This is how to stop bureaucrats making you homeless

Sunday 28 Sep, 2014 

My Dad began work aged 15 as an apprentice carpenter, then moved into the more traditional heavy industries local to South Wales.

Aged 56 he was made redundant and went back to being a carpenter and general handyman for a local building firm, before finally hanging up his planes and saws aged 68.

In all that time he paid his income tax, national insurance (or stamp as it was when he began), rates and plenty of VAT on the stuff he bought.

I’d hate to think how much money he has contributed to the nation over the years.

In the years of his working life he had very few days off sick and until his recent episode with Alzheimer's had rarely darkened his doctor’s doorstep.

His net contribution to UK plc must be very much in credit.

Why am I telling you about all of this?

Because this unjust and unfair nation of ours is about to grab his home and every scrap of his savings, plus bleed his family for every penny they can get their thieving hands on – just because he is old and ill.

Does that make you upset?

It should make you absolutely furious – because it does me.

What I am about to tell you today should worry every single man, woman and child in the country.

Discover how you could avoid this scandalous asset strip for your loved ones

The cost of getting old

New rules mean that if you need care in your old age the state has the right to force you to use your savings, your pension and even the proceeds of your house sale to pay for it.

It really doesn’t matter if you’ve paid all your taxes, paid your rates or even risked your life defending the country – 

if you’ve got any savings they’ll take them.

Don’t be fooled by talk of a cap of £72,000 for the costs of care which claims to prevent families losing out on their savings.

This is just another massive con aimed to make it look like the government's on your side – they’re not.

You see the capped fees only relate to the cost of the actual care, not the residential costs charged by the care homes – and these tend to be the lion's share of the costs overall.

When you factor in the additional charges such as food, electricity, heating and rates the actual fees could be over £40,000 a year.

The charity Age UK reckon that anyone requiring residential care could have to spend £150,000 in their old age before the government steps in with any financial help.

Could you afford that?

I know Mum and Dad would struggle – it would mean them having to sell their home. In my book this is nothing short of theft by the state.

The final concern is that all of this is for just one person – what if both Mum & Dad need care?

Double these fees up and things very quickly turn nasty.

No-one wants to start looking at aged relatives and begin to worry whether you can afford them, but planning for these eventualities is vitally important.

What the government isn’t telling you is that there are some perfectly legal ways to ensure that everything your parents worked for, saved for and put away for a rainy day can be protected.

That’s why I’m writing this today.

I have used a contact in the business of asset planning and financial management to help put together a guide for all of the Good Life Readers to use.

Read this special report before your families savings get swallowed up by the system.

Why you need to act

We all need to start to act; the future is slowly being obscured to allow the government to take much of what you thought was safe.

It doesn’t matter if you are aged 30, 60 or 90 reading this – you need to know that it will affect us all.

Age UK state that over the past five years something like a million families have been forced to sell their homes to pay for care, which makes the government's own figures of less than 200,000 look very dubious. On top of this those in care have very quickly seen their savings account emptied in a matter of three to five years.

Very soon then they are back out in the state system which typically offers lower grades of care.

Anyone with dementia or Alzheimer's fares even worse as they are not entitled to any NHS care...

...because the NHS say they can’t medicate for it or cure it therefore the only way to support sufferers is by round the clock care, and that’s not their responsibility.

So, the option is for private care packages which put an immediate financial burden on the family.

I am really not trying to scare anyone, and I hope this hasn’t come across as too sensationalist but when I discovered just what all this meant to me and my family I knew I had to act.

Please though, do consult your own financial advisor before you make any changes to your savings or assets – each of us has differing circumstances to be considered.

However, in this special downloadable book you will discover:

  • How to analyse your own assets to see if you’re vulnerable and how much you need to pay, plus the five smart ways to protect your assets from the local authority audit.
  • All the latest developments, rule changes and hidden traps in the care fee system.
  • Why you should not think about just giving away your assets now; this could be the very worst thing to do.
  • How to protect your home – legal loopholes that allow you to take your home out of consideration when it comes to paying care fee costs.
  • What NEVER to put in a will.
  • The easily-made legal document you can create right now to make sure you don’t pay more Inheritance Tax than you need to.
  • How to challenge decisions and get them reversed in your favour.

 ...and much more.

Despite all the bluster from politicians, there’s no way the money to look after a vastly ageing population is going to appear from thin air. 

Whether you consider yourself “elderly” or not, this is going to affect you or your relatives. 

Plus, remember that one in three people is expected to get dementia and will need the high level of care found in a care home.

Can you afford not to download this report – it might be the best financial decision you have ever mad

Yours, as always




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