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26th June 2016



“Cor Blimey, that smarts a bit!”

No, not a new Carry On script or even the effects of politicians from either side in yesterday's referendum trying to make up... this is the sound of the British Isles, apparently.

Don’t believe me, well that’s what the official figures are saying.

The BBC reported earlier this week that 28 million people in the UK are living with pain.

Just stop and think about that number.

We’re talking about half the entire population of the country who live every day with a degree of pain.

How can this be? Are we, the humble inhabitants of these rain lashed islands, the world’s true stoics?

Or does the fact that we carry the burden of global responsibility on our shoulders mean that we are weighed down with pressure and more liable to be in pain?

Chances are the British are no worse than any other country, but it amazes me that so many are in such discomfort.

We all suffer from time to time, but pain is a many headed beastie...

...Do a full day's digging or weeding in the garden and your muscles will reward you with varying degrees of spasms, cramps and murderous aches...

...Catch an arthritic knee in the wrong way and the electric shock that pings through your leg will make your eyes water...

...Wake after sleeping in an odd position and endure two days of twisted and solid neck with the added joy of paralysis of the shoulder and arm muscles.

The list of how our body tells us that something is wrong is a lengthy one – and as we age it is not uncommon to be ticking these experiences off as the years pass.

How do you deal with pain? Here’s a way which has been a firm favourite with Good Life Letter readers for the last year

Dealing with pain at home

If you’re new to muscle aches and pains there are a number of ways you can help manage the discomfort to acceptable levels, such as thermotherapy techniques you can try out...

  • Place an ice pack over the joint or muscle for 20 minutes every three hours.
  • Alternate this with a heat pack. My tip is to get a buckwheat pillow (available in many shops or look for it online by typing it into Heat it in the microwave, wrap in a cloth and apply to the painful area.
  • You can even freeze the buckwheat pillow and it will be equally good as an ice-pack. Perhaps buy two, one for hot, one for cold.
As always, diet can help too....

Three dietary tips for joint and muscle pain which may be due to inflammation:

  • Add some omega-3 fatty acids to your diet. Take krill oil supplements if you can't abide fresh oily fish like mackerel. This should help reduce your pain over time.
  • Turmeric is one of nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatories, and is such an easy way to ease daily discomfort, even if you don’t fancy a curry every day there are some incredibly good supplements available.
  • Cherries contain higher levels of melatonin which can also relieve pain. They also contain anthocyanins, which lower your levels of cyclo-oxygenase. This helps to reduce inflammation.

But for some of us the pain we suffer is somewhat more chronic and whilst the above can help, the remedy needs to be a bit more potent.

Here’s double trouble for aches and pains, with a significant saving on offer too

A better way to be pain free

One of the authors of the report used by the BBC says “Although we may not be able to see it, living in pain, day in and day out, can have a devastating impact on people's lives, affecting their independence, mobility and ability to stay in work. There is also, unsurprisingly, a direct link between chronic pain and depression.

"If we are going to address this growing need, we need better pain management and better treatments to relieve pain."

Numerous studies have shown that taking painkilling drugs has a short-lived effect, and can lead to significant side effects – so long term medication is not the answer.

I for one would not let a surgeon loose around my spine with a scalpel unless there was no other option – I have heard too many horror stories about spinal surgery, and these have convinced me that our delicate neural systems are not designed to be carved up.

Even complementary therapies such as acupuncture, massage, osteopathy and chiropractic only have limited effect with many repeated treatments needed that add up to a major cost.

So why not consider using a class 2 medical device in the comfort of your own home?

Enter one of my favourite pain relieving products – Painsolv – which emits painless electro-magnetic pulses which penetrate deep into the body’s cell tissue and stimulate the body’s own healing processes.

Each one of your body’s hundred trillion cells contains energy-producing mitochondria.

But when you suffer an injury or trauma to a particular part of your body, your cells stop working properly and the mitochondria stop producing the energy that your body craves to heal itself.

The electro-magnetic pulses emitted by the PainSolv device work by regenerating this vital cell function, helping blood and oxygen flood into the damaged area – not only helping to RELIEVE pain, but also helping to REPAIR the root cause of the pain.

Think of it like jump starting a worn out car battery which provides a vital spark or stimulus to get energy flowing back into the malfunctioning part.

No other technology can do this as effectively as the PainSolv. You may be thinking that it sounds similar to TENS and ultrasound…

But in scientific tests, Painsolv was FOUR times more effective than its nearest rival.

Another bonus is that PainSolv is completely safe to use on prosthetic implants, such as hip and knee replacements, since it doesn’t generate any heat or electric shocks – unlike TENS or ultrasound.

Maybe the other 27,999,999 pain wracked people in the UK haven’t discovered what I have – but if you want to find out more, click here

Yours, as always


P.S. Don’t forget, anyone with a chronic condition can claim the VAT back on this product when you order, saving 20%.

To do this you don’t need a doctor's note or a specialist's referral you just need to certify that you have been suffering from a long-term problem and that you are buying this product to help relieve it – it's all there on the ordering page.

What could be simpler?

Could you buy VAT free? Here’s the details
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