Argan Oil the health miracle that eases stomach problems, boosts bone health and improves skin elasticity

Sunday 26th February  2012

On Friday I opened your minds to the horrors of statins, and the absurdity of medical advice to avoid natural fruit juice if we’re taking them.

Well the least I can do is offer a bit of salvation today just in case you’ve spent the last few days quaking in fear.

You see, I have been doing some research into Argan Oil from North Africa. I think you might be very interested in what I’ve discovered...

Even more importantly at a time when the big drug companies are spending millions of pounds to get their products recognised and onto our prescriptions – this age-old wisdom has just been recognised by the French Cardiology Society.

No funny money changed hands. No lavish conferences with well-paid sponsors on hand and no feathering of fat cats lairs will result from its acceptance.

It was just well-deserved recognition for an effective way to control cholesterol, improve circulation and boost the immune system – you would think this might have made headline news wouldn’t you?

But no. Not a peep.

The big reason has to be because there is no multi-national company about to benefit from it, and never will.

The active ingredient has no patent, cannot be trademarked and isn’t the exclusive property of any one self serving plutocrat.

Nope its just the juice of a scrubby tree which grows in a desert – really!

Please let me introduce you to real Moroccan Gold...Argan Oil.

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Argan Oil is the Granddaddy of all medicines

I said that this was an ancient remedy, well the tree that grows the fruit which is the source of this amazing oil comes is what is known as a relict species.

Some of you may well be drawing a comparison with yours truly at this stage, my dear wife has already commented to that effect already!

Back to the tree... it is a species which has bred unaltered since the Tertiary Age, upto 65 million years ago, just as the dinosaurs were waving goodbye! (At this point Lara has decided to leave the room for the good of her own health)

So I think it is fair to call Argan Oil a time-served product.

But like all of us proven old relicts it has become a little less well preserved as it ages, where once it covered much of North Africa it is now confined to south western Morocco – and enjoys a protected status by UNESCO.

So nowadays one of the oldest remedial oils is also the rarest, and that’s why it is known as Moroccan Gold.

The beauty is that I have managed to find a source of pure gold –

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But why is it so important? Let me explain.

Discover the healing power of pure Argan Oil

OK so I’ve told you it’s old medicine, I’ve shared the fact that it is rare and you know that the pure virgin version is the best there is – but what does it do I hear you cry!

Well this is the truly amazing thing about pure Argan Oil, it works in so many ways to help your body, for instance;

Cardiovascular health; the oil is reported to help control cholesterol, lower blood pressure and promote the dilation of blood vessels leading to better circulation

Gastro-intestinal health; being rich in linoleic, palmitic and oleic oils as well as a rich source of vitamin E, carotenes and good fatty acids means that it helps with the digestive process – and is even better for you than olive oil

- Skin, hair & nails; for many years the West were only interested in the way Argan was able to improve the looks of the body,  helping smooth skin, strengthen brittle nails and add a lustre to hair. This power has not diminished so if you [buy these capsules]  for no other reason it will be money well spent

Bones, joints, nervous system & boosting the immune system; there really are few of the bodies major functions which aren’t enhanced by this wonderful natural oil.

There is just one final thought I would like to leave you with, and for me it is a really positive one.

You remember I said that there wasn’t a big corpulent company getting fat on the profits from this natural oil? Well it is even better than that.

You see all Argan oil produced supports a women’s co-operative in Morocco so that the profits are shared amongst one of the original nomadic tribes.

In conjunction with the distribution of income, plus the work generated form growing production and reforestation projects to ensure the survival of the trees, upto 3 million people benefit from this fantastic crop.

Just think about this, who would you sooner be helping build an income Mr Big Pharmaceutical or 3 million women and tribe people?

That’s not even a rhetorical question is it.

[Make a difference to your health, and feel good about it]

Yours, as always




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