Natural hay fever remedy to stop the drought attacking your sinuses

Sunday 25th March 2012

It’s official then, we are having a drought.

The news in the last few weeks had me looking at the calendar to see if April Fools Day was upon us – and if not that we hadn’t time warped into flaming June!

How on earth can the country be short of water this early on in the year?

I know we are suffering from the effects of global warming and all that, however, surely I remember spending much of last summer getting soaked every time I ventured out of the door.

All this dry weather does hold an even bigger threat to many of us though – the dreaded Hay Fever season is about to break... and this year’s could be the worst for a while but rest assured, I have found a natural hay fever remedy that will save us all from runny noses and streaming eyes…

Hay Fever springs early

The perfect three pronged attack on our eyes, noses and throat is about to descend on us in the next few weeks – are you prepared?

[Find out how you can manage Hay Fever naturally]

Scientists are predicting that the effects of the current drought following a mild winter and the recent cold snap will excite many of the tress and grasses to pump out their pollen earlier, and in much bigger quantities than anytime in the last 10 years.

The major culprits for causing allergic responses in the 16 million sufferers in the UK are species of Birch, Lime and Horse Chestnut – those which are in every stand of trees in our parks and gardens.

We are surrounding by these brooding giants who are bursting with irritating pollen just waiting to nab us when we nip to the shops, hang out the washing or want to water our beans.

But being outside is just the thing you should do to help prevent allergies and hay fever, says the experts.

It’s all to do with vitamin D…

A study published in the American Journal of Respiratory & Critical Care Medicine highlights the fact that Children with lower vitamin D levels were significantly more likely to have severe asthma and several other markers of allergy.

There is much discussion about the effectiveness of vitamin D supplements, and I for one am not convinced, besides it is much more fun to get outdoors.

But if you do suffer from the dreaded hay fever you might need a little help to cope.

Top tips to beat the pollen dump

So, without beating about the pollen-filled bush, here are some vital tips:

  • When you spot the first signs of hay fever, try inhaling steam. Make a hot cup of Manuka honey and lemon tea first thing in the morning
  • Pour the boiling water into the cup then inhale the steam for 2 5 minutes until it's cool enough to drink. This helps clear out your tubes. The drink will also give your digestive system a healthy morning boost
  • Likewise, before you have a morning bath or shower, let the hot water run and breathe in the steam first for a few minutes. Then let it cool enough so you can wash without scalding yourself
  • An alternative to the above is to try a morning and evening 'face steam'. Get a bowl of boiling water, add a little eucalyptus or menthol oil, cover your head with a towel, then bend over the bowl, and breathe in and out
  • Get hold of some petroleum jelly. When you need to go outside during a high pollen count, smear some around the inside of your nose. This filters out the irritants and helps you breathe more easily
  • Try wrap-around shades when you go out. Don't worry that you look like Bono from U2, or a giant fly. They block out all the nasty stuff that can drift into your eyes and tear ducts
  • If you're allergic to dust mites and indoor irritants, wear a dust mask over your nose and mouth when you do your spring clean or make the bed. Or better still, persuade someone else to spring clean for you

Explain your allergy problem than stand behind them as you do your housework, barking orders and shouting 'faster, FASTER!' Great fun.A

Lastly, trust in the Salt Pipe, which is my constant daily companion at this time of year. You simply breathe into it for 5-10 minutes each day and allow the natural halite salt air to clean out your tubes and flush away impurities and irritants.

Don’t worry though; this isn’t your regular table salt the government warn us to stay away from. It’s ultra-pure natural halite salt crystals that have been harvested from deep within Transylvanian caves…

In fact, it’s the exact same salt therapy that people pay through the nose for at expensive salt rooms in London. [But you can get all the same cleansing benefits in an ultra-convenient mobile device right here – it’s freed countless people from their asthma, hay fever, allergies and sinus troubles already, you have nothing to lose…]


Yours, as always





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