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26th January 2018

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  • Has this worm really turned?
  • When something very new is better than the previous best
Ladies and gentlemen I want to introduce you to the concept of gravity.

Did you know that there is a pull on all of us exerted by the earth that ensures we don’t float off into space?

Moreover this invisible and powerful force has been proven to make plants and trees push their leaves upwards and their roots downwards.

In several major scientific trials the effects of gravity has shown to affect any object that is heavier than the air it is suspended in to fall towards the ground when released from the height of a tree.

Talking about this discovery the leading scientist Sir Isaac Newton said the concept of gravity hit him as he sat under an apple tree contemplating the forces of nature and realised that the thudding sounds around him were caused by falling fruit, a hypothesis which was to prove accurate as a fully ripe Bramley caught him a glancing blow.

In other news it became clear that a fiery ball of gas and exploding atoms would be seen during the hours of daylight in the sky, providing cloud cover wasn’t too typically English, whereas at night this would be replaced by a subtler glowing object that changed shape throughout the month.

Science and scientific fact is amazing stuff when you start to look at it.

Oh, I nearly forgot – apparently millions of you that are taking statins, the cholesterol lowering drugs, are doing yourself more harm than good!

Please forgive my childish response to this latest piece of news but in my world this discovery is as revolutionary as either of those I opened the letter with.

It appears that a major review of the use of statins has been published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine and its author, Dr Maryanne Demasi, has concluded that:

 “Doctors prescribing statins should remain inherently sceptical because the majority of those taking [them] are healthy people at low risk, where the benefits are vanishingly small, and the raw data on side-effects is kept hidden.”

She claims statistics are manipulated to exaggerate the benefits of statins and underplay the risks, while dissenting views have been silenced.

Dr Demasi said: “Of utmost importance is that independent researchers are permitted to access the raw data on the side-effects of statins.

“We have learnt from the past, as in the case of Tamiflu, that when drug companies withhold crucial trial data from the public, it perverts the results by favouring the benefits of the drug and underplaying the harms.”

And this was the story that made front page news in the Daily Express last week, much to my surprise – let me explain why.

The Daily Statin

Much like waking each day to find that gravity is still there I had become to rely on the Daily Express to act as the PR mouthpiece for statin manufacturers.

Over the years I have seen headlines claiming that even children should be on these accursed drugs, that they will cure Alzheimer’s and even that cancer can be stopped in its tracks, just as Big Pharma’s marketeers would have wanted.

So imagine my surprise when the front page headline was:

“Statins may 'do more harm than good': Experts say MILLIONS should not be taking them”

Along with Dr Demasi there were other leading physicians, doctors and scientists who were of the same opinion as she was citing, the fact that the drug trials used to justify the widespread use of statins was flawed and negative results were hidden so that they could not be published.

This rather took the wind from the sales of a spokesperson from the British Heart Foundation who said, “We have more than 20 years’ worth of research showing statins are an effective way of reducing the risk of a heart attack in people at high risk.”

Eeerrr... no you don’t as it happens!

What you have is twenty years’ worth of lies, deceit and spin masquerading as properly conducted trials, as many people have been telling you since day one.

For those who have had cardiac problems such as a stroke, angina or a heart attack, or who have genetic problems which causes artificially raised cholesterol levels (known as Familial Hypercholesterolaemia) then there are undoubtedly good reasons to be taking statins, but not for everyone else.

As I recently said in my newsletter of the 7th January there are better and safer ways to manage your metabolism than reaching for prescription drugs.

The real story

Of course I am pleased to see that the truth about statin use might be about to come out, but this also sets me worrying.

If a newspaper which was such a fervent supporter of the drug has turned its back then it can mean only one thing... there is something new about to break into the news.

Statin Mark 2.0 or Son of Statin must be waiting in the wings like a new ‘whiter than white Persil washing powder’ was when compared to the original, it will be better at reducing cholesterol, stop any side effects and safer for the planet... but will cost a whole lot more.

It is how the pharmaceutical industry works.

As drugs begin to come off patent so that anyone can make them cheaply, the licence holders start to trash their reputation and come along with something different and new, a revolution in the field and the new great hope for mankind...plus a few more sheckles for the shareholders and board members.

Mark my words, something new and very expensive this way comes! PCSK9 Inhibitors maybe...you heard it here first.

Yours, as always




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