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Sunday 26th June 2011

Are you reading this while being deafened and up to your neck in mud?

If so you are either finally clearing the patch of brambles in the garden while the neighbour mows his lawn, or you are at Glastonbury for the festival.

Thousands of youngsters (and not so youngs!) are currently slogging through a sea of detritus to make use of the portable facilities at the Somerset campsite, it is a rite of passage - and more power to them.

The festival season is in full swing, and I took delight is seeing some footage of Iggy Pop at the Isle of Wight event earlier this month.

In my youth Iggy was the father of punk music, an icon of fashion and reactionary politics, and I admit in a moment of weakness I became a fan and still have a soft spot for the old fella!

A few weeks ago I reminisced about having snake hips in my youth, but here is a man of considerable age who seemed to have retained the dimensions of a teenager...pity that his skin tells a different story.

The early years of his career are littered with stories of excess and mind bending chemicals, however, like many of his contemporaries he has become a convert to a less hedonistic approach to life as he ages.

Jagger, Daltry and even Tom Jones have all relinquished their former lifestyles and gone public with health codes which would make a monk look wanton.

I think Iggy's missed a trick, though. Let me explain.

A message for the Godfather of Punk

Age can affect us in many ways.  No, I'm not about to offer you the elixir of youth - but warding off the passage of time is within your grasp.

On Friday when I mentioned how closely our fate is linked with the humble bee's.

These little creatures have a vested interest in keeping one member of their hive youthful, active and full of vitality - their queen.

The entire hive works to make sure that all of her needs are met, and that she only receives the absolute best of available foodstuffs. Not for her is the standard fare of nectar enough...she needs and gets something really special.

Royal Jelly.

This natural product is collected from hives which are preparing larvae to become queens by stacking Royal Jelly around them.  It's produced in tiny quantities compared to honey which is used to feed the rest of the colony.

Royal Jelly can have a major impact on our health and vitality, too.

According to "The Healing Foods Reference Database" Royal Jelly may help with bone fractures, kidneys, liver, bronchial asthma, pancreatic disorders, stomach ulcers, insomnia, skin disorders, mental fatigue, anaemia and depression.

And if that isn't enough, Royal Jelly is commonly believed to help slow down the ageing process, improve vitality and energy levels, improve and strengthen hair and nails. It has also been used for helping control cholesterol levels and to improve sexual vitality!

No wonder the bees save this super food for the most important bee of all.

The range of nutritional content in Royal Jelly is impressive. It includes Vitamins: A, C, D, E, B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12. It is also a good source of Folic acid.

So, Iggy (because I know he'll be reading this) stop messing about with macrobiotic diets and dodgy car insurance ads and get some goodness into you.

Get you order in for your Royal Jelly, and if it helps there is a special offer on right now where you can get a free pack with every two that you purchase. What are you waiting for?

And there's more...

Get year round protection

Defending the hive from parasites and bacteria is a constant challenge for the colony, and requires an ingenious solution.

The bees create a layer of resin around the entrance and any cracks around the hive which could allow an attack.
The resin is called Propolis, and you can get some here.

Propolis is a very powerful antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral agent with the added benefit that it also helps control inflammation.

Taken daily Propolis will help you avoid and overcome coughs, colds and sore throats as well as boost your immune system and help tissue regeneration and healing.

Many people swear by it to help them over the effects of surgery, or when recovering from serious injury, but it is also just the ticket for keeping yourself in good shape.

Again, for a limited time there is a special offer of buy two get one free, so act quickly and you will save a few pounds as well as getting a major health boost.

Of course no discussion about fantastic bees would be complete without at least a mention of ...honey.  I stock the only RAW Manuka honey in the UK.

So, there you have it, three gifts from nature. 
Make sure you don't miss out on these 3 "superfoods" from our friend, the bee. And if you're quick you will even save a few pennies to put towards your ticket for next year's Glastonbury Festival.

After all youth is wasted on the young. Let's reclaim the music - and energy - of our youth...this year's event is headlined by U2 and Bono was 51 on May 10. If he and Iggy can still do it so can we.

I'll see you there.

Yours, as always




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