Painful joints? This remarkable fruit is all that you need

Sunday  26  Oct, 2014 


In order to discover interesting and relevant information for the Good Life Letter I trawl lots of databases and journals, and just occasionally I come across a real gem.

My all time favourite was a trial from 2011 by a research team at Keele University entitled - Swearing as a Response to Pain—Effect of Daily Swearing Frequency.

This fabulous paper concludes that swearing “provides readily available and effective relief from pain.”

Brilliant! A whole two year fully funded project that studied how much better someone was who cussed away their pain than someone who remained stoic and controlled...

...How did they miss me out for this one, surely I would be the perfect sweary candidate!

Hiding myself away this week I came across something that I thought had potential to rival my long time favourite.

I found an article about ‘Polyphenol-rich blackcurrant extract prevents inflammation in diet-induced obese mice’ and settled down for a good chuckle.

I don’t know why but I had visions of fat mice lolling around on little settees with glasses of iced blackcurrant juice talking about their tired and achy joints!

But as I began to read the details of the article I began to realise that this was a perfect illustration of why I love making discoveries about natural remedies.

What this team of scientists proved was that blackcurrant juice is an incredibly potent anti-inflammatory.

Safe, reliable and effective with absolutely no side effects to worry about – isn’t that better than a cupboard full of NSAIDs every day?

Here’s how you can enjoy the power of blackcurrant right now.

Why we should believe in the power of blackcurrant

The use of blackcurrant fruit as an herbal medicine emerged in the Middle Ages. In the 16th century German herbalists recommended the berries for treatment of bladder stones and liver disorders. 

The berries were also made into syrups used for coughs and lung ailments. 

In the eighteenth century the use of blackcurrant fruit became widespread among herbalists and physicians, particularly in Europe. 

Berry preparations were used for treatment in various intestinal conditions, typhoid fever, gout, rheumatism, and for infections of the mouth, skin, and urinary tract. 

By the early part of last century, the dried berry tea was used as an astringent for diarrhoea, dysentery and mouth inflammations. It was employed as a diuretic and as a cooling nutritive tonic. 

There was though one property that makes this versatile and valued fruit much sought after; the power to prevent pain associated with inflammation – a feature which has begun to be investigated in more detail.

Extracts of the fruit have also been shown to inhibit enzymes which can cause the degradation of collagen, the important cushion in our joints. This can lead to a reduction in factors associated with inflammatory conditions such as osteo and rheumatoid arthritis.

This has been shown to be especially effective when used as a topical treatment – applied directly over the area causing pain.

Discover how you can get the best of blackcurrant and activated silica for your joint pain.

The loss of a much loved friend

Many of you have written to me asking about the chance of getting an old favourite called Artrosilium gel for dealing with arthritic pain.

These pleas have increased as the colder weather begins and our joints start to lock up – making us look like parodies of the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz.

Sadly though the scheming bureaucrats in Europe have withdrawn this natural pain relieving gel from sale, citing that the herbal meadowsweet it contained was now to be classed as a medicine and could only be had on prescription.

Interestingly though no preparations containing meadowsweet have been released since Artrosilium was removed from the shelves...

...but an awful lot of more expensive painkillers have been sold by the big pharmaceutical companies instead. We know how these characters work don’t we?

Replacing meadowsweet in pain relieving gels wasn’t too difficult though – that’s where blackcurrant came in.

A proven, safe and entirely natural anti-inflammatory – and one that even the big boys can’t touch, imagine them stamping all over Ribena or stripping the shelves in Tesco’s of their punnets of fruit... exactly!

Don’t think that blackcurrant is a poor substitute for meadowsweet though, it is every bit as good being rich in a compound called Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) which is supported by clinical trials.

In 2002 the journal Rheumatology published a systematic review of herbal medicines used to treat rheumatoid arthritis and concluded that:

“There is moderate support for gamma linolenic acid (GLA), which is found in some herbal medicines, for reducing pain, tender joint count and stiffness.”

This is a remarkable finding as one of the chief researchers in the team is known to be fiercely opposed to any natural approaches to health; so if he was prepared to put his name to anything that shows a ‘moderate’ level of support then it counts as a ringing endorsement in my eyes! 

Here’s the reason to make use of this special formulation of pain relieving gel every day.

Welcome the new friend – a very good comrade indeed

We often feel like we’re waging a war against joint and muscle pain: Fierce fighting against a well dug in enemy.

Which is why it is nice to have some help on our side and that is where Flexilica (or FX-Silica) comes in – and it has been on my ally for many years now.

I first started to use this about five years ago and would not be without it now.

Flexilica (FX-Silica) contains:

-  Organic silica which was the basis of the original Artrosilium.

-  Blackcurrant extract which we know to have a powerful natural anti-inflammatory effect.

-  Glucosamine and chondroitin which protect, stabilise and help repair damaged cartilage within joints, which is the source of arthritic and rheumatic pain.

If you’ve been tempted but never got around to trying it don’t hold back now – there are some special discounts available which sees the price of a single pack dropped by over 20%, and bulk buys saving you an awful lot more.

There is no better reason to stock up before the icy fingers of winter begin to grab at your joints.

Take advantage of our best offer for FX-Silica right now.

Yours, as always





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