The Best Ways to Save Your Eyesight

The Good Life Letter
25th June 2010

  • Why this Old Wives Tale could be TRUE after all
  • Discover the 5 Foodstuffs that Help Protect Your
  • Revealed, the food supplement that could save
    your eyes from 3 common conditions

I hope my mum won't be offended by this when she reads

But she didn't half fill my head with rubbish when I was a
little kid.

"Bread crusts give you curly hair".... yeah right, tell that to
the man whose fine, STRAIGHT hair started falling out when
he hit 30!

"If you swallow chewing gum it will wrap round your ribs"...
that little factoid terrified me for years. I still won't touch the

"Carrots help you see in the dark"... don't be ridiculous!
Carrots can't possibly affect your eyes.

...Or can they?
You see, among the barmy old wives tales my mum LOVED to
spread around... there were a few gems.... things that
science have now shown to be TRUE!

Among them IS that carrots are good for your eyes. Let me

How Carrots Protect You from Macular Degeneration

Carrots contain compounds called caretenoids (especially
beta-carotene) which are crucial for maintaining good
eyesight. These are the red and yellow pigments which give
carrots their colour.

More than that though, they are natural antioxidants, the
substances that help protect our tissues. The millions of
chemical reactions that happen in the body every day
generate potentially harmful by-products.

These are the sort of things which can disrupt normal
function, and are known as free radicals. The antioxidants
mop these up and stop them from attacking our cells.

So, plenty of antioxidants in the diet helps prevent cellular
damage in conditions such as diabetes, macular degeneration
as well as cancer and heart disease.

Don't rush out to the shops and stock up on carrots alone
though. It is possible to eat TOO many.

Unfortunately, an overdose of carrots can turn your skin
temporarily orange as these pigments are slow to break

So, unless you want to look like the fake tan addicted ladies
at Ascot last week, care is needed. There's no hard and fast
rule about how many carrots you'd have to eat to turn
orange, but, if you start to change colour, lay off them for a
few days!

So, it's not just carrots.

You know how you're always told to eat five portions of fruit
and vegetables every day? Every wondered why? A lot of this
calculation is based on you getting the right amount of
antioxidants into your diet.

Discover the Foods that Help Protect Your Eyesight

Studies show that your diet could help prevent macular
degeneration (age-related vision loss).
To give yourself the best possible chance of good vision, you
need to up your intake of foods rich in beta carotene, vitamin
C, vitamin E , zinc, lutein and zeaxanthin. And along with
each I've listed the best natural food sources:
* Beta-carotene - you'll get plenty of this in a serving of
spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes and red peppers, or yellow
fruits like mango, melon, apricots and peaches

* Vitamin C - half a cup of broccoli provides 45 mg of
vitamin C. Kiwi fruit has about 55 mg of vitamin C. A Half a
mango gives you 95 mg of vitamin C. And even small tomato
gives you a little boost of 25 mg of vitamin C.
* Vitamin E - as a snack throughout the day, try a handful
or two of sunflower seeds or nuts. You can also try flaxseed
oil capsules or fish oil.

* Zinc - there's plenty of this in oysters, pumpkin seeds,
cashews, liver and chick peas.
* Lutein-Zeaxanthin - these are found in spinach, peas,
watercress, Brussels sprouts and sweetcorn. Some studies
suggest that higher intake of lutein and zeaxanthin is linked
to a reduced risk of macular degeneration AND cataracts too.

In addition, there are some other considerations.

* Avoid taking vitamin only supplements as these rarely
contain the mix of active and trace elements needed to
make a real difference.

* Avoiding smoking as this prevents the body absorbing

When using these foods its best to cook them lightly, as this
helps release the nutrients - but make sure not to overcook

Revealed, the food supplement that could save your

Today I want to show you an easy way to get these nutrients
to the parts of the eye that need them.

This product contains a balanced natural defence system for
your eyes.  With the perfect level of lutein, a powerful
caretenoid blended with vitamins it holds the key to healthy

To get an equivalent amount of lutein from your diet would
involve consuming vast quantities of green vegetables. And
that may well reduce the number of friends who want to sit
next to you in the pub.

So, it makes sense to me to protect your most valuable asset.
Keep your vision free from degeneration and avoid the
damaging effects of macular degeneration, diabetes &

I'm off for a walk down the garden, there's always the chance
of a natter over the fence with my neighbour, our local
homebrew king.

There's a strong rumour locally that he has just opened some
of last years sloe gin - real nectar! If that's the case I'll know
what's making my eyesight blurry as a result.

I'll be back on Sunday with some interesting information on
one of the most common drugs given for lowering blood
cholesterol.  I think you may be surprised about what is
coming to light.











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