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27th May 2018

You should see me when I’ve not had enough sleep.

Or rather, you shouldn’t…

If you can imagine a giant, balding bear that’s just stepped on a bee, that’s the kind of thing – a roaring, shaggy mess.

However, I’m lucky that I can usually get enough rest.

But what about you?

Do you get restless legs, racing thoughts, aches and pains? Do you lie in bed awake for hours, frantic with worry, staring at the ceiling? Do you wake up feeling grumpy and groggy?

More importantly – do you take anything to try and solve the problem?

You might be like an old friend of mine who has genuine insomnia. He’s had it for years and admits he’s totally dependent on sleeping pills.

Totally understandable – he was getting more and more frustrated and worn down by sleepless nights that he’d do anything. But pills are NOT the long-term answer.

Your body gets used to sleeping tablets, forcing you to up the dose, risking dependency and side effects.

Not to put the frighteners on you, but in one shocking study published in JAMA Internal Medicine in January 2015 it was revealed that some sleeping tablets could increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

It’s crazy that this is the case when there are natural alternatives with ingredients that people have used to aid better sleep for many centuries, and for good reason too.

They WORK.

For a while I’ve had my eye on a brilliant sleep remedy from a producer in France I admire for their quality and dedication to natural sources.

So I’m delighted that it’s finally available here in the UK for the first time.

Click here for an absolute MUST if you suffer from insomnia.

A safer alternative to the usual pills….

Calmophytum is a natural sedative that helps put you into a sleepy state each night. Take just 2 capsules with a glass of water half an hour before bedtime.

It includes:

  • LIME TREE – commonly taken to cure insomnia, relieve tension and reduce anxiety.

  • MELISSA (Lemon Balm) – used in traditional medicine to treat anxiety, migraines, hypertension and diabetes.

  • CHAMOMIILE – a natural anti-inflammatory known to lower stress levels and help regulate sleep.

  • LEMON VERBENA – it can reduce inflammation, soothe nerves and boost the immune system.

  • HIBISCUS – this helps to lower blood pressure, cholesterol and inflammation.

When combined, these offer an essential bedside tonic you’ll come to rely on – yet it’s safe, natural and non-addictive.

Click here to find out about Calmophytum

In fact, this calming natural remedy is so safe, even kids can use it. But that doesn’t mean its effects are weak, it’s just that it doesn’t have nasty addictive side-effects.

It means you can use this kind of sleep remedy as a regular part of your night-time regime, without feeling guilty about it.

This gives you an opportunity to tackle your sleep issues head-on.

And I’d strongly advise that you do…

The dangers of poor quality sleep

As you’ll see from Jane’s message on the webpage here, poor sleep is linked to many serious health problems.
For instance….

The American Heart Association has found that sleeping fewer than six hours a night raises your blood pressure and heart rate.

Scientists at the University of Arizona have concluded that if you have regular insomnia for over six years you’ve a 58% increased risk of death from heart and lung conditions…plus a higher risk of diabetes, obesity, dementia and depression.

Research at the University of Surrey showed that a lack of sleep activated over 500 genes associated with inflammation, immune response and response to stress.

Doesn’t make pleasant reading, does it?

And of course there are the other, more expected consequences of poor sleep: lack of concentration, low energy, bad mood, negative thoughts, diminished judgement, foggy thinking.

So if you suffer from any of these, then harness the power of hibiscus, lemon balm and all the other natural ingredients in Calmophytum.

Not only should you sleep better, but you’ll wake up refreshed, rebooted, and ready for the day. More importantly, you’ll help your body stay better protected against inflammation and long-term health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure and depression.

Of course, you might be sceptical…

Can nature’s medicine chest really outperform pharmaceutical sleeping tablets?

You bet.

But please don’t take my word for it. You’ve an opportunity today to test it out and have proof that this works. One of the reasons I’m recommending Calmophytum is that the makers are offering people a trial for 30 days, risk-free.

So you can try it out each night before you go to bed, see if you get better quality sleep and then decide if it’s something that will help you.

If it’s not for you, you’ll get your money back. If it IS for you, I wager that you’ll never want to be without it.

To start your 30-day trial, click here.

Yours, as always




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