How beating this disorder is as easy as flipping a switch

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25th October 2009

  • If you suffer from S.A.D, this remedy ticks all the
    boxes. And if you DON'T suffer from S.A.D this is
    STILL something you should look at. Here's why...

  • The curse of the prescription pad...

Maybe my parents aren't telling me something...

Maybe they found me in a space pod when I was a
baby, having escaped Krypton just before it exploded.

Or maybe I've been bitten by a radioactive spider...

But whatever it is, I DEFINITELY seem to have
acquired some superhuman powers, because I think I've
found the best treatment for S.A.D. in record time.

Back in Friday's letter I said I would do some research
into light boxes, and in a couple of weeks, I'd announce
the results and reveal the one I thought was the best on
the market - bar none.

But, like a man bounding a skyscraper in one leap
(although I'd probably put my back out in the process),
I've ALREADY found the perfect light box that could
help you, or anyone you know, that could keep S.A.D.
well and truly at bay throughout the winter months.

All right - I had the help of my trusty sidekick Wonder
Boy. (Actually, his name's Keith and he lives three
streets away). Keith's father suffers from S.A.D. -
something which used to get him down year in, year

But the little contraption I want to show you has totally
changed his life. In fact, this contraption is SO useful,
he uses all year round to boost his energy levels, relieve
his tired eyes and generally feel better.

So even if you don't suffer from S.A.D. this is
something you should take a look at...

If you suffer from S.A.D, this remedy ticks all the
boxes. And if you DON'T suffer from S.A.D this is
STILL something you should look at. Here's why...

As I touched on last Friday, S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective
Disorder) is a type of winter depression that severely
affects an incredible 7% of us every year, by causing a
chemical imbalance due to a lack of sunlight.

And for those 7%, life can suddenly become very
difficult, with depression, fatigue, poor concentration,
overeating, poor sleep patterns, irritability and loss of
libido all combining to make this one of the most
draining ailments there is.

In fact it can be virtually impossible for acute sufferers
to get on with their day to day lives without constant
medical attention.

And another 17% of us suffer from S.A.D, but in a
milder form.

That means that almost a quarter of the population can
show symptoms of S.A.D. when the nights start
drawing in, which means almost a quarter of the
population should have one of these at home...

Sunlight Lamp

The sunlight lamp may just look like a pretty normal
desk lamp, but it's innocent facade hides some of the
most cutting edge light therapy technology available in
the fight against S.A.D. symptoms.

Basically, rather than flood your house with unhealthy
fake light that strains your eyes, attacks your skin and
slowly causes low-level depression and fatigue, the
sunlight lamp recreates natural sunlight indoors, which
help balance your biorhythms and 'iron out' the hidden
stress caused by artificial light.

Think about it...? How often do you get a headache or
eyestrain if you read by normal lamplight?

I know I can suffer from this occasionally (which often
compounds a headache I've already got from reading
the Welsh Rugby results).

But how often do you get a headache or tired eyes if
you read in natural daylight?

Hardly ever?

Well that's the beauty of the sunlamp. It recreates a
natural light indoors, so the strains associated with
harsh fake light are removed.

And because this replicates natural light, S.A.D.
sufferers can use the sunlamp to fight off the draining
depression that can hit them during the winter months.

In my opinion, this is really worth a try. I've ordered
one (because I know I can send it back if it doesn't suit
me), and the same applies to you.

To find out a bit more about this lamp, and try it
without committing to anything, just go here:

Sunlight Lamp

I'll leave you to have a think about the sunlamp. In the
meantime, what do you make of this...?

The curse of the prescription pad...

In past issues of The Good Life Letter, I've talked
about the dangers of our bodies getting 'addicted' to
man-made drugs.

In fact only a couple of weeks ago I argued that
antibiotics were being handed out so easily, for even the
mildest of 'illnesses' like a sore throat, that many
people were letting their natural immune system
become weak and flabby - basically acting like an
immune system that sits in front of the TV all day
eating pizza and drinking lager.

Well here's something I read today that gives us
ANOTHER reason to worry about the curse of the
quick-draw prescription pad...

According to study reported by the BBC:

"An increase in prescriptions for anti-depressants is due
to doctors giving drugs to the same people for longer
periods of time."

Researchers looked at UK prescriptions over nearly a
decade, and found that the number of new patients
diagnosed with depression had fallen.

However, the number of prescriptions doubled over the
same period of time."

Basically, even though cases of depression have fallen,
the amount of drugs we're taking has shot up. As far as
I can see, that means that if you're diagnosed with
depression, you'll be prescribed a drug and kept on the
drug indefinitely.

Once you're in the system, you're not going to find it
easy to get out.

I don't know about you, but something seems very,
very wrong about this. And it makes me think that
we're doing something very, very right through the
Good Life Letter, by trying to identify natural, non-
addictive remedies that help our bodies beat ailments,
rather than use drugs to mask them.

That's all from me today. I'll be back next week with
more ideas, news and tips to keep you feeling and
looking great.

PS There's another remarkable thing about the sunlamp
that I haven't told you about yet - something my friend
Lewis Geary of The Rich Life Letter will love. Have a
look here and you'll see what I mean...

Sunlight Lamp

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