Shape up your body with Honey, Garlic and Vinegar 

Sunday 25 May, 2014 

Zebra Belly... I’ve got it!

I discovered I’d become the latest victim of this common problem as I stepped out of the shower last Sunday night.

Having spent both Saturday and Sunday in my favourite garden chair I am in no doubt how I got it.

Dear readers, my task today is to help prevent you from contracting this embarrassing and distressing condition. Please learn from my failings and take urgent action straight away...

...this is a growing issue and if left untreated will only get worse as the summer wears on.

You have been warned!

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So what is Zebra Belly?

Risk factors include getting your shirt off and sitting in the sunshine enjoying a hearty appetite and the occasional trip to the local hostelry.

The combination of these elements makes developing Zebra Belly almost a certainty, and was the cause of my downfall.

You see, the effects of a portly belly, a static position in the sun and a gentle basting with sun cream all add up to gaining a striped abdomen.

The little infolds of flesh that occur when in a seated position just don’t get the exposure to the bright warm sun and stay white – whereas that of the rolls gets a golden tan...

...stand up and the belly of a zebra is revealed.

It’s so embarrassing!

With summer fast approaching it means that I have to act to stop this happening again, and that calls for dropping a stone in short order.

If the media is to be believed (which it never is!) I should be doing a 5 plus 2 diet, or a Paleo diet or even a master cleanse diet...

...can’t say any of them appeal that much, it’s just not natural to starve the body, eat woolly mammoths or purge your gut on a daily basis is it?

Instead I will be reverting to my version of the Mediterranean diet which means plenty of fish, vegetables, grilled lean meat and virgin Argan oil.

For instance my Sunday lunch is two grilled mackerel and a tomato and onion salad washed down with freshly made Collins lemon spritz (freshly squeezed lemon juice, a drizzle of honey with a handful of ice, whizzed up in a food processor, then topped up with ice cold sparkling mineral water fresh from the fridge).

But I know I’m going to need a little more help – and that’s from my Mediterranean diet in a capsule – the honey, garlic and vinegar formula.

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Discover the power of three

Honey, garlic and vinegar are really the holy trinity for Good Life Letter readers.  In one form or other these have featured throughout the nine years I have been writing this newsletter.

They are the basis of remedies, recipes and research and now could be a proper summer saviour.

It might seem like some kind of nutritional alchemy, but these miracles of natural health combine to give your dieting a huge boost.

- Honey is packed with amino acids and essential minerals that help kick-start your body’s metabolism.  Honey also boosts your digestive system, helps reduce inflammation, and provides powerful antioxidants that can help prevent disease.

- Garlic helps your body break down fat-soluble molecules. A report in The Lancet suggested that you can even neutralise the effects of high fat foods by adding garlic to your diet. Garlic can also boost your energy and libido, fight infection and control blood pressure.

- Vinegar can put an end to hunger pangs. Studies have shown that vinegar reduces the blood sugar ‘spikes’ you get after eating. This means you don’t experience the blood sugar ‘crash’ which makes you so hungry. So with vinegar you can stave off those food cravings for longer. Vinegar is also good for joint pain relief, stomach upsets and general wellbeing. 

On their own, these three ingredients are powerful natural remedies for a whole host of common problems. 

But mix the trio together as part of a serious diet....and discover what they can do for you

So, each of these have their part to play, which is good news – but in the formula I have found there is even better results to be had, because as well as reducing your weight and increasing your vitality how about the opportunity to...

... double your weight loss

In one Russian study, slimmers who took honey, garlic and vinegar daily lost an average of 40 pounds. Those who didn’t lost only 22 pounds. That’s almost double the weight loss. Similar results were noticed in four other studies in China, England, France and South Africa.

This formulation of HGV also contains a special brown algae seaweed extract that helps metabolise unwanted fat... PLUS a unique blend of herbs to boost digestion, flush away toxins and reduce inflammation in your kidney, stomach and bladder.

These capsules are NOT magic diet pills, they will only help you trim down for summer as long as you follow a good diet and are prepared to make a few sacrifices.

What they will do is help you achieve the look you want; in my case they might stop the kids from recoiling in horror when I put my shorts on, and the embarrassment of a stripy tummy.

I don’t think there is a perfect summer body for anyone, let alone a forty-nine year old man, but there is the right sort of body for you – the one that you are happiest in.

One thing is for certain though – I know I need to drop a few inches before the summer holidays and a combination of good food, regular exercise and my HGV supplement are going to make that a reality.

Get your summer body in shape – click here for details of the 28 day risk free trial

Yours, as always

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