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28th June 2015

I donít know why I keep trying to do it.

Every year as Wimbledon approaches I throw all logic out of the window and dig my aged tennis racquet out of the garage.

There then follows a series of growls and grunts with the occasional shriek of pain...

...and that is just bending down and putting my shoes on!

After ten minutes of huffing and puffing across the court it is universally agreed that Iím better put to work sorting out the strawberries and Pimms cocktails.

Unsurprisingly then, I don't have tennis elbow. But that doesn't mean I won't get it one day, especially with all my newsletter writing antics.

Well, of course, it's because tennis elbow has nothing to do with tennis. It's actually a common problem called Lateral Epicondylitis. You can get it from any repetitive action, any time in your life.

Gardening, housework and even DIY can all lead to the same problem Ė and indeed the pain on the opposite side of the joint known as golfers elbow.

Once again, you donít have to be scarring the virgin turf at your local club to get this sportily named ailment, any more than you need to be scrubbing your doorstep to get housemaid's knee, or bent in supplication for a dose of clergyman's knee.

Despite the fact that these problems seem to rule you out if you avoid the obvious we can all get them... and that means pain.

A topic we know well here at The Good Life Letter, but one that Iíve become quite good at finding ways to deal with too.

Discover a drug free way to ease all types of pain

Dealing with pain at home

If youíre new to muscle aches and pains there are a number of ways you can help manage the discomfort to acceptable levels, such as thermotherapy techniques you can try out...

  • Place an ice pack over the joint or muscle for 20 minutes every three hours.
  • Alternate this with a heat pack. My tip is to get a buckwheat pillow (available in many shops or look for it online by typing it into Heat it for three minutes in the microwave, wrap in a cloth and apply to the painful area.
  • You can even freeze the buckwheat pillow and it will be equally good as an ice-pack. Perhaps buy two, one for hot, one for cold.

As always, diet can help too....

Three dietary tips for joint and muscle pain which may be due to inflammation:

  • Add some omega-3 fatty acids to your diet. Take krill oil supplements if you can't abide fresh oily fish like mackerel. This should help reduce your pain over time.
  • Berries are packed with antioxidants. They decrease the levels of TNF-alpha Ė a substance that worsens inflammation.
  • Cherries contain higher levels of melatonin which can also relieve pain. They also contain anthocyanins, which lower your levels of cyclo-oxygenase. This helps to reduce inflammation.

But for some of us the pain we suffer is somewhat more chronic and whilst the above can help, the remedy needs to be a bit more potent.

Hereís a proven way to deal with aches and pains

The mathematics of pain control

Last Friday I concerned myself with all things science, and today I want to consider the purest of sciences Ė mathematics.

From our earliest days at school (and no I didnít have to use slate and chalk when I started!) we were told the basics of addition and subtraction.

But as we progressed we discovered that all things were subject to change and binomial theories, algebra and trigonometry were the devil incarnate for understanding.

By the time you get to university level all of the basics are out of the window and even 1+1=2 becomes a concept rather than a reality...
...well so it is with pain control.

If you use one method of control to get an effect you often find that it will compromise another way of easing the pain.

Combining remedies isnít always the way to boost their effects by simple addition.

This is frustrating as we want to be able to load in on various assaults so that the problem goes away.

This issue usually occurs because we are using two approaches that target pain in the same way, and we only get one level of effect as a result.

If, however, we tackle pain through one body mechanism one way, and through an entirely separate one another way that is when we get a dual effect and the absolute panacea of a solution which is greater than the sum of its parts.

Stay awake at the back boy!

By making your choice of pain control affect the body in differing ways youíll get more than a 1+1 effect, you often get a little bit more as well.

Let me explain how this works in practice.

The routes of pain

Pain is a complex thing for the body to manage and interpret, requiring it to localise the problem, understand why it is happening and send in the necessary repair equipment to stop it.

So if we really want to control all of that we need to tackle it in more ways than one.

In the first instance we need to calm the jangling pain sensors in the local tissue and then we should act to disrupt the signalling pathways which carry the pain stimulus back to the brain.

Finally we should encourage the activation of the bodyís natural repair mechanisms to heal the problem and lead to a long-term fix.

How fantastic then that I can offer you a twin-pack that will do all of that... and much more.

And if that isnít enough to tempt you I can also give you a simple way to save yourself 20% on the price of one of the two.

1)    PainSolv Device: The improved version of one of the most successful pain management devices available in the UK. This class IIa medical device uses pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy to help disrupt pain pathways, encourage local healing and help reduce pain associated with musculoskeletal/neurological disorders and/or to treat soft-tissue wounds and injuries.

2)    Celadrin Accelerator Balm: A natural paraben-free anti-inflammatory cream with added menthol which can help achieve natural pain relief without side effects. This has been clinically proven to reduce pain and rapidly promote joint health, improving flexibility and mobility. Celadrin Accelerator Balm decreases inflammation and lubricates cell membranes throughout the body, restoring fluids that cushion bones and joints to promote flexibility and mobility.

So, the combination of these two will give you that magic multiplication effect I was talking about earlier, a really powerful way to help control chronic, nagging and ongoing pain.

Click here to discover how to get your pain fighting double act Ė Celadrin and PainSolv

Yours, as always


*PainSolv is classified as a medical device, which means anyone who needs it to help reduce the pain of a chronic condition can get it VAT free Ė saving 20% on the purchase price.

The process for doing this is really easy too, you donít need a doctor's note, a prescription or even a detailed description of your condition.

There is just a really simple declaration to complete and sign which says you are purchasing it for medical reasons.
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