What you should never eat if your ears are ringing

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28th March 2010

  • The curse of Shatner revealed
  • What you should never eat if you suffer this ear problem
  • Why many hearing aids are so overpriced 

Last month saw the UK's annual 'Tinnitus Awareness Week'.

Did you miss it?

I wouldn't be surprised. So did I.

It's taken me a whole month to become aware that I missed
Tinnitus Awareness Week....and I'm no ordinary member of the
public... I'm a crazed information hound actively SEEKING OUT
information on common ailments!

It shows you what a big mountain these awareness campaigns
have to climb...

Anyway, this is a subject I covered a long way back in The Good
Life Letter's past. I thought it worth revisiting.

I've not only found some remedies for this problem, but an easy
and cost-effective way you can improve your hearing today - for
a sneak preview, click here:


First let's look at tinnitus.

The Curse of Shatner

It's estimated that 6 million people in the UK suffer with some
form of hearing problem.

Tinnitus is one of the most common.... a frustrating ailment,
where you get a constant ringing in your ears that simply won't
go away. Mild tinnitus is VERY common - about 10% of the
population have it at one point in their life.

Famously, William Shatner suffers from tinnitus. And in his case
it came on very suddenly...
"I remember having a surge of panic," Shatner told the Today
show back in 1997.  "And that moment of panic, when I realised
that I was hearing something inside my head, I wanted to run and
escape the sound. And that only increased the panic because
there was no place to run."

This desire for an 'escape' is what leads many tinnitus sufferers
to depression, anxiety and other psychological problems.

It may seem like a mild problem for those who don't suffer it, but
it can easily escalate into a serious issue. In Shatner's case it
helped end a marriage and led him to the brink of suicide.

Now for some ways to ease the problem...

First things first, if you think you suffer from Tinnitus, get yourself
checked out properly. Make sure there's not another underlying
problem with your hearing.

Secondly, avoid certain foods, which can make the problem
worse. These include sugar, salt, saturated fats, dairy products
and processed foods.

By this I don't mean to stop using any sugar or salt in drinks and
food EVER AGAIN. It's the hidden saturated fats, sugars and
salts the food manufacturers slip into seemingly health everyday
products that you need to cut out completely.

My advice is to avoid processed ready-meals and the like
altogether. You simply can't control your intake of these trigger
foods unless you prepare your own meals with fresh ingredients.
Added to that, you need to up your intake of fresh fruit and
vegetables. Eat lots of good quality proteins found in fresh meat,
fish and sea food.

And thirdly, while there is no 'cure' as such for tinnitus, you can
control and ease the problem. Try out some of these natural

* Niacin is a form of vitamin B3, which opens up your blood
  vessels. This allows more oxygen and nutrients to reach
  the vital parts of your ear.

* Ginkgo biloba helps dilate blood vessels and increase
  the blood flow to your ear. Spicy foods like cayenne
  pepper and ginger work in a similar way.

* Bayberry bark, burdock root, goldenseal and
  hawthorn leaf also help protect the blood flow to your ear
  and reduce infection.

* Add plenty of garlic to your food. Again, this is great for
  circulation and blood pressure.

* Two or three times a week eat some fresh pineapple. It
  helps lower inflammation.

Finally, you may find that using a hearing aid may bring you
some relief from tinnitus.

However here's where things could get expensive...

Why are hearing aids so pricy?

With so many people looking to remedy their hearing problems
(as I say, 6 million!) there's a lot of money to be made in hearing

Some adverts boast super-advanced technology and hype a
hearing product into something that it isn't. You can sometimes
pay over £400 for an aid that cost the manufacturer a tiny
fragment of that to produce.

And in many cases, they're really not worth that mark-up.
So if you have mild hearing problem, then you should give one of
these a whirl:


This is a really cost effective little device that helps you regain
your usual hearing. And at such a low price - just £17.95 - it's
not such a disaster if you lose it either. 

I'll be back with more next Friday. Have a great week.


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