Why my wife got mad about this cancer, arthritis and Alzheimer's revelation

The Good Life Letter

29th January 2010

  • My wife nearly left me over this.... but finally my
    NEW book is ready!

  • TDiscover the amazing food ingredient that
    fights cancer, joint pain and Alzheimer's

  • ...and try out over 30 healing recipes, and 73
    everyday foods that could keep you off
    prescription drugs. Click here:

It's been almost a month, and enough time has past...

So I can finally admit it...

Christmas was REALLY tense.

The family.... in-laws and all... descended on the Collins
household.... the kids were playing up...  dogs needed to
be walked...

And where was I?

Whenever I got a minute I ran to my study to put the
finishing touches to my new book. It's all about how an
astonishing chemical found in food can help protect you
from serious illness... and even fight cancer.

This is a project I've been engrossed in since the end of
summer 2009. I wasn't going to let Christmas get in the
way. I tried to take my mind of it, but I couldn't help

Not that my wife appreciated it...

"Book widow" was her term for herself on New Year's
Day, as I spent the whole day talking to my editor on the
phone, and making final corrections.

"Daddy's OBSESSED" she'd tell the kids when I read out
bits of the book to the family at mealtimes and asked them
what they thought.

But for me, I just HAD to get this out by the end of
January 2010. It's too important to leave until later in the

Because these are tips, remedies and ideas you
should be acting on NOW

Although I say so myself, this is the best and most urgent
Good Life Letter release ever. It's packed with some of
the best and most powerful natural health remedies...

... and it reveals the truth behind a food that experts now
admit DOES have the potential to defend the body against
cancer, arthritis and Alzheimer's.

According to breakthrough research this single ingredient
could help ease the pain of sore joints and muscles....
tackle one of the key suspected causes of Alzheimer's... 
and lower your risk of colon, breast, prostate, gullet and
lung cancer.

In my new book I'll show you why this spice works, what
the evidence reveals... and some easy recipes that will
help you get this nutrient into your diet.

This is absolutely the first time anyone has ever seen this.
I've only just put up the website, so please go and take a

What the book reveals about disease

My website pretty much explains it all... what the book is
about and what you can expect to discover... including
over 30 recipes to try out, and 73 healing ingredients,
some of which will amaze you.

But what I can add here is that if you like reading The
Good Life Letter each week, then this is a must for your
shelves... or as a gift for friends in need... or as the perfect
kitchen shelf recipe book...

As well as the extraordinary story of spice's effect on joint
pain, cancer and Alzheimer's, you'll discover....

  •   The vitamin that 'switches on' your swine flu

  •  The seafood that eases joint pain.

  •  The natural ingredient that works as well as a cox-

  •   The fruit that relieves asthma.

  •  The spice that can stop a heart attack.  

  • The garden weed that cleans your liver.

  • The tea that prevents blood clots.

  • Plus many more amazing natural health secrets the
    pharmaceutical companies would hate you to know

As you can probably tell, I'm excited to the point of frenzy
about this. But fair enough, The Spice Healer is literally
hot off the press. It just arrived from the printer this
morning and the fresh ink smell is absolutely intoxicating!

(Perhaps I'm drunk on fumes, who knows?) 

However, I want YOU to decide for yourself what you
think of my new opus. So if you're interested in seeing
what my book is all about, you can order it and read it at
home over a 30 day period.

It's my sole aim for you to enjoy reading this as much as I
enjoyed writing it, despite my wife's ire!

But if you're not 100% pleased, delighted, and chuffed to
bits with it, then no problem, my publisher will give you a
full refund.

You can order a copy for a 30 day review here:

Now it's time to make amends

Now that my book is launched, I'm off to do grovelly things
around the house - like sorting the garage, tidying my
office, cooking a big meal, and NOT talking about health

But it won't take long to get back in saddle. In fact, I've
already made a start on Sunday's Good Life Letter. Look
out for more this weekend.


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