Good news, obesity is about to end forever

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25th May 2018

  • When buying petrol makes you want to eat cakes until you explode
  • This BBC article made me cross – who are they kidding?
  • Don’t listen to the government and lazy pundits, here’s why your health is in real trouble
I went to buy petrol the other week.

It was one of those ones with a decent-sized shop.

As I walked to the counter I looked around and the aisles were piled with doughnuts, cakes, crisps, chocolate, sweets and baked slices… all left at strategic points for the hungry, tired driver.

It was a vale of temptation.

I hadn’t thought about food until I walked in, and now I was licking my lips like Scooby Doo!

I almost ran screaming from the place without paying for the fuel.

Genuinely, I kid ye not, the entire half of the shop nearest the till was full of the most deliciously tempting unhealthy food you could imagine. My eyes boggled.

And I thought to myself – this is almost every petrol station, service station and convenience store across the country.

We are drowning in fat and saturates and carbs and sodium and additives and sugar… how can we possibly resist?

But then a few days later, I came across an article in the BBC.

And it’s good news!


After years of watching the nation’s weight balloon and our kids grow enormous, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

We NEVER need worry about obesity any more.

Yes, indeed. Don’t put that bunting away after the royal wedding. Get it back out and hang it from every street corner.
The obesity issue that has blighted society since the 1970s is about to be solved.

As Hugh Pym, BBC Online’s health editor said on the 15th of March:

“The tide seems to be turning.”

As soon as I read that I thought – really? The tide is turning? Contrary to every bit of instinct in my body? Against every bit of evidence that’s out there?

I’m talking about stats like this…

23% of 11 to 15-year-olds are now obese (annual Health Survey for England, May 2018) and fatter than average than their USA counterparts.

Estimates are that HALF of all British adults will be obese by 2050.

And obesity is set to overtake booze as the leading cause of liver disease by 2020.

And yet…



Well yes, dear reader, and here’s why.

The government has a PLAN.

The measures that public health leaders demanded Theresa May take back in 2016 “are firmly back on the agenda with a new strategy for England due in June.”

So the tide is turning on the obesity crisis because…

A plan is coming out in June.


A plan.

As Butch Cassidy says to the Sundance Kid before they run out of their Bolivian hideout to be cut down by a hail of bullets…

“Oh good, for a moment there I thought we were in trouble.”

The BBC article seems to lack any judgement or criticism. It’s so sunny in outlook, it reads like a press release from the British government.

The article says it is speculated that the plan will include…

A ban on TV advertising of junk food

Curbs on ‘buy one, get one free’ deals

But this is so far from the answer, and so little in the face of such a huge, complex issue.

You see….

There is a fundamental problem with our relationship to food.

A combination of convenience and price makes unhealthy food cheap to buy, easy to access and even easier to cook.

And it’s not just ‘junk food’. Most of the food that’s seen as healthy or ‘staple’ food can be just as bad as the Big Macs or chicken nuggets.

There’s a lot of unhealthy salts and fats in our ready meals, sauces and tinned foods.  And there are simply too many carbs in our diets, overburdened with pasta, white rice, bread and potatoes.

People reach for this stuff because they don’t know what else to do. Cookery knowledge used to be passed down generations like folk wisdom but the lines of communication have broken down.

As food activist and author Michael Pollan argued in this brilliant presentation in 2013  cooking is the most important step we can take to improve our health and break our dependence on the addictive, unhealthy food made by corporations. 

And that’s what annoys me about the chirpy ‘The government has a plan’ article on the Beeb.

It’s had LOTS of plans.

One plan after another.

Cut fat, cut carbs, cut sugar, 5-a-day, you name it.

Yet we just keep getting fatter.

So quite frankly I don’t believe that banning food ads and stopping 3-for-1 deals will end the obesity crisis.

This issue is so much more complex than Jamie Oliver or the Government want you to think.

There is a problem not only with junk food, but MOST food on the supermarket shelves. That includes the amount of it we eat, and the imbalance of carbs, fats and proteins.

This combined with the increasing use of cars, leading to more people driving instead of walking, and fewer kids out playing in the streets because of the perceived danger.

Then you’ve got the sold-off playing fields, reduced sporting opportunities at school and a lack of food economics classes in curriculums.

But no, instead they want to punish people on minimum wage by taxing sugar and curbing special deals.

They could perhaps try to raise wages, raise life expectations and give everyone access to healthy food and the cooking KNOWLEDGE that comes with it.

For instance, what about…

  • FREE and compulsory food lessons at school as part of the curriculum? What if every kid learning about seasonal eating, about where food comes from and how it gets to the pan, about how to prepare basic healthy dishes?

  • AFFORFABLE healthy food. Imagine if healthy food wasn’t sold at a premium to aspirational middle classes, but cost the SAME as unhealthy food? Of course, retailers would rather see their profits rise from overpriced fat and sugar-rich ready meals, rather than making cheap wholesome natural food available to us.

  • LESS TEMPATION. And what if, when you walked into a convenience store or petrol station you weren’t faced pretty much ONLY with pasties, chocolate, crisps, cakes, sandwiches, biscuits and sweets.

And look, before anyone accuses me of griping without being constructive, I HAVE made a serious attempt to redress this.

If you’ve not yet taken a look, I’ve created a special package to help you avoid all that’s rotten in the world of food.

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The real remedies are right in front of you, among the vitamin-deficient vegetables and the pricey super foods.
You just need to know the secret of where to get them and what to do with them...

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Yours, as always




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