A sin so many share can now be enjoyed guilt free

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29th April 2018

Recently I admitted to one of my weaknesses, a fondness for the occasional pint of beer and a cheeky glass of wine or two.

I think it is fair to say I am not alone in this dietary vice nor indeed many others, and today I want to complete the baring of my soul by confessing to yet more bad habits.

Please don’t think that I am using the Good Life Letter as some sort of confessional, but one thing I have noticed of late is a growing wave of pressure for us to cut out some of the treats in life.

Now in general terms I am all for the reduction of sugar, salt and harmful fats (such as trans fats from fried foods) and the increased consumption of local produce which is in season, so maybe you would expect me to be full square behind this foodie movement.

But actually I don’t like where it is going because instead of advocating a return to a sensible diet, the drive is to get us to buy more of the mass produced ‘healthy options’ which in reality are anything but.

So, I want to offer a chance for guilt free pleasure to continue but also to give you the option to manage any ill effects this may be having on your metabolism.

It is now time to throw myself on to your tender mercies and ask forgiveness for the last of my indiscretions – the KitKat.

Since my youth I have never passed up an opportunity to indulge in this sweet chocolate covered wafer biscuit.
To this day I still sneak a four-fingered version whenever I can, despite the fact that they are now encased in plastic rather than the much more pleasing silver foil and paper sleeve that provided the chance to indulge my origami skills.

I suspect that if we are all honest there is something similar in most people’s snacking repertoire, the custard cream with a coffee, a Mars bar when you fill up with petrol or a few squares of Fruit & Nut whilst watching the telly...
...few are without sin!

But then the pleasure derived is worth the sense of failure towards our cardiovascular system – until the annual check up at the doctor’s looms large and then all those crafty confections haunt our blood test results.

How to enjoy your occasional treats with a clean conscience

The annual GP showdown

Every year I submit myself to a check up which includes a blood test that reveals my cholesterol level (usually slightly high), my liver function (usually no problem) and my blood sugar levels (again, usually slightly raised).
Once the results are in I have the joy of the exchange with the GP where he tries to get me onto statins (not ever going to happen) and asks me to consider a ‘pre-diabetes’ prescription for Metformin...

...this is when my blood usually boils.

What on earth does pre-diabetes mean? Because I am alive am I pre-dead?

The concept baffles me as I have said before, since the fact that I may consistently have slightly higher blood sugar levels might just be an indicator that that is normal for me rather than the top of a slippery slope.

What is certain is that once I am on the medications I would never be off them.

In much the same way that I reasoned the way I should continue to enjoy the delights of the grape and the grain in my letter on Friday, I am equally determined that I should still have the chance to enjoy a sweet treat once in a while – but to do that I need to trust in the power of something really bitter.

I have discovered that a horribly bitter tasting Asian gourd is actually going to allow me to partake in my favourite snack without risking any hikes in my blood sugar level – but I don’t have to eat it as I’ve discovered a very clever formulation which contains the vital extract as well as several other key metabolic balancers.

By combining the benefits of the gourd, known as Momordica, along with virgin Borage oil and a sophisticated blend of essential fatty acids the proven effects on the body include:

  • Improved blood cholesterol levels

  • Reduced amount of body fat

  • Lowered risk of developing kidney stones

  • Improved gut function reducing the problems associated with slow transit

  • Promotion of immune cell activity

  • A range of health benefits associated with essential nutrients such as vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, B3 and B9, and minerals including potassium, calcium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, and iron

Why not join me and snack guilt free?

Generation Graze

You may be one of those folk who exert extreme levels of self control when it comes to sweet temptations, and if you are I doff my cap to you...

...however, the evidence shows that I am not alone in my failings.

A survey of 11,000 people for a recent Channel 4 documentary discovered that the UK is home to Europe’s most frequent snackers.

We eat more crisps, popcorn and biscuits than any other country – exceeding the French by four times and the Italians by nearly as much.

A YouGov poll found that 54% of British women admit to taking snacks at least twice a day, but the vast majority of them (84%) feel instantly guilty about doing so... yet will repeat the action every day.

Even the most virtuous can be caught in the act.

Dr Pixie McKenzie of the Embarrassing Bodies show says that she is not immune to snacking between meals, especially when she is not busy in her clinic, but admits that she feels bad when she does.

“That guilt really resonates with me. It’s really difficult to change your perspective when it is so ingrained in today’s society that snacking equals unhealthy,” she tells a Daily Telegraph reporter.

So, the upshot of all this is quite simple.

We do get tempted and our modern busy lives often mean that we don’t get the chance to have the regular three square meals a day and so snacking is unavoidable – and when we do it is usually something of a sugar rich tonic rather than a staple nutrient.

But it is time we accepted our sins and did away with the guilt – and that is where this amazing supplement can really make a difference.

Yours, as always




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