Alzheimers research proves puzzling really pays off

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Friday 27th January  2012

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  • Cheese galore yet Ray's still not happy
  • Discover a new alzheimers treatment and save 65% and your brainpower

Today’s letter concerns my dad, cheese and a fantastic offer.

On the face of it the three look totally unconnected, however, two of them are the subject of research published this week... well sort of!

Naturally I honed in on the news this week as a flood of health stories broke.

Firstly, several newspapers carried the story about new studies showing the benefit of puzzles for those suffering from Alzheimers.

They reported that a group of folk whose age averaged 76 was studied by US scientists seeking to make a link between lifestyle and deterioration of mental capacity.

It was found that those who actively engaged in puzzles, crosswords and lifelong reading were significantly less likely to develop conditions like Alzheimer’s.

The logic being that regular stimulation of the brain prevented the formation and storage of damaging proteins within its tissues.

This wasn’t news to me though.

As regular readers will know I have been encouraging my dad to exercise his grey cells since he began to show signs of dementia.

Don’t get me wrong I am not speaking out against research into these horrendous conditions which strip the sufferer of their personality.

I want to see advances made in our understanding of how our brains work, and why they begin to fail.

However, I didn’t think that this study broke any new ground at all – in fact there has been so many studies completed into this area that it is barely news anymore.

Please spend your research dollars into looking at new areas.

How a Bag of Revels could save you £52…

Over the past few years I have searched for ways to help dad deal with his condition, and how I can help mum as his permanent carer.

I spoke to anyone around who I thought could help, and found that they all wanted to help.

In particular I had so much support from one of my colleagues Wendy Churchill who writes Life is a Bag of Revels.

Wendy is one of those people who makes themselves available to talk, is a brilliant listener and offers sound practical advice.

Over a plate of spaghetti and a glass of wine one day she politely listened to my outpouring of woe and worry concerning my dad.

She gave me a set of books which comprise her Superfit Mind programme to work though with dad – and I’m sure that they have contributed to the slowing of his condition.

It contains all the most important secrets of a happy, healthy, fit and content mind that Wendy learnt from her experiences in China, extensive studies into the human condition and from her training in counselling and psychotherapy.

Far more than a book, this is an extensive interactive programme of learning, of individual investigation and of personal discovery exercises - for healing, awareness and change.

I would recommend it to anyone who felt the need to lift their spirits, activate the full potential of their brains or simply learn more about themselves.

But here’s the really BIG news.

How would you fancy doing all this and saving yourself a whopping 65% of the price?

Seriously! Wendy has allowed me to let the Good Life Readers buy the entire programme for only £26.99 rather than the recommended price of £79.

Click here to save yourself £52 AND your brain cells!

The thing is though, you really need to act quickly because this offer will only last until next Friday, the 3rd February.

So forget the amazing discounts available at your local sofa shop, get yourself a real bargain that will last a lot longer than the cheap velour three piece – I can’t help you if you miss this opportunity.

So, I’ve dealt with the headline bits about my dad and a fantastic offer, but I know you’ve all been looking forward to the story about my favourite dairy product.

I blame the cows!

Yes, you lucky folk I get to talk about my love of cheese once again.

My letter in support of all things fromage stirred up a range of responses from the readership.

There were those of you who wanted me to stand for prime minister, and a fair few others who thought I deserved to have my arteries furring up at a rate of knots! (Forgive me, Fiona!)

As it happens I was referring only to a bit of Stinking Bishop as part of a rounded diet, rather than as the only food you should allow to pass your lips.

This week I discovered that I wasn’t alone in my infatuation though because a couple of young guys from Strasbourg have just opened a cheese only restaurant in London.

That’s right in a corner of our capital city there is an eatery with nothing more than a hundred different types of cheese available.

Surely some type of heaven.

But just to prove everything that my dear wife Lara always says about me – I’m still not happy.

Faced with the prospect of a menu of pongy delights a matter of two hours from my door, I still wouldn’t darken their doorstep.

The big mistake they have made is that they don’t have any cheddar!

In fact they have no locally sourced product at all, they fly it all in from Lyon and is either French or Swiss.

C’mon chaps play the game, get a bit of Cheddar, a smear of Wensleydale and a portion of Cornish Yarg to sit alongside the Roquefort.

Maybe they just need to sharpen their minds up a bit – if so they need to grab Wendy’s special offer and quickly.

Be quick to act on this efficient way to avoid Alzheimer’s NOW


Yours, as always



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