Your last chance to grab one of these beauties

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25th April 2010

  • Your last chance to grab one of these beauties before the offer closes on April 30th
  • Natural tips for constipation and scaly elbows

If you remember last Sunday I regaled you with the many marvellous benefits of having your own lemon tree...


If you didn't read that Good Life Letter, or you're still wondering whether to get a tree or not, then let me give you a quick reminder - the 20% discount offer for Good Life readers closes on April 30th

So if you want one of these beautiful trees, order one now:

Grow your Own Medicine!

As I mentioned last week, I've found a source of lemon trees which are far tougher than the ones you get in most garden centres. Because they're grown outdoors in Valencia (not in Dutch greenhouses), they can take a bit of cold and rain, which means they can grow very easily in your home here in the UK.

You don't even need a garden!

I've already got one of these in my kitchen, and it looks great. More importantly, it produces lemons, which are an essential home remedy.

Lemons can ease join pain, protect your heart, ease your digestive system, strengthen your arteries... the list goes on and on.

Having your own lemon tree is a brilliant way of doing something active to protect your health and improve your well being... and I think you're really going to love having one around the home.

But NOW is the perfect time to get them, as they'll be ready to bloom and produce fruit. Also, the special 20% discount offer I've arranged MUST close on April 30th

Check out all the details on this website:

If you DO manage to get your tree, here are some of my favourite lemon remedies to try out...

How a lemon could help you slim fast and ease kidney pain

Last year a reader of my Lemon Book wrote to me after following one of its weight loss tips....

'For many years I used lemons in a drink with hot water whilst working with a slimming company, then I dropped it and am now back on the morning cleanser since buying your book.'

The Morning Cleanser goes like this:

* Half an hour before you eat in the morning, add hot water to the juice of a lemon, let it cool slightly, sweeten with a little Manuka honey, then drink. It kick-starts your metabolism and helps the digestive system cleanse itself. Great for constipation.

Why does this work?

When the liver, gallbladder, and pancreas are not working properly, you can't digest your food in the right way. This can lead to constipation.

Lemons act as a cleanser for your body. They are filled with minerals, especially potassium, Vitamin C, and bioflavonoids.

First they can build up enzymes in the liver, so it can detoxify toxins in your blood. Then it combines with calcium to form soluble chemical substances that can help prevent kidney and pancreatic stones, and other calcium deposits that clog up your body.

So every morning, take the juice of a whole lemon in a large mug of hot water. Don't eat before you drink this, and don't eat for half an hour afterwards. Try this for a week and see what happens.

(As always, can I remind you to see a medical professional if you have any major health worries, and never make drastic dietary changes until you've talked to your doctor. For instance, arthritis sufferers should monitor their intake of lemon.)

Could you even ease kidney pain with a lemon?*****************************************************

Good Lifer Barbara Wightman thinks so...

'My husband has been using lemon in distilled water recently in an effort to rid himself of a kidney stone. Since he has had no further pain since taking this regularly, we can only assume it has worked.'

And here's another way to use the fruit of your new lemon tree...

A lemon tip for scaly elbows

When your elbows get dry and itchy, it's annoying and uncomfortable. Even worse, they don't exactly look pleasing to the eye when the sun comes out and you're in your t-shirt.

Fortunately, lemon juice is highly acidic and can serve as an inexpensive exfoliant.

There are two ways you can do this....

The first is to take a lemon and cut it in half. Dip your elbows into the lemon halves, find a comfortable position and hold it for 10 minutes.

When you've finished, rinse off the lemon juice and apply Vaseline. Repeat for a couple of days.

A second option: take a small lemon and squeeze out some of the juice. Keep adding teaspoons of baking soda until the paste becomes thick, but smooth enough to handle.

Now rub this paste into your elbows. Try this once a day until the symptoms disappear.

And don't forget...

If you'd like to grow your own supply of this essential kitchen cupboard medicine, click here to snap up your 20% discount:

Until next week,

PS  Those readers who were quick to take up the Lemon Tree offer last week have already received their lovely trees and I've had many, many delighted emails. Thank you all for writing, I'm sorry that I can't answer all of them.  Several of you were inquiring about care instructions for the Lemon Trees.

Please go to

Then click on
Citrus Care
Citrus Care 2



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