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Sunday 27 July, 2014 


Ok, so who can’t resist a bargain then?

Especially if the products on offer are some of the best written, finest researched and easily read health and self help books in the market.

If you are expecting me to trumpet my own meagre tomes of wisdom at this point you would be mistaken.

Whilst I am proud of the collection of books I have put together over the past few years, I also recognise the brilliance of others too.

None more so than those written by Wendy Churchill.

Right now I want you to think up a very good reason why you wouldn’t want to know how to improve your brain function, or discover how a small change in your thinking could create a major life change... or even why a simple, proven weight loss programme is of no interest.

In the past these have been available through the Good Life Shop for a grand total of over £80, but they can now be had for a mere £25 for the whole lot.

What better reason is there to invest in your reading list for the holidays than making a huge saving on some of the finest books in print.

Click here to take advantage of this fantastic offer; five books for five pounds each

Five great books

Taking advantage of this limited time offer couldn’t be easier but you might like to know a little more about them:
How To Change Your Life in Just One Minute
Buy now for £5. Normal price, £16.95

Read more about it first [here]

Weightloss As If By Magic
Buy now for £5. Normal price, £39.99

Read more about it first [here]

The Super-Fit Mind Programme
Buy all three volumes now for £15.

Normal price, £79, discounted to £26.99 in the Good Life

Read more about it first [here]

Why now?

If you’ve previously thought about buying these books but hadn’t got round to it, please don’t delay as this offer is not going to be around for long, in fact just a matter of days.

Wendy used to write a weekly newsletter called the ‘Bag of Revels’ which shared publishers with the Good Life Letter.

Unfortunately, she has decided to call it a day and is going to concentrate on her books. However, to give her new venture a bit of impetus she has given me permission to promote this offer to you lucky people.

But she won’t keep it open for long. A week, maybe two if we’re lucky.

So don’t delay or dither – if you want to discover 17 ways to make yourself feel immediately happier, lighter and calmer and the seven easy steps to contentment for less than a night out at the pub...

Click here for an amazing book offer

The life of a researcher

You might think that you live a virtuous life and that you have no need of such books, but think again. We all need a bit of coaching from time to time.

In my case I often turn to Wendy for advice about beating my food demons.

The creatures who whisper in my ear that a nice bar of chocolate would help me get through writing the newsletter, or a fresh fried stack of pancakes would focus the mind on a particularly thorny piece of research.

Comfort food... well, I'll admit I still crave it.

However, when it comes to snacking these days, I follow the advice of one of my favourite EVER writers, Wendy.
My own personal guru (though she'd hate that word) whose work both my wife and I admire enormously.

So, I’ll share with you some of her very clever recommendations for eating comfort food.

Wendy has found four tasty snacks that can form part of a VERY healthy eating lifestyle... and yet release all those natural pleasure-inducing endorphins we crave.

Here they are...

Wendy's top 4 healthy comfort foods...

• Grilled bananas. Wendy says, 'This will make a warming sweet dish that's good for you in so many ways. They are a natural mood enhancer, can help prevent high blood pressure, and help relieve irritability and fatigue!'

• Asparagus. According to Wendy and I agree, they 'contain a good supply of the kind of minerals and B vitamins that you may be lacking. Great for mental and emotional health.'

• Avocado. Wendy says, 'Not only do they help increase the amount of happiness-promoting serotonin in your body, they also provide a healthy fat as an alternative to all those unhealthy ones that our bodies sometimes believe they really need!'

• Sweet potato. 'This is another great cockle-warming treat,' Wendy writes. 'Bake it in the oven like a jacket potato (only for a little less time) and you have an instant savoury yet sweet treat that's also really good for you. Its vitamin B6 content helps prevent food cravings and relieves depression. By keeping blood sugar high it also prevents mood swings.'

So there you have it. Four tasty foods that give you all the energy and mood-boosting effects you crave in that bag of crisps, bar of chocolate, white bread sandwich or bowl of cheesy pasta.

As I said, all good sound advice and there is plenty more of it in each of these five fabulous books – all you need to do is click here to get your share of the bargain

Yours, as always






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