Days of pain are close at hand once more

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25th September 2016

Hereís a thought for a Sunday morning Ė what is pain?

Itís not as easy to answer as you might think, for instance if pain is purely the effects of tissues being damaged why is there a delay before something hurts?

You must all have done it, hit your thumb with a hammer and there is always that brief moment when you are standing there thinking ďthatís going to hurt in a minuteĒ before your world explodes in a technicolour spiral of feeling...and expletives!

If you are suffering from pain right now you may well be able to describe just what pain is, and if thatís the case I have an answer for you right here.

The world of science defines pain as:

ďA response to impulses from the peripheral nerves in damaged tissue, which pass to the brainís sensory cortex via pathways which can moderate signals by either amplifying them or reducing them.Ē

Which opens the debate a little further as it is not such a direct mechanism that feeds the information to the brain Ė any impulse must negotiate a neurological hurdle and can be subjected to modification.

A complex series of neural connections can therefore be thought of as gates which the signals pass through and are added to by further stimulation or diverted to reduce their impact.

These gates can act a bit like a narrow one-way street in that if the brain is busy sending information out nothing else can get through, or if the road is blocked by a big heavy lorry the cars canít get past.

This is the delay process at work when your hammer head strikes. It takes a little while to clear the traffic and get through the gate before the brain gets the full message.

There is another factor to bring to bear as well though, which is linked to this gate theory, and that is one of attention.

Itís true that in order to feel pain we have to focus our attention on it.

Remember when you were little and you fell over. Mum rubbed it better, then gave you a kiss and often a treat...pain all gone, tears dried up and you were back to being the cheeky monkey you were before.

There were real scientific reasons for your motherís actions...but chances are she didnít know it.

Mum really did know best

What Mum hadnít realised was that she was acting a bit like an early TENS machine in distracting the body with a sensory overload that stopped the pain signals getting through.

In this way a powerful electrical signal acts like a juggernaut in the delicate nervous system, and while the body tries to clear the jam it is distracted from anything else that is happening.

The problem is with these types of machines is they donít actually cure the problem; at least the rub and kiss from Mum had true medicinal value, because they stimulated the bodyís immune response and initiated tissue repair.

TENS machines are widely used to help disorientate the body through generating electrical impulses into tissue, but they operate at such a high frequency that they often disrupt the healing process as well.

What is needed is a way to interact and enhance the way your body heals itself naturally, something that taps into the low background levels of normal electrical impulses.

If youíd like to see how such a device could help you, click here to find out about the fantastic Pain Ease Wraps.

It is probably the ideal time to get your hands on these marvellous pieces of kit; let me explain why.

Jack Frost: The bringer of pain

Over the past few weeks or so we have been lulled into a soporific sense of joy as our skins are bathed in sunshine.

The unseasonably hot spell has worked wonders on the traditional cold weather aches and pains that are usually prevalent at this time of year.

This means our health suffers because osteoarthritis, muscle cramps & chronic conditions like Fibromyalgia are much worse in cold weather.

Looking at the forecast it seems that October may well be a month of extremes with the promise of heavy frost and snow to come at the end, so it looks like we will be quickly packing the shorts away again and reaching for the woolly jumpers.

By the same logic it is also time to reach for one of these devices which have proven healing benefits.

The technology is known as MCT (Micro Current Therapy) and it works in support of your bodyís natural electrical system.

Basically, the body has a natural level of electrical charge, which is known as a piezoelectric potential. This helps regulate the flow of blood and lymph around the body which controls how the body heals and repairs itself.

The bottom line is this: using MCT technology, The Pain Ease Wrap helps to HEAL the inflammation that causes your back pain Ė or your sore knee, or your painful elbow. It doesn't just mask the symptoms which is what so many other therapies focus on.

Rather than blocking the gate, they allow the good things through.

No drugs, no painful treatments, no side-effects. It's easy to use, and you won't feel a thing (other than your pain blissfully ebbing away).

While the technology is complex, the wraps are surprisingly lightweight and invisible under clothing. In fact, they're so discreet and comfortable you might even forget you're wearing one.

Pain Ease Wraps are available in 3 specially designed shapes.  They are not just for back pain. If you are suffering from a bad neck, knees, shoulders or elbows there is a wrap for you.  Donít just mask the pain Ė heal your body.

Yours, as always



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