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Sunday 28th August 2011

Every so often I get out to the country for a good old look around.

This year I was pleasantly surprised to see that our patchwork of fields weren't dominated by the traditional yellow carpet of oilseed rape crops.

Dotted in amongst the ubiquitous menace were fields of delicate blue or white flowers which I mistook for weeds at first glance.

When I questioned one of the sons of the soil who frequents the Nags Head of a Sunday lunchtime I was informed that what I had witnessed wasn't a sign of shoddy husbandry, but the beginnings of a new agribusiness.

Over the last ten years our farming systems have begun to diversify into crops grown for fuel, industrial use and those for medical and cosmetic purposes.

Chief amongst these is the linseed and borage types which are responsible for the blue and/or white flowers I had witnessed.

Well strike me pink and call me Mabel, I thought, I had absolutely no idea that our worthy country folk were into such a wide range of stuff; I always thought it was just growing wheat for bread, hay for cows and potatoes for crisps that kept them busy.

I knew a little about linseed mostly from my youth where I used it to coat my cricket bat...and my Dad used it in putty to replace the greenhouse windows when my attempts to recreate the cover drives of Alan Jones* went astray!

But borage was a new one on me.

A quick bit of research later and I knew I was onto something though...the secret of French beauty no less lies in the French diet.  

The secrets of beautiful French maidens revealed

Borage grows naturally around the Mediterranean and has widely been used as a herb, also known as bugloss or starflower.

It was cultivated on these shores from the early nineteenth century for use in salads, and also to make candied flowers.

The French, however, had discovered a different use for it.

At the end of the last century, Dr Eugene Baruck, a diarist and traveller, had been struck by the youthfulness of the faces of southern French women. He reported that he had seen them applying borage oil to their faces and adding it to their food.

The properties of borage oil come from it being rich in unsaturated fatty acids (80%); amongst them, there is a large quantity of gamma linolenic acid which is essential for the smooth functioning of the body.

It was this high concentration of essential fatty acids that lay behind its ability to offer 'Jeunesse et Beaute' or youthfulness and beauty to those who applied it.

If this alone is something that is high on your list of priorities as we come to the end of the long summer holidays for the kids, then click here to find out how you can enjoy the reviving properties of Omegaline. The thing is that the benefits of borage oil aren't just in defying the effects of skin aging, and keeping you looking younger.

No, there is so much more to it than that;

Research has shown that this oil also has a positive effect on our physiological wellbeing.  It seems it is particularly advisable for overexcitable children, it is useful during periods of stress, like at the moment trying to get your overanxious teenager through University clearing!

Diets which contain sufficient levels of gamma linolenic acid support the production of vital chemical compounds called prostaglandins which are indispensable for good physical and mental health; the problem is we rarely consume sufficient gamma linolenic acid to balance our diet and our bodies are less efficient at producing prostaglandins without it as we age.

So you not only LOOK GOOD, you FEEL GOOD too!

  • reduces the effects of stress
  • helps to combat eczema
  • improves the strength of nails and hair
  • relieves heavy, tired legs
  • Promotes wellbeing

Choose an easy way to feel and look better

By increasing the dietary levels of essential fatty acids by taking Omegaline you will get extra benefits too, as these capsules are pure borage oil extracted by cold pressing.

Each capsule contains vitamin F, gamma linolenic acid and omega 6 and contains no artificial preservatives, colourings or flavourings - just pure natural goodness.

There have also been several studies, which have shown that borage oil can act as a very effective anti-inflammatory, with a British trial showing a powerful pain-killing effect from the gamma linolenic acid in it.
Take the easy way to a more youthful appearance and get a spring back in your step too, click here to find out more. 

Yours, as always


*For those who don't remember him Alan was Glamorgan's opening batsman who scored 1,000 first class runs in every season between 1961 and 1983; a boyhood hero of mine who captained the side in our loss in the Gillette Cup Final of 1977 against Middlesex at Lords.

Yours as always,







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