Swine flu vaccine do you know the TRUTH?

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23rd January  2011

  • Have you had enough of being treated like a caveman?
  • Shouldn't ALL drugs be tested? How can they be safe otherwise?
  • Discover the five truths about the swine flu vaccine

It must be my age, the time of year or the effects of Blue Monday last week, but I seem to be becoming less tolerant.

I can no longer cope with the bureaucracy and the sleight of hand politics which seems to be our lot of late.

It is fast becoming my belief that we are in danger of being treated as a bunch of complete idiots. Our official masters consider us as a bunch of drooling Neanderthals who aren't capable of making an informed choice about our own lives.

They must do to try to offer us the chance to improve our health by getting a vaccination against swine flu... even though the evidence is sadly lacking to say it even works.

Yes, I know that there has been a lot of airplay about those who have succumbed to the H5N1 virus this year, and how the failure to have access to proper immunisation has been blamed.

But there are also stories about how the administration of the vaccine has caused patients to develop severe flu symptoms... even some who have died as a result. We haven't heard so much about those have we?

In fact we currently have a medical news media, National Health Service and PR teams from drug companies rushing around telling us that we HAVE to get a flu jab in order to be safe.

Would you ever use a drug that hadn't been properly tested?

Did you know that the vaccines in use have NEVER been through proper trials? Trials which mean that they have to be compared to a sham treatment, and where the patients in the tests and the doctors running them don't know whether the injection being administered is real, or just salt solution.

These scientific double blind, placebo controlled trails are the gold standard for drug tests. But, because of the hype around the quick spreading virus last year the government took a risk with our health and bought huge stocks of Tamiflu from a grateful manufacturer.

The cynic in me says they are now using the fear factor to use these stocks up before they go out of date... anyone else smell a rat?

Of course, you should always be careful about what you wish for, and in this case the hype has bitten back. There has been a huge response to their messages causing a clammour for the vaccine.

Then, in the last few weeks we get a complete third act farce happening.

Our illustrious health professionals have changed their media puff from "everyone needs to get themselves vaccinated against a potential killer" to "too many people who don't need to be vaccinated have been demanding the drug and we have run out"...

How in the name of all that is Holy could a situation be so badly mismanaged?

Our GP surgeries have real cause to be upset also. Following the initial demand that everyone who was deemed to be 'at risk' should get a flu jab which caused queues around the block. This situation was exacerbated by statements being made that 'anyone who failed to get vaccinated was placing themselves and others at risk', basically building community guilt into the equation.

Then our Government has the cheek to say that because too many well people have been getting vaccinated they have run out of stock. How can any health authority really hold their heads up when they are now suggesting that centres should not be vaccinating children? That's right they have now pulled the seasonal flu vaccination programme for the kids.

But, the real news was a statement made this week that bursts the entire bubble of the vaccination programme - 'healthy people don't really need the vaccine anyway.'

The five TRUTHS behind the swine flu vaccine story

I feel some hoisting by their own petard is in evidence here. Am I the ONLY one to think this is a grossly obscene affair?

Let me explain what my view of all this is.

1) The flu vaccine programme is driven by poorly researched drug development, and in response to an orchestrated campaign of fear.

2) Stocks of vaccine were built up last year for an epidemic that never came; and this year they had to be used. Bear in mind this vaccine was never proven to be effective against the H5N1 virus anyway.

3) The scare stories about Swine/Bird flu have passed into folklore, and now need only the slightest nudge from the media for an outbreak of mass hysteria - for which the NHS hadn't allowed for.

4) Poor communication about true risks of the vaccination, and the limited scope of its action led to people believing that it would work in every instance, and for everyone. In fact, the vaccine is only successful in protecting 1 out of 100 subjects.

5) No-one in authority will talk about or promote alternatives such as good nutrition because there are no drug dollars promoting it.

It's just another example of why we should take this type of advice with a pinch of salt.

I have spent the last few months researching the whole flu story, but with a major focus on the natural way to protect yourself from the disease, as well as a strategy for limiting its effects.

This will be available as a free download in the next week, I'll let you know as soon as it's ready.  Get the FACTS according to Ray. I think you'll begin to see why there is so much more that you can do without resorting to an unproven drug.

I promise I'll calm down now... all this stress is no good for me. It's about time I got back onto an even keel.
Next Friday I'll tell you all about how you can simply address your body's' most essential needs in one easy solution... and it doesn't involve any needles.

Yours, as always




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