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27th August 2010

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Blimey it is raining! Huge grey clouds are dumping most
of the Atlantic Ocean on us at the moment.

It is the sort of rain that falls, bounces back up three feet
and than falls again to join the ever growing puddles.

I bet some fool in our local council office is still thinking
about a hosepipe ban because we are in August.

Local councils have a life that is ruled by the calendar -
winter road gritting problems, leading to spring flooding,
then summer droughts and finally autumnal leaf clearing.

The problem is that if any of them occur out of sequence
then they have no ability to adjust their plans, and the
whole shooting match collapses into bureaucratic custard.

I sometimes wonder whether our medics suffer from the
same myopic view of the world.

Winter coughs, colds and influenzas give way to summer
wheezes, allergies and asthmas.

Woe betide you if you suddenly develop a pollen allergy in

Because of the fear of climate change, we are told about
the changing seasonal patterns on a daily basis. Whilst we
can always rely on a rainy bank holiday (just see what the
forecast is for this one!) every other day is a lottery.

Balmy, sub tropical February days may be only a few
years off now!

Mind you we are never happy, are we?

The trouble with nice hot days, is that they always
coincide with an increase in dust and pollens in the
atmosphere, and that leads to allergic responses for 25-
30% of the population.

When we enjoy large helpings of cold 'liquid sunshine' we
see an increase in coughs colds and sniffles.

Trying to avoid the extremes of weather by staying
indoors isn't always the easy option either. In June, this
year, the Daily Telegraph ran an article discussing the
problems of allergies to our own homes.

In his piece, Neil Ogden, states that we are most at risk to
asthma, sinus and rhinitis problems at home. This is
mainly due to our pets, dust mites and household

Is nowhere safe for those of us with sensitive hooters?

Hot weather blights us, cold weather infects us and even
in the comfort of our bed we are not safe.

What we need is a cure-all, something that we can have
to hand... and it needs to be weatherproof.

Well the good news is that it exists. More importantly I
know it works because I have been using it every day
since November.

Check this out:

Natural allergy remedies derived from the deep blue sea...

I first touched upon this fantastic little device back in
November 2009, when I was looking into how to manage

The company behind it were offering a 28 free day trial,
so it was too good to miss out on.

I was so impressed that I have continued to use it every
day since, and have the following to report:

* I have had very little few coughs or colds since. In
fact, I had a sniffle for two days in March and
that's it.

* I wake up every morning without sneezing, or
suffering from a sore throat.

* My dear beloved tells me I snore far less often.......
except after a rugby club reunion when the ale has
its effect!

The Salt Pipe has been such a revelation to me that I
really think you should test it at home and see for yourself
whether it works for you. Either you feel powerful relief
from allergies, asthma, and other breathing problems
within 30 days. Or don't pay a penny for the experience.
That's an unconditional guarantee, so it's well worth
trying. It could be the breakthrough you're looking for.

The way it works is so SIMPLE, but so logical.

The Salt Pipe is an all-natural remedy for asthma, hay
fever, snoring, chronic coughs and a host of breathing
It's a small porcelain pipe that you breathe through for 15
minutes each day.
Inside the pipe are halit salt crystals from the Praid Salt
Mine in Romania. This is a region that's long been known
for its healing salt therapy.
It must work......... did you ever see Transylvania's Prince
of Darkness, Dracula, sneeze in any of his films!

This is more than just a superstition though.
Just as holidays by the sea have long been hailed in the
UK as a way to ease respiratory problems, so these salt
mines have helped many thousands of people overcome
breathing difficulties.
The mines are now luxurious clinical health centres,
visited by people from around the world.
So something's definitely working.
As you inhale through the Salt Pipe, the air absorbs tiny
salt particles. This helps clean your air passages and
cleans out the impurities.

For those of you who already enjoy the benefits of a Salt
Pipe, there are also refill packs available. These can be
used by other members of the family, so that each person
has their own pack that they load into the pipe before
using it.

The most beneficial 15 minutes of the day

If only our dear friend in the council had such a weapon in
his armoury.

He would always have enough grit for the roads, a
plentiful supply of water for his marigolds... and there
would always be enough wind to blow the leaves away.

Best of all, he could achieve all this in his tea break!

That's what I like about the Salt Pipe. I can sit and use it
while I'm reading the daily paper in the morning - I even
smile when I see the weather forecast.

Neither sunshine nor showers bother me now. Find out
just how easy this is to achieve:




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