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28th February 2016

At the time of my sporting prowess I suspect that I would have infringed the new toughened regulations on drugs in sport.

Regularly turning up for games fuelled by a mixture of paracetamol, Lucozade and a greasy fry up as a way to dull the pain of the previous nights excesses, I reckon any urine test might have melted the collection jar.

But so it was in the 1980s.

Chances are the games would be entirely fair as the members of the opposing team would be in similar state.

Sport in the modern era though has to cope with much more than a few hungover rugby players, with performance enhancing drug taking rife in many areas.

Winning matters so much for personal gain rather than team camaraderie and a few beers afterwards.

Thousands and sometimes millions of pounds are at stake, and that is enough to drive some performers to break the rules in the worst way possible.

Cheating can never be condoned and the likes of persistent drug users should be stripped of any status they ever held.

It is too easy to make excuses or blame others in their entourage for the doping but they need to be held to account for the benefits they get.

UK Athletics announced in January that they would ban any athlete for life if they were found to have taken banned substances; Kenya has been given its marching orders by the Olympics and even FIFA have woken up to the chance that drugs could ruin their sport...

...And this is football we are talking about! A game that defines excess money and no small amount of corruption – so if they are acting there really must be a problem.

But is it possible to use completely natural ways to boost your performance that don’t count as performance enhancing, just a health tonic?

Discover the natural secret to better breathing and an end to joint pain

The Aussie way to success

Today’s letter came about because I was looking into natural ways to give our athletes a leg up using completely natural remedies... if anyone even thinks I was going to suggest this to the Welsh Rugby side then think again...

...but every little helps!

As I was looking over some of the latest research I came across an Australian journal(1) which had published the impressive results for athletes under training using a range of simple natural remedies.

The approach fell into four areas:

  1. Using shock absorbing insoles in training shoes to prevent continual impact loading through knees, hips and lower backs. These types of injuries are some of the most common reasons why athletes don’t give their best in competitions following rigorous training camps.
  2. Application of compression supports and athletic taping to help stabilise joints which are at risk of overloading in running and jumping sports. Long term problems occur for track and field stars due to always running the same way around track or landing in the same way after jumps, so the researchers began to pre strap knees and ankles and the problems all but disappeared.
  3. Daily supplementation with turmeric (curcumin) which is a really powerful natural anti-inflammatory and is the yellow spice found in curry. This has been shown to be more effective at controlling post training inflammatory conditions than the common NSAID drugs, and doesn’t cause any stomach problems.
  4. Using an extract from New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels called Lyprinol. This has been shown to have two major effects on the body; first, it further helps reduce inflammation especially around joints. Secondly it helps promote better respiratory function which means the athletes are able to breathe easier and use more of the oxygen they take in for fuelling energy release.

According to the research team the results have been pretty amazing.

Now I’m not suggesting that there are many of us who are preparing to compete in Rio de Janeiro this summer, but how about getting some ideas for improving a day's gardening, making the dog walk less painful or looking forward to a day with the kids without suffering for it over the next week.

The Kiwi mussel that is building Aussie muscle could help you too

Look what a Maori staple can do for you

I know many of you want to know the full ins and outs about any natural product before you consider using it – and that’s why I love writing the Good Life Letter, you force me to check and recheck my facts before telling you about them.

So, why should an extract from a shellfish help your achy knees AND improve your breathing function?

Well, put simply, it's all down to the intense levels of omega 3 fatty acids in green lipped mussel oils.
I'll explain...

The general consensus these days – and evinced by writers such as Michael Pollan (In Defence of Food) and Colin T. Campbell (The China Study) – is that our western diet is far too high in omega-6 fats.

These are fats you get from high levels of vegetable oils in modern cooking processes.

This isn't to say that omega-6s are bad for you – they're actually ESSENTIAL for good health – it's just that they need to be properly balanced out by an intake of omega-3 fatty acids.

Omega-3 fats come largely from fish, seafood, broccoli, cabbage, and walnuts and flaxseeds.

They are either missing from our diet altogether... we don't eat them in big enough amounts... or the versions of these foods that we DO eat are heavily depleted in omega-3 because of modern 'high yield' farming methods.

Many experts believe that the ideal ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 should 1:1. But the average western diet has a ratio of 20:1.

That's a scary thought isn't it?

When you think of the term 'imbalance', I tend to think of a seesaw slightly tilted.

But in the case of omega-3 and omega-6, it's like a seesaw with a garden gnome at one end and a giant elephant squatted on the other end.

It's this huge imbalance which is being linked to many systemic inflammatory problems.

Here's where green lipped mussels come in...

By taking a green mussel extract, you can dramatically shift the balance of fats in your body.

Think of the garden gnome growing, the elephant shrinking, and the seesaw quickly tilting the other way.

The intense boost of omega-3 can help reduce the body's natural inflammatory response to over use, viral attacks and allergic reactions.

These causes are what commonly make our joints hurt and lead to conditions like asthma (which is an inflammation of the airways).

Of course, ordinary fish oils are a good source of these omega-3s. But the king of all fish oils is the green lipped mussel. It lives in sun-baked waters packed with plankton that contain extraordinarily high levels of antioxidants.

The best way I've found to get all the benefits of green lipped mussels is to try a quality extract like Lyprinol.

This has been shown to be:

  • 100 times more potent than EPA Max (fish oil)
  • 125 times more potent than original freeze dried mussel powder
  • 175 times more potent than evening primrose oil
  • 175 times more potent than Salmon Oil
  • 200 times more potent than Flax Oil

And because of the extraction process it can be eaten by anyone suffering from shellfish intolerance.

There's no fishy smell or aftertaste. And you only have to take 1-2 capsules a day.

For more detail on the science of Lyprinol and the amazing story of New Zealand's green lipped mussels, click here.

Yours, as always



(1)Setright, R. (2015). Get the winning edge. Journal of the Australian Traditional-Medicine Society, 21(3), 155.

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