Who’s afraid of a big bad snow storm? – not me I’ve got warm gloves

Sunday 27 October 2013 


Right, batten down the hatches as we are about to be hit by the biggest storm in 26 years.

How will you survive the maelstrom of wind, rain and cold that is due to blight us for a few days?

Right here I’m going to tell you how to perk up your spirits in the face of such adversity and then when it dies down, how
to enjoy a walk in the leaves: It’s a two pronged attack involving chocolate and the warm gloves that were the secrets of
Arctic exploration...

...if you think that sounds interesting then read on!

Here is the perfect warming package for the autumnal chills

Warming chocolate drink

Let’s be honest the secrets of Arctic exploration can wait, you all want to know about the chocolate don’t you?

Well for many years I have been looking for the perfect, natural and healthy chocolate to offer out to you all – and now I
have found it, and what a find it is.

Pure Cacao direct from Colombia with no sugar, no cholesterol and absolutely packed with healthy flavenoids and it makes THE
best drinking chocolate ever.

I have become addicted to this smooth, elegant and warming drink and delighted with just how easy it is to make the perfect
hot drink for a cold windy day, simply break off a square and let it melt in a pan of warmed milk.

This hot chocolate will blow any others out of the window for taste and texture alone, but more important than that is the
fact it is packed with natural goodness.

The flavonoids it is packed with have been shown to have anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-cancer and brain stimulating effects, plus they also make an effective cough remedy.

If you are concerned about the environment and welfare then this chocolate also scores because it is the only chocolate that
is made entirely where the beans grow so there is no trading of beans and fat cat middle men involved – it is direct from
farm to factory and shipped to us.

Finally, one more use to consider is a square of this chocolate in a chilli-con-carne or casserole which really thickens and
enriches the gravy – try it and you won’t believe the results.

You really have to try this chocolate out but before you rush to buy some, I have a fantastic offer for you to consider

Cosy finger outdoors

Last year I introduced you to the concept of permanently warm hands; the joy of spending a day in the garden or out shopping without worrying about how cold your fingers were.

Many of you clearly recognised the benefit of achieving such a happy state, and you bought every single pair of Sherpa gloves that I could get my hands on.

That was in January, so I thought I should attempt to get a supply much earlier this year and I have been fortunate to get what we need.

Now you may have missed out on the detail of these special gloves, so here’s a refresher in case you need it;

- Designed to withstand brutal Himalayan sub-zero temperatures, and were worn by the team on the 2010 North Pole Expedition.

- Each glove has a clever system of two layers of different materials, the one closest to the hand is the specialised Sherpa fleece which locks in the heat even in the most extreme cold.

- The outer layer is made of fine wool which adds further thermal protection, but allows your skin to breathe – preventing sweat condensation which can become chilled.

- The materials are also elastic, which makes them stretchy and ensures a snug fit whether you have dainty hands or ones that resemble a snow shovel.

- There are men’s and women’s versions available

If the latest weather forecasts are to be believed then a pair of thermally insulating gloves is going to be an absolute necessity this winter.

Grab a pair of proven hand warmers; a Good Life Letter bestseller Now for that very special offer

By combining the delicious hot chocolate and the brilliantly popular Sherpa gloves I think you have the perfect combination to weather any storm this year so I want to make you an offer.

You can have the couples perfect survival pack for the winter ahead.

One pair of Sherpa gloves for him, one pair for her and a free pack of chocolate thrown in – how about that for perfection?

Grab the cold weather warmer offer right now

I hope you don’t suffer too much at the hands of the weather over the next few days, but if you take advantage of today’s offer you might be happy to ride out the next storm when it comes.

Yours, as always





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