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28th January  2011

The last few weeks have been a bit hectic, and it's left me slightly tetchy to say the least! And yes, I have been worrying about how stress is affecting my health so I thought I would report on it...

I'm afraid I let the whole thing about government pronouncements and messed up health logic get to me.

When you find yourself in that kind of state then several things begin to happen, and it's common to describe it as 'feeling stressed.'

You know how it is, you can't sleep, you shout a lot and you just can't settle to do anything.

Your body is living on nervous energy, burning all of the good stuff to keep the life fires going, keeping you alive to face the rigours of the day.

Feeling stressed is a relatively modern term to describe a series of physical, emotional and behavioural factors; but it something which we all suffer from at some time or another.

Technically the physicians call it being 'sympathetically aroused' which didn't make sense to me until I began to look into it, after all who am I being sympathetic to?

Let me tell you what I found out.

Basically, we have two types of nerve systems in the body - those we are aware of, e.g. when we want to make our arm move we use these nerves to carry the signals; and those neural links we don't have much conscious control over, like the ones which carry the impulses to make our hearts beat.

The key ones are obviously those automatic nerves (in fact they are known as autonomic nerves) which are vital to life, however, the body has a little trick it can play.

The body electric... discover how your heart beats without you having to think about it.

If we are relaxed, comfortable and happy it engages a process which slows our heart rate, deepens our breathing and allows us to gradually digest our food. This is the parasympathetic variation - or known more commonly as the 'rest and digest' phase.

When we enter this state our bodies heal more efficiently, we get more of the important vitamins and minerals from our food and our sleep is deeper and more relaxing (with few dreams)

The other side of the coin is the state we enter when we are angry, pressured or feel threatened - then our heart rite rises, our body dumps adrenaline into the blood stream and our digestive system gets starved of blood as it is channelled to the big muscles.

In this way we are primed to punch our way out of trouble, or just run away. This is the so called 'flight and fight' mechanism at work, or the sympathetic variation.

Our bodies are working at such a rate to ensure we are hyped for action that it forgets to look after itself properly.

When sympathetically aroused we burn huge amounts of stored nutrients, craving high calorie food in response. We don't sleep deeply so that we are awake in an instant to face the impending danger... or in reality awoken by the kids mumbling in their sleep.

Our rate of healing slows, our digestive system shuts down to preserve energy and even our hair growth stops.

In short we are truly stressed, because our physical and emotional states are operating at maximum levels. And this really isn't good for us!

Refresh, Refuel & Carry On

And I've just be through that, so now I'm feeling a little washed out - lacking in get up and go. I need a tonic.
So, I've reached for my special pre sprouted barley extract... and no I don't mean beer, although it shares the same active ingredients.
My saving grace is something I wrote about in the summer last year - Essential Food.

If you remember I explained how this contained:

- 18 vitamins & minerals

- 2 essential fatty acids, plus 6 others

- 18 amino acids

- A huge amount of energy

And was now available to take as a simple daily supplement - well it has never been needed more than now.

Maybe you are also feeling a little peaky, and in need of a little natural health.

Well, I have just found some of the easiest ways possible to manage your well being, however you are feeling.

There is help available for:

* Busy people who skip meals, and need a life support package. Essential EXECUTIVE Pack

* The weight conscious who are finding it tough to stay on track should try Essential Slim/Balance Pack

* Women who find life a series of demands on their time and energy... apparently Lara says that's normal for most women, but especially for her and it's all my fault! Thankfully they've developed Essential She pack

*  Those who are recovering from an illness or just feeling run down and in need of a boost to their body processes try Essential Purity Pack

They are all available in really easy to use 28 day supply packs, and supported by my 30 day money back guarantee as always.

I think that covers how most of us feel at the start of a New Year, but maybe more so this year.

Learn to recognise the signs of stress in your body, such as: 

* Lack of memory, inability to concentrate and feeling anxious

* Vivid dreams in which you or those close to you are in danger then waking in the morning and feeling drained

* Stomach upsets and cramps, headaches and aching muscles

And don't feel guilty about needing to reach for a healthy tonic to keep your spirits up and help you damp down those 'sympathetic' fires which are blazing within you.

I've certainly reached a happy and mellow place now, and on Sunday I'll tell you all about my plans to reward myself after a busy start to the year.

Yours, as always




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