Could this be an end to hard to reach pain? Time to find out

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26th February 2017

Every so often we find a product that really strikes a chord with the readers of the Good Life Letter.

Sometimes these are revolutionary or new natural remedies, other times we find pure and raw versions of beautiful honeys and then there are the fantastically straightforward products.

The kind of thing that you look at and immediately know they are going to work and ease away your aches and pains.

Often the most basic and straightforward devices are the most effective, think about it; has anyone bettered the hammer for hitting nails? What about a lead for stopping a dog running off?

These are really simple but effective devices that just about anyone can use, and certainly don’t need extensive instruction books, batteries or a massive list of precautions and contra-indications.

These things just make absolute sense.

This has been the reason for the success of a simple hand held massager, or the magic wand as it has quickly become known amongst those who have felt its benefits.

This is the Back Nodger which looks like a very simplistic piece of plastic but what it does is based on solid science. It has been designed specifically to relieve tense muscles in your back, shoulders and neck, using the tried and tested techniques of acupressure.

  • By applying gentle pressure it delivers a targeted massage directly onto the painful knot, whenever and wherever you need it.
  • By holding a simple, battery free device, you can release those agonising knots just as if you’ve got your own physiotherapist by your side.
  • It brings instant relief, without you having to book an appointment with a masseur, physiotherapist or doctor. 
  • It works in just 2 minutes and you can use it SAFELY, as often as you like, throughout the day and night.
Grab the chance to deal with those nasty niggles... Nodge them away NOW!

Don’t miss out on ingenuity

I think it is fair to say that all of us, at one time or another, gets one of those pains that you just can’t reach.

Between the shoulder blades is my personal one.

After a day sat jabbing away at the computer I find myself bent like a pretzel trying to reach round and release the ache in my back...

...Lara and the kids are no masseurs and they don’t really hit the spot, plus they refuse to help anymore.

That was when I happened upon the Back Nodger for the first time.

I’d been to a show in London and seen it demonstrated on a stand and was intrigued to give it a go.

Rather than act all protective over the device the chap on the stand simply handed me a sample and said have a go.

It was instant relief, and I bought one there and then.

Since then I introduced this fantastic device to the Good Life Letter and the rest is history – it rapidly became a firm favourite and I regularly get emails and letters telling me how good it is.

So, don’t take my word for it, here is a sample from those who know best:

Great gets to those places that you can't reach and you can apply as much pressure as you want...much more effective than body massage...” Peter

I was bought this as a way to help stop recurring back pain, and I really didn’t have much hope, but I was wrong – it is the best thing I have ever used.” John

I bought this simply because my hands are not strong enough to massage knotted muscles on hubby's neck and shoulders and back where he can't reach himself. He thinks it's a fantastic piece of equipment, it gives a deep massage with very little effort. A really good product.” Christine

It has even got the professionals talking:

"I am so impressed with this equipment. I have been recommending it to my clients to help alleviate any aches or pains... I also use it in between sessions to iron out knots." Neil Johnson, Senior Personal Trainer, Chelsea Football Club

"I love the Back Nodger. It really works and is so easy to use to release all the knots we get from doing everyday activities like sitting at a desk, looking after children or doing exercise." Paula Coates, Physio & Back Specialist

Read more about the Back Nodger here

What’s in a name?

Of course, it never fails to pass me by but the name of this fantastic device does sound a bit like something from a 1970’s Carry On film.

In my mind’s eye I can see Sid James offering a distraught Hattie Jacques the chance to have a look at his Back Nodger, whilst a leering Kenneth Williams snorts “Ooooh Matron!”

But whilst the name might sound slightly off beat, the effect it has will have you chirping like Barbara Windsor at a holiday camp workout (ok enough of the Carry On stuff!).

Back in 2013 the Daily Mail Femail pages featured the Back Nodger and it became an instant hit on their blogs, with hundreds of their readers sharing their experiences of the product.

The response was so big that several of the male journalists on the paper began to question the features editor about what these women could be doing with a piece of formed plastic that could be exciting them so much...

...quite rightly they were put in their place and given dogs abuse by the readers.

“If you spent your entire day carrying children, groceries and the entire weight of the family on your shoulders you would understand what real pain feels like!” wrote one reader in response, adding “chances are you too would welcome the blessed relief that the Back Nodger can give.”

What more can I add other than to say she makes a very valid point.

Do your body a favour and ‘nodge away’ today – click here to find out more

Yours, as always


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