Why you should be adding nuts to your washing

Sunday 29 March, 2015    


Today itís all about irritation.

Not the type of thing I was talking about on Friday when I was explaining how fed up I was with politicians and their gung-ho attitude to our health.

No, Iím talking about something much more personal and immediate.
The moment that you grab a nice newly ironed shirt from the wardrobe and look forward to being caressed by soft and yielding fabric Ė only to discover that you appear to be we
aring sandpaper.

Itchy, scratchy and irritating.

Or the problem that is just beginning to rear its head as the weather warms up.

There you are working away in the garden when you suddenly become aware that the back of your neck, shoulders and across your chest is really itchy.

As you begin to perspire under a gentle workout putting the potatoes in, your sweat has activated something in the material of your clothes which is deeply troubling your skin.

If these examples sound familiar then you might be suffering from an increasing incidence of allergy to washing powders and detergents.

We can all get irritated skin at times but it seems that the development of skin allergies to everyday washing products is increasing, especially amongst children.

Cheap washing powders containing a cocktail of chemicals will leave residues on clothing and can itch, irritate and cause unexpected skin allergies.

In addition many of our clothes are treated with chemicals to protect them or keep colours looking fresh.

These then react with the detergents and cause a reaction on the skin.
There is another way to protect your and your familyís skin though.

The new laundry liquid which looks after you and your clothes

A safe, allergy-free & natural alternative which still gives you the whitest whites

Iím assuming that none of you avoid washing your clothes.

Also, because you are reading this you have an interest in all things natural.

Finally, you will want to save money wherever you can.

On the face of it that was easily the simplest letter I have ever written in support of any product featured in the Good Life Shop.

But knowing you as I do youíll want to know a whole lot more about why a fantastic natural liquid clothes washing detergent should be of any interest to you.

But in case you donít, have a look at the product here, and make use of the regular saver offer for some of the biggest savings ever.

OK, let me explain what todayís letter is all about Ė indeed I hope youíll forgive me for saying so but Ė Nuts to you!

How squeaky clean can your clothes be?

Before anyone thinks Iíve been at the strong stuff again, I mean Soap Nuts of course.

Since we first started stocking these amazing natural products last year I have been pleasantly surprised at how well they have been received.

I continually get e-mails from satisfied buyers and users who tell me that they have the cleanest clothes, fuller purses and happier consciences as a result of using this natural product.

But I also have some dissatisfied readers too.

These are those who can only use liquids in their machines, or those who prefer to Ė well good news, now there is a liquid version especially for you.

So, as I said Soap Nuts are a much better alternative to detergents; a natural way to clean your clothes and avoid all that gunk in your washing machine filter.

They are dried fruits from the Soapberry plant and are really easy to use in your wash.

Just put 4-6 into the little linen bag and pop them into the machine Ė you can reuse them up to 4 times as well.

You will be absolutely amazed at how well they clean, even the most stubborn stains that my darling children manage to cover themselves in magically disappear.

Plus each wash will cost mere pence offering a huge saving over the big brand washing powders.

But... I hear you cry "I donít want to be messing around with muslin bags and bits of dried fruit in my busy and hectic life!"

Well, great news there is even a liquid form that does exactly the same, but still means that each wash will only cost you about 18p a wash Ė probably about half what your big brand liquid costs.

Hereís what youíre missing if you donít try these fantastic products:

  • Cheaper than traditional powders and other eco-friendly products, only 18p a load. 100 washes from one 500ml bottle, great value.
  • Doesn't fade colours, fully bio-degradable, releases no chemicals or phosphates into the eco-system and is better for your machine.
  • Hypoallergenic - naturally sourced, non-toxic, allergy free, great for eczema and psoriasis sufferers.
  • Independently tested to be as effective at removing difficult stains (like curry, tomato sauce, tea, fruit, baby food, red wine, blood, animal fat, and mud) as other leading natural brands.
  • Organically certified in partnership with growers, nuts are shipped by sea rather than flown to the UK, before processing, to minimise carbon footprint.
  • Avoids blocked filters, gummed up pipes and bunged up taps.
Make the most of this great money saving offer for your washing day trials Ė ensuring that youíll get clean clothes, a reduction in allergens and a clean washing machine...

...need I say more!

Find out more about Soap Nuts here.

But remember today Iím offering a new formulation rather than using the nuts themselves.

If you want the full Soap Nut benefit without changing from a laundry liquid then click here to buy the laundry solution that is made just for you.
Yours, as always








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