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Sunday 26 Sept, 2014 

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A few weeks ago I wrote about the situation with carers of those with dementia and Alzheimer's and the need to raise funds to help further research.

Well today I’m following a similar track, but one that has begun to worry me.

The Alzheimer's Society recently published a report about the cost of caring.

In it they say that the costs are almost like a dementia tax.

This is because if you fall victim to dementia or Alzheimer's the state pays very little towards your care, unlike other chronic conditions.

As a result it can seem like the state is blaming you for your condition and lumping all the charges on you.

So, sufferers and their families are ending up selling homes and going into debt just to make sure they get the care they need.

Nationally the costs are huge with The Guardian reporting that:

“Overall, researchers have calculated that the cost to the UK of dementia – through health and social care costs - has hit £26bn a year. But people with the condition, their carers and families shoulder two-thirds of the cost – approximately £17.4bn annually.”

Bear in mind these are people who have paid for the NHS during their working lives and when they need help, none is available.

To say it is a scandal barely does justice to how I feel.

And the more I discover the more horrendous the story becomes. Hundreds of families are at their wits ends to try to make the payments needed.

Frustrations that are shared with the Chief Executive of The Alzheimer's Society, Jeremy Hughes who is quoted as saying:

"If you have another disease, like cancer or heart disease, you actually get all your treatment on the NHS. If you have dementia, where there is no medical intervention that cures you or treats you other than ameliorates the condition at best, most of the support you need comes from social care and most of that comes from the individual family and the family carers or from a severely strapped social care system.

"The dementia tax – whereby people pay their taxes when they are working to pay the NHS but when they need support for dementia they have to pay again because the support they need isn't on the NHS – is alive and influencing the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of people."

To put this into context it has been estimated that sufferers and their families are essentially paying £21,000 a year through the unpaid care provided by carers and covering the costs of social care.

Could you find that sort of money every year?

What can you do?

Nationally there are campaigns to try to get the government to end this farce, so putting pressure on your MP will be a start.

But like so many things in life you have to start to look out for yourselves.

So, I have been actively working with a friend and colleague to pull together all the facts and look at the options.

Mr Lewis Geary is a long-standing colleague (and loud snoring drinking buddy, but that story is for another day!) who edits The Rich Life Letter.

Eagle-eyed readers may spot the similarity in names between his and my newsletters and indeed way back in the mists of time we did publish from the same place.

But needs must and Lewis branched out elsewhere, but he and I have stayed in contact since.

I knew he was the man to give me the inside track and provide me with all the facts and up-to-date information I needed to protect Mum and Dad – but still ensure Dad got the care he needed.

Bizarrely Lewis was actually in the process of seeking a publisher for an advice book for this topic and he and I have burned the midnight oil and persuaded my publishers to let us offer all of this out to you.

That’s right – a fully prepared book that cuts right to the heart of this issue and offers key financial advice.

Of course, there isn’t time to get this printed and bound so it will be available on Sunday as a downloadable pdf book – it’s the only way we can do it.

He and I have still got work to do to make sure that all that you need is covered – but we are confident that we will have it put together by Saturday night.

Talk about burning the candle at both ends!

Until then...

I care passionately about this disgraceful imbalance in the level of care offered to those in need...which is why I’m prepared to go out on a limb to get the right information available to those who need it.

If you want to find out more about this story read the report form the society here.

And if you feel as strongly as I do sign up to support their campaign for change by writing to your MP.

Look out for my e-mail on Sunday.

Yours, as always




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