my readers buy Manuka honey, and it's usually gone in a matter of days.

This year though I think we need to place our need for honey into perspective.

The only place in the world which grows enough Manuka bushes to produce our honey is New Zealand, and the devastation of the past few weeks has really stopped the world in its tracks.

Kiwis though are hardy folk, and also in need of a chance to return to normality as much as possible, so I wasn't that surprised to get a down to earth mail from my suppliers just a few weeks after.

"Ray, you guys might have seen our news about the quake, but our bees are still busy and we're still collecting.

Could you get your readers to look at putting a few dollars into our economy by buying another barrel of the good stuff?"

I am happy to let you know that I immediately purchased a barrel of RAW honey. It arrived in the UK last week and is now ready to roll.

I know loads of people want some, but I believe in sharing the wealth so if you place an order before 4pm on the Wednesday I will absolutely guarantee you at least two jars. After that all bets are off.

In an attempt to get this consignment sold though I am even going to offer you a 10% discount if you order 6 jars or more. Maximum 12 per person.

Do your bit now.  Once it's sold... its sold so don't delay - click here: (offer expired)

If you are new to the phenomena of Raw Manuka honey, here are just a few of the things that it is fabulous for:

  • Fighting infections -  whether its the early symptoms of a sore throat, a cold or full blown flu this elixir has be shown to have real healing benefits. There is no more potent natural remedy than a spoonful of Raw Manuka honey and lemon juice in a little warm water.
  • Healing wounds - because of a very active anti-bacterial property plus the ability to provide nutrients for healing skin, Manuka honey applied directly over the wound site can increase healing and protect from secondary infection.
  • Improving gut function - in 2007 researchers proved the effect of Manuka Honey on increasing the growth of good, probiotic gut bacteria and also the effect of decreasing the number of bad, pathogenic bacteria. The net result is a true dual action which many other products fail to achieve.
  • Improvement in general health - This fantastic natural product, if consumed in its PURE and RAW state has been proved to boost immune function, lower stress levels (by reducing cortisol production), lower blood sugar, help the development of stronger bones and protect gums and teeth.

I feel passionately about the chance to get good healthy products in the hands of those who can benefit from them most; something that I have been doing ever since I started writing the Good Life Letter.

Now I would love to do what I can to help put some cash the way of the small producers that provide us with our bountiful harvest.

Please click here to buy Manuka Honey

Yours, as always





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