Why You Need to Get Angry About This Drug

The Good Life Letter
27th June 2010

  • Discover what you are not being told about statins
  • Drug lies exposed
  • A natural product that could save your life

I really am going to get very angry, and there's nothing that can
be done to help me.

The whole issue is out of my control. I can't help myself, there's
something I'm taking that's doing this to me.

I'm even angrier about the fact that this drug can do you more
harm than good.

You might be one of the 2.5 million people in the UK with the same
prescription, and I guess you're not aware of how it could affect

Let me explain how the manufacturers want the story told....

The drugs in question are known as statins, and are prescribed by
our GP's to reduce high cholesterol levels. The argument goes that
by reducing cholesterol in the blood we have a lower risk of heart

This family of fast acting compounds reduce the amount of
cholesterol produced by the liver.

And there's the first thing I found out.

The majority of cholesterol found in the bloodstream is made by
the body itself. Just think about that for a minute.

More fats are absorbed into the blood when we eat fatty foods, of
course.  BUT the majority of the cholesterol will be made in our
livers. Who would have thought it!

Certainly not the impression we would get from the health
professionals and big pharmaceutical companies.

We are bombarded with stories about how poor diet, psychological
stress and smoking are the main culprits for an increase in heart

Now I'm not saying that any of these are good for us, I just want
to see the TRUTH told.

Taking these drugs can be more harmful to your health than you

Drug Lies Exposed

A study published in the British Medial Journal, no less, has shown
that for every person who avoids a heart attack by using statins,
two or more people suffer kidney failure, liver damage, cataracts
and muscle weakness.

Why isn't this being pushed in the media?

I have scoured the popular press for any mention. Nothing.

Instead I find that the recommendations are for an INCREASE in
the amount of statins being given out.

Statin prescribing is increasing by 30% per year, and pretty soon
everyone over the age of 50 will be told they need them.  We even
have some health commentators believing that they are SO good
that it would make sense to put them into the water supply.

This makes it seem like the medical profession are acting like legal
drug pushers. They are convinced of the health benefits, and don't
seem to mention side effects.

BUT, this BMJ survey of over 2 million statin users found that twice
as many people suffered a serious health problem as benefitted
from the drug.

All were prescribed statins to control their 'high' cholesterol, but a
significant number ended up with liver damage, kidney failure,
muscle weakness and cataracts.

Another angle on all this, is the anger one. In other studies the
results show that statins caused an increase in aggressive
behaviour. If you don't have enough cholesterol available in the
body, it can't make oestrogen.

Oestrogen is the female 'calming' hormone that is also made in
males, and acts to stabilise mood.

I think it's about time we started to ask the questions of our
doctors - where is the real evidence for the safety of these drugs?

A natural product that could save your life

Now, the bit the big drug companies don't want to talk about.

For many years Cuba has been researching an extract of sugar
cane called Policosanol. This waxy substance is also found in yams,
beeswax and some varieties of wheat.

The Cubans claim that Policosanol supplements reduce cholesterol
levels by 10-30%. However, this is done without any side effects
that are reported for statins.

The power of the pharmaceutical companies marketing machines
means we won't get to hear the story from Cuba. The big boys will
effectively silence the sons & daughters of Castro.

Here's how we can get our share of Policosanol, which I've placed
in order of the amount they contain;

* Sugar cane is the commonest source. This is widely grown
in Brazil, Asia & Cuba, but extracts can be found in good
health food shops here.

* Yams. Not to be confused with sweet potatoes, they are
widely stocked in Asian and West Indian stores.

* Wheat Bran. Doesn't have high levels of Policosanol, but
can be significant.  Because America won't buy Cuban
supplements, most of theirs is based on wheat.

* Beeswax. Although not a common foodstuff beeswax
contains Policosanol. Seek out whole honey products which
contain beeswax, such as Manuka.

I'm going to keep a very interested eye on this whole story,
because I really feel that our health is being put in danger by the
trend towards statins.

I know that I'm not alone in this, because I get many e-mails from
readers of the Good Life Letter who are concerned about the
prescriptions they are given. We deserve to know the TRUTH, but I
suspect drug money talks loudly.

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