Fight prostate dysfunction naturally and get prostate relief with Androlistica

Sunday 27 April, 2014 

  • This information is critical for both sexes

  • Discover why we need a new test for this life threatening condition

  • Fight prostate dysfunction naturally with Androlistica and D-Mannose

Not a headline I ever imagined myself writing that one, but far from it being a bit of cheap smut it is a question we must all ask ourselves because our lives might just depend upon it.

Gents you have been warned!

For the ladies today’s letter concerns a male problem but it is one that you should also be aware of, and you have my permission to ensure that your men don’t ignore it.

I’m talking about prostate cancer and how to avoid the risks of developing it, and more specifically the test to establish whether any developing symptoms indicate an aggressive form (a tiger) or a passive form (a pussy cat).

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Prostate cancer is rapidly becoming the most common cancer among men (women do not have a prostate gland.)
Already prostate cancer is the second biggest cause of cancer death in the UK.

Each year, doctors diagnose prostate cancer in around 20,000 UK men. Ten thousand die from the disease.

That's roughly one man an hour!

But because it's a disease that affects elderly people, (72 years of age is the average for death from prostate cancer) the media don't give it enough due attention.

This is a dangerous situation. The Institute of Cancer Research suggests that one in four men will suffer from prostate cancer by 2020.

As the population ages, so prostate cancer will increase.

Otherwise fit and healthy men in their 70s could be brought to their knees unnecessarily, and this cancer will become a nationwide medical crisis.

So what can you do? The first thing is to act before you develop cancer – and that means being much more aware about how to spot risks, and significantly reduce them.

If your prostate is beginning to change there are a range of obvious symptoms which are listed in full within the report, but basically are to do with urination;

  • making it difficult for you to start urinating and causing a weakened flow of urine, or cause "stopping and starting"
  • cause you to strain to pass urine and to make it feel like you haven’t fully emptied your bladder
  • cause you to frequently need to urinate especially if you a awakening in the night regularly needing to go to the toilet
  • cause a sudden urge to urinate, which can result in incontinence if you cannot find a toilet quickly enough

None of these are joyous I know but you should never ignore these symptoms and make sure you discuss them with your GP as soon as possible.

This is the point you have to submit yourself to be tested.

Delaying getting assessed might be the worst decision you ever make, facing upto the fact that your prostate might be causing these problems could put your life at risk.

The problem has been that tests were either misleading or involved something called a rectal digital examination...

...not anyone’s idea of fun. Now though there is a much better test available.

How to fight the battle with prostate cancer and win – find out how to act early

New hope for more accurate tests for prostate problems

Half of men who are told they have only ‘slow-growing’ prostate cancer turn out to have more aggressive tumours, after undergoing current biopsy testing.

Scientists have warned that inaccurate testing often underestimates the likely progress of the disease, and that it is only when the prostate is surgically removed that doctors can tell for sure whether the cancer was life threatening or not.

Regular testing of blood samples the prostate serum antibody (PSA) also seems to be inaccurate and either leads to over stating the development of the disease or, worse, understating it and leaving the sufferer at risk.

So, health experts are encouraged by new methods to test tissue samples which allows them to genetically test the cells harvested to accurately predict how they are likely to develop.

Currently these tests are being used to identify if previous sufferers are at risk of further problems but the science teams reckon that this information can be put into wider usage, for everyone’s benefit.

Of course all this super space age technology is good news for the future but what should all men be doing right now to keep their prostates in better shape?

The best natural remedies for your prostate

Enlargement of the prostate is something most men of a certain age suffer from to some degree. But it's not something that's easily talked about.

In fact anything that falls into the 'down there' category is quite often swept under the carpet. Men still tend to suffer in silence.

But it's something that NEEDS to be talked about - and dealt with - because the need to urinate more frequently is one of the signs of BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) - or an enlarged prostate.

Like I said, nearly all men of a certain age will suffer from this, because after years of sitting still the prostate suddenly bursts into life when men hit 40 and starts growing again.

Luckily, there are plenty of natural remedies that can keep the embarrassing and irritating symptoms of an enlarged prostate in check, and help prevent cancer developing.

Two such remedies which can help prevent prostate and associated problems are;

1) Androlistica

Androlistica is rich in not one, but FOUR essential oils that help maintain the necessary balance to keep the prostate healthy.

  • Cold pressed marrow seed oil; Used from the times of the ancient Egyptians to promote health and prevent the effects of aging in men, this oil contains sterols which are close in structure to natural sex hormones
  • Non-hydrogenated palm nut oil; traditionally used to protect cellular membranes
  • Omega 3 rich saltwater fish oil; new studies have shown how effective these oils are at preventing damage to the prostate, as well as improving blood circulation generally
  • Borage oil; Being rich in gamma linoleic acid means that this oil stops the production of damaging prostaglandins that result from consuming animal fat

As well as all this healthy oil the formulation also includes a host of other natural compounds aimed at halting the effects of time on the body.

The boost to prostate health – click here


2) D-Mannose

Continual bladder infections can contribute to prostate dysfunction, so this effective natural infection control can make a huge contribution (can also be used by the fairer sex as well where bladder infections are more common)

D-mannose is a pure and natural form of glucose, similar to a type already produced by our bodies, but which for many of us is not enough.

It is a simple sugar supplement which many people worldwide use everyday to help against these irritating and debilitating infections.

Perhaps the best news is that D-mannose has no known side effects or drug interactions and can be used by adults, children and even family pets as a food supplement.

Control dangerous bladder infections naturally - D Mannose

I urge everyone to consider taking the plunge and seek help if you notice anything wrong, particularly as the tests are improving in their reliability.

But even more importantly you need to start taking steps to lower your risk safely and effectively and that’s where Androlistica and D-Mannose become a really logical step to prevention.

Yours, as always


P.S. Don’t forget that D-Mannose is highly effective against bladder infections and Cystitis in women so Gents make sure your better half knows about this product if they stopped reading higher up the page!

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